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Heat and Related Irritations

Jun 16, 1999

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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Lonewolf: ignore him
Mooooooo: ok
Mooooooo: its on
Mooooooo: and i gotta fix a bug too
Lonewolf: am I doing it wrong?
Mooooooo: nope
Mooooooo: i messed up
Lonewolf: ok
Lonewolf: lol-long as it was you
Lonewolf: go gettum guys
Lily: ok
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Lonewolf: ok well welcome to the meeting
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Lonewolf: Tonight we are talking about heat and related irritations
Lonewolf: is anyone else coming?
Lonewolf: lol
Lonewolf: mooo is herding them over just a sec
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Lily: lol, he good herder
beat: yes
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mitch59: welcome mitch59!
Mooooooo: ok
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mitch59: welcome Reader_13!
Mooooooo: all thats coming are coming
Lonewolf: Tonight we are talking about heat and related irritations
Lonewolf: Some of you live in areas where it is not summer right now so please pretend
Lonewolf: Heat, sweat etc are a big problem for people with braces, appliances of any sort
Lonewolf: Some disabilities are especially effected by heat irritation
Lonewolf: 1. Do you have any heat related irritations?
Lonewolf: 1. Do you have any heat related irritations?
Lonewolf: beat
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mitch59: welcome Woz!
Mooooooo: i dont usually
Lonewolf: sorry Mitch no hi's and bye's during meeting
Lonewolf: Max-1. Do you have any heat related irritations?
beat: I get really bad spasms
Lonewolf: from the heat?
Lonewolf: how about heat rashes etc
Woz: hehe
Lonewolf: anyone here wear a brace or appliance of any sort
Lonewolf: ??
Lonewolf: I wear a neck brace and it is miserable
Lonewolf: rash, irritation
Lonewolf: ok WAKE UP GROUP
beat: I wear what we call a secound skin
Lonewolf: what is that beat
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mitch59: welcome ROCK-!
ROCK-: tanks
Lonewolf: 2. This heat is making my brace/appliance/etc too uncomfortable to
Lonewolf: >bear-what do I do?
Lonewolf: rock
beat: It mainly used on burns paticent, But it make out of licra and covers your hold body
Lonewolf: is it hot?
ROCK-: I have epilepsy and when I go outside in the sun,the meds I take cause migrane headaces
Lonewolf: ouch
beat: You bet it is
Lonewolf: I have found wrapping nylon scarves around the neck brace helps
Lily: why?
Lonewolf: and a cotton tee-shirt under a back brace helps
Lonewolf: it is easier against the skin than whatever they make the brace out of
Lonewolf: max
Woz: sheepskin?
Lonewolf: wouldn't that be hotter
Lonewolf: reader
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Woz: breathes
Lonewolf: oh
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Lonewolf: reader?
Reader_13: Wouldn't nylon make you sweat more? How about silk or cotton shirt ripped up?
Lonewolf: even better
Lonewolf: I think I meant silk
Lonewolf: max
Woz: maby duoderm
Lonewolf: does it come that big?
Woz: dont know for shure how big
Lonewolf: sometimes baby powder helps
Reader_13: Isn't it expensive?
Lonewolf: think so
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Lonewolf: 3. I can't breathe in this heat, what do I do?
wacomz: What is this channel?
beat: Yea we
Lonewolf: reader
Lily: wacomz, ill explain privately
Woz: thare is also a product similar to dueoderm that has some silicone in it it is reusable
Reader_13: Drink a lot of water. Stay in air conditioning as much as possible.
beat: sorry
Lonewolf: what's the name of it max
Lonewolf: rock
Woz: i will have to look it up
Woz: sorry
ROCK-: is this about stress also
Lonewolf: ok
Lonewolf: can be
Lonewolf: heat does bring on irritability
Reader_13: Wear loose clothing...
Lonewolf: yea
Lonewolf: sunlight brings on flares for me
Lonewolf: humidity increases stress
Lonewolf: sis
Lily: my neuro said.....even hot showeers can affect many of his patients
Lonewolf: true
Lonewolf: beat
ROCK-: the 6 times my heart has stopped and I was on life support was because of extreme stress
Lonewolf: from heat rock?
Lonewolf: max
beat: I find that stress makes my dis. a lotworse
Woz: sorry cant find the name just ask at med supply house for the reusable form of
Woz: dueoderm
Lonewolf: ok thx max
Lonewolf: reader
ROCK-: no,just stress from things i forgot to do,and caused someone hardship
Lonewolf: IC rock
Reader_13: Extreme humidity messes with my body temperature since I can't control it anymore... and I could pass out if I'm not careful...
Lonewolf: totally off subject but did you happen to experience any unusual occurrences when your heart stopped?
Lonewolf: Sis
Lily: humidity causes my brain to swell, headaches result
Lonewolf: yes that happens in many disabilities
ROCK-: no,I was clinically dead 6 times
Lonewolf: my body seems to react strangely to temp changes
Lonewolf: reader
Lonewolf: so sorry rock
Reader_13: I've found that ice water is great to drink in hot weather if I can't get out of the humidity.
Lonewolf: yes
Lonewolf: beat
beat: how Lonewolf?
Lonewolf: well it can be cold outside and I will be sweating buckets
Lonewolf: in heat sometimes I don't sweat and I end up passing out
Lonewolf: rock
Lonewolf: beat
beat: Yes I know what you mean
ROCK-: thats a heat stroke,you're body can' hande the change it temp.fast enough
Lonewolf: yes I know makes it really hard to breathe too
Lonewolf: reader
ROCK-: sorry,I'm a slow typer
Lonewolf: no problem
Reader_13: I saw ads for mist bottles that spray on your face...
Lonewolf: anyone ever used one before?
Lonewolf: rock
Mooooooo: yep
Mooooooo: i have one
Mooooooo: they work great
Lonewolf: help?
Lonewolf: ok
Lonewolf: maybe I will try it
ROCK-: don't drink ice water,that can give you a heart attack
Lonewolf: beat
Reader_13: I saw the ad in the new mobility magazine...
Lonewolf: hadn't heard that one rock
Lonewolf: I'll checkit out
Mooooooo: for about $25 you can get on that hooks up to a hose for outside
Lonewolf: ok reader
ROCK-: you're body can't switch fast enough,and it shuts down
Lonewolf: makes sense
Reader_13: Ice water actually slows my body down bringing down my pulse down--if I drink it slowly...
Lonewolf: hum
Lonewolf: so maybe it depends on the amount of heat, time taken drinking it and what condition you have
Reader_13: I agree...
Lonewolf: beat did you have something?
ROCK-: I've had many people fall out fro heat,and we got them in th shade and used a shirt to fan them
Lonewolf: yes
Lonewolf: anyone with breathing problems here?
ROCK-: slow cooling is the answer
Lonewolf: 3. I can't breathe in this heat, what do I do?
Lonewolf: rreader
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Lonewolf: I'm gonna pitch in allergies here also
ROCK-: your lungs are geting enough oxegen so remember that
Reader_13: Stay in air conditioning as much as possible, wear loose clothing and don't over exert yourself if possible...
Lonewolf: I have to wear a mask in august every year
Lonewolf: daniel can u bring em all back
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ROCK-: watch the heat index more than the temp.
Lonewolf: good one rock
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Reader_13: isn't it usually the humidity that makes it hard to breathe much more than the heat?
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Lonewolf: yes it is reader
Lonewolf: I have asthma
ROCK-: yes
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Lonewolf: both are hard on me
Lonewolf: I'm allergic to corn pollen
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Lonewolf: and live in the country
Lonewolf: between two corn fields
Lonewolf: have to wear mask in late July and Aug
ROCK-: we have that here in Louisiana,at night the humidity is at 97%
Lonewolf: almost died in garden one year picking corn
Lonewolf: oh my
Lonewolf: daniel is everyone back?
Mooooooo: yes
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Lonewolf: ok
ROCK-: water drips off the roof,and it isn't raining
Lily: hello???????
Lonewolf: 4. The sun makes me sick, why and hat do I do about it?
Lonewolf: I can't stress sunblock enough
Lonewolf: some conditions and some meds make you sun sensitive
Reader_13: wear a hat
Lonewolf: absolutely
zow: sombraro
Lonewolf: light clothing
Reader_13: loose clothing
Lonewolf: yes
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ROCK-: It heats up you're inside so much,try a drink that doesn't have too much sodium
Lonewolf: some of us just cannot go out in the sun
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Reader_13: drink a lot of liquids
Lonewolf: caffeine is not a good choice either
Lily: whew
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Lonewolf: sis
Lily: stay out of it:)
Lonewolf: yes I have to now but I hate it
Lily: tepid shoers, air dry
Lonewolf: good point sis
Lonewolf: why air dry guys
Lily: dont use towel
Lonewolf: absorbing moisture through the skin
Mooooooo: evaporation takes away heat
Lonewolf: yes
Reader_13: the air cools your body as the water dries
Lonewolf: anymore ideas?
Mooooooo: go naked
Lily: lol
Lonewolf: rofl
zow: hehe
ROCK-: :)
Lonewolf: would scare world Moooooo
Reader_13: plan outside trips ahead and make them short...
Lonewolf: 5. What happens when we can't sweat?
Lonewolf: we really have already answered this
Lonewolf: heat stroke
Lonewolf: 6. Why am I so weak?
Lonewolf: loss of fluids and electrolytes
Lonewolf: so what IS good to drink?
Lonewolf: zow
Reader_13: water
zow: gateraid
Lonewolf: ok
zow: it replaces potasium
Lonewolf: yes
Lonewolf: actually what rock said earlier is very true
Reader_13: fruit drinks
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Lonewolf: liquids that are too cold can harm you
zow: yup
Lonewolf: fruit drinks are excellent
Lonewolf: replaces your glucose levels
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Lonewolf: my husband works outside and has copd
Lonewolf: breathing is really hard for him right now
Lonewolf: also weakness
Reader_13: what's that?
Lonewolf: the telephone co has a drink they supply to replace electrolyte
zow: cardio pulminary
Lonewolf: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Reader_13: Thanks...
Lonewolf: asthma/empysema/chronic bronchitis
Lonewolf: ok
ROCK-: gatorade is not good good at all,except that it's liquid
Lonewolf: any more concerns ideas or questions
Lily: night all
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Lonewolf: I have heard that rock
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ROCK-: it does not put electrolites back in
Reader_13: I must go. Bye. Good meeting.
Lonewolf: I think gatoraide has been over advertised
Lonewolf: ok
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Lonewolf: well thank you all for coming
Lonewolf: see you next week
Lonewolf: I am working on our relaxation series
Lonewolf: goodnight
zow: nite tks