Created by and for people with physical disabilities.

How Weather Affects our Disabilities.

Apr 21, 1999

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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Lonewolf: hi daniel
Mooooooo: hi
beat: Yea i finnally got mine working last nite
Lonewolf: thanks mooooo
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Lonewolf: as soon as everyone gets here we will start
Lonewolf: anyone else over there?
beat: ok
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Lonewolf: hey ms how are you?
MsAmazin: hiya LW...I'm fine
MsAmazin: :)
MsAmazin: you?
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Lonewolf: ok
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Lonewolf: hello everyone the meeting begins now
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Lonewolf: remember when you wish to speak type ! for a statement
Lonewolf: and ? for a question
Gilbert: I can relate to this topic
Lonewolf: Our topic tonight is the weather and disabilities
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Lonewolf: 1. Does the weather effect your disability and how?
Lonewolf: We know that barometric changes effect our body fluids
Lonewolf: yes beat
Lonewolf: Ms go on while beat types
beat: The heat really make my muscles tight
MsAmazin: it doesn't affect my disability, but affects my moods
Lonewolf: wow two biggies back to back
Lonewolf: tight beat?
Lonewolf: Ms for the good or bad?
Lonewolf: Gilbert
MsAmazin: I get kinda gloomy in the winter...I need lots of sunshine
Lonewolf: There's a name for that
Lonewolf: yes winter is hard
Lonewolf: go on Gilbert
Gilbert: Same here, Ms. I can just about feel a high-pressure system move in to replace a low-pressure system. It's my mood that reflects the weather
beat: Yes they get very tight and sore like i have rum a mile
Lonewolf: yup-notice how kids get irritable when a storm approaches=even pets
WonderW: the cold hurts my hip and knees
Lonewolf: my muscles tighten in cold weather and I spasm more
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WonderW: me too
MsAmazin: fortunately, it isn't a drastic mood swing...I'm just abit cranky
Lonewolf: 1. Does the weather effect your disability and how?
Lonewolf: Karen
Kark: My knee swells and hip aches just before a heavy rain
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beat: Yes sorry that the word i meant i get reall bad spasm
Lonewolf: yes increaed body fluids
Lonewolf: oh IC beat
Lonewolf: mush this is the question
Lonewolf: yes, cold weather and rain increases pain (from auto accident and
Lonewolf: also just poor mobility making condition worse)
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Lonewolf: no that wasn't the question-lol
Lonewolf: that was France's answer
Lonewolf: 1. Does the weather effect your disability and how?
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Lonewolf: For me with rheumatoid-I am miserable
Lonewolf: of course rain isn't real easy to get around in either
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Lonewolf: any more comments
Lonewolf: 2. What type of climate do you reside in?
Lonewolf: beat
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Lonewolf: I live in a humid climate
Lonewolf: MS
MsAmazin: desert climate
Lonewolf: envy
beat: WE get very uot weather in the summer and humid
Lonewolf: where is that beat?
Lonewolf: Ky here
MsAmazin: NV
Lonewolf: come on everyone ya gotta live somewhere
beat: Brisbane aus
Kark: NY here
anny1: texas plains very dry
Lonewolf: Karen you must get a lot of humidity too
Lonewolf: I'm going home with you anny
anny1: :)
Lonewolf: WW lives in Ca
Lonewolf: and Moooooo lives in Arizona
Kark: We get snow in the winter, hazy hot and humid in the summer a wet coldy rains early spring and late fall
Lonewolf: atr lives in Missouri
Lonewolf: yes same here but it gets very hot
atrpilot: no so. ILL
Kark: we get all sorts of weater, thats why I love it here verity
Lonewolf: what beat said earlier interested me because my joint pain is always worse in the heat
Lonewolf: oh sorry charlie
Lonewolf: anyone else have that?
atrpilot: same weather as you LW
Lonewolf: Karen
Kark: I don't have pain in heat, Mooooooo do you?
Lonewolf: Max
Woz: guess i march to differnt drum
Lonewolf: how so?
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Woz: warm &dry better
Lonewolf: Ms
WonderW: sometimes I do, but mostly I'm prone to heat exhaustion
MsAmazin: I *love* hot summers
Woz: k
Lonewolf: its very humid in Ky so its a hot humidity
Lonewolf: Karen
MsAmazin: hehe..it's 'dry' 100 degree heat here
Lonewolf: :p
beat: I'm sorry I'm going to have leave you all early see you all bye
Lonewolf: bye
Lonewolf: Sis
Lily: it hot and humid here in summer, bad, i get immobile
Kark: heat exhaution, yes I do tire easy in the heat, I keep the air on
Lonewolf: me too on both comments
Lonewolf: France says
Lonewolf: NY (mediterrean climate of Long Island known as a CSA temperate with
Lonewolf: warm summers and somewhat mild winters that have some cold spells of
Lonewolf: snow and sleet,. Snow and sleet impairs my mobility and so does ice
Lonewolf: as I have poor balance. On ice I require personal assistance. I also
Lonewolf: require that for long distances
Lonewolf: 3. Why don't wheel chairs come with convertible like tops when it rains?
Lonewolf: max
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Woz: want input from pilot
Woz: hot/cold
Woz: humid/dry
Lonewolf: charlie?
Lonewolf: Karen
atrpilot: what?
Lonewolf: Max wants to know how the heat or cold effects you
Kark: To france's statement before Ice is a real problem for me too, bad balance also
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Lonewolf: 3. Why don't wheel chairs come with convertible like tops when it rains?
atrpilot: I agree with all that has been said so far!!!!
Lily: lol
Lonewolf: man of few words
Lonewolf: I have a real problem in rain
Lonewolf: or snow or ice etc
Lonewolf: no top on chair
Kark: I think someone should market wheel chair convertables
Lonewolf: yes
Kark: good Idea
Lonewolf: any solutions from anyone?
Lonewolf: applies also to walkers or crutches
Kark: someday I will say I remember when we first came up with it lol
Lonewolf: ali
Lily: i just have to stay in
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Lonewolf: me too usually
Lonewolf: Ray 3. Why don't wheel chairs come with convertible like tops when it rains?
WonderW: I have an umbrella type cover, but is hard to put on and cumbersome
Lonewolf: Ms
MsAmazin: I stay in ...or get wet!
Lonewolf: same here
MsAmazin: <---crutch user
Lonewolf: gotta be a better solution
Lonewolf: hard to hold umbrella
WonderW: yeah
Lily: yes
Kark: Impossible to hold the umbrella and crutches and my planner
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Lily: channel divides, kark
atrpilot: or someone let a real stinker!!!!
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MsAmazin: hehe..atr
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MsAmazin: I pinged you lily
Lily: lol, pilot
Kark: I think I might have done something
Lily: well, lonewolf cant reconnect to server
Lily: and im lagged
intrepid: I lost connection, too
MsAmazin: no Kark...it happens all on it's own :)
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Lily: kark, it happens all the time
intrepid: 2 secs, Alison
Lily: thx
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MsAmazin: I'm still waiting Lily
Lily: well, lets resume
Lily: hmmmmmmm
Woz: 5secL
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Lily: moo, can you ping everyone?
MsAmazin: ping me
Lonewolf: whew
Lily: k
MsAmazin: thanks
Lonewolf: ok Daniel what happened
Lily: 2 sec ms
Woz: 0sec
Lonewolf: I cudn't get back
Lily: we all been having trouble, judi
Lonewolf: oh so its not just me
MsAmazin: wb everyone :)
Lonewolf: I tried java and it didn't work either
Woz: hehe
Woz: oops
Lily: no:) maybe it theweather:)
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Lonewolf: ok is everyone with us?
Woz: k
Lily: yup
Lonewolf: 4. How many of you have a weather toe or a hand etc?
Lonewolf: open talk guys
Lonewolf: max
Woz: have weather back
Ray-1: I have a weather knee.
Lonewolf: big toe and hip
Kark: me too
Kark: knee & hip
Lily: shoulder
atrpilot: hip
MsAmazin: brain?
Woz: hehe
Lily: lol
Lonewolf: how many of you have told a doctor about it
Lonewolf: lol ms
Woz: k live with it
atrpilot: me
Lonewolf: did the doc take you seriously
Woz: good med answer
Lonewolf: lil
MsAmazin: I haven't discussed it with Drs...but read books from library about it
Lily: actually, ms right, brain swells in humidity
Lonewolf: some docs still scoff at the whole notion
Lily: brb
Lonewolf: yes fluids again
Lonewolf: I'm still back at the wheelchair
Lonewolf: any of you ever tried those umbrella holders?
Kark: for cruches too?
intrepid: yes
Kark: crutchs
Lonewolf: ummmm not sure
Lonewolf: do they work ww
Kark: WW?
intrepid: some are not too sturdy
MsAmazin: I haven't, but in wind, it would blow me over!
Kark: for wheelchair?
intrepid: but some are fine
intrepid: yes
Lonewolf: hum
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Lonewolf: Karen did you have a question for ww?
Kark: I wasn't sure if she ment for crutches or chair
*** intrepid is now known as WonderW
Lonewolf: 5. How do we cope with these problems on a day to day basis?
Kark: pray for better weather
Lonewolf: lol
Lily: lol
Lonewolf: ok ya got a doc appt and its pouring
Lily: take a cab?
Lonewolf: really need to go but will get soaked
MsAmazin: live in the desert
Lonewolf: sandstorm then
Lonewolf: no cabs
Lily: brb
Kark: well the hadicapped parking helps a little
MsAmazin: drive my car
Lonewolf: sometimes
MsAmazin: and get pelted by sand!
Lonewolf: yuck
MsAmazin: gotta do what you gotta do
Lonewolf: I can manage the getting wet better than seeing the weather forecast and knowing wqhat is going to happen
Kark: mee to Judi
Lonewolf: 6. Can you get out of your home to safety during a hurricane, tornado,
Lonewolf: earthquake, fire, etc?
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Lonewolf: remember we are disabled-cannot crawl out window
Lonewolf: Karen
Kark: I has been on my mind a lot lately
Lily: bye, gotta go
Lonewolf: ok what in particular
Lonewolf: bye sis
Lonewolf: anny
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Kark: I dont think I could get out of my room in a fire situation
MsAmazin: if my life is threatened...I can sure crawl out a window
anny1: i can getout of window when the motivation is right
Lonewolf: yikes-dangerous
Lonewolf: well good point
Lonewolf: adrenalin works wonders
Lonewolf: WW what about you
Lonewolf: I know you are not that mobile
WonderW: I can crawl
Lonewolf: charlie same for you
Kark: I am not sure I could open the window or break the windo
Lonewolf: true but cud you get out of the house
atrpilot: would be hard
WonderW: but not up hogh things or ledges
WonderW: high
Lonewolf: yes
Lonewolf: some places have handicapped stickers to place in windows for firemen etc
Lonewolf: anny
WonderW: I don't know, is hard to get up on knees to open door
anny1: one of the things we have being disabled is added risk as well as the added inconvience, its just the nature of the situation
Lonewolf: yes-my main intent here is just to get you all to think about this and form a plan of sorts
Kark: I have high window and I would have to go head first, my knees don't bend
WonderW: good idea
Lonewolf: true anny
Lonewolf: I have a lifeline and my number and address is registered with emergency services here
Lonewolf: along with a small amount of medical info
Kark: lifeline?
Lonewolf: yes it is an emergecy button I can push if I need help
Kark: cool
mom: it depends on the situation, but remember, in a fire situ you need to stay close to the ground and if possible, cover your head with a wet towel.
Lonewolf: wear it on wrist
Lonewolf: anny
anny1: that is avery good deal to have lw
Lonewolf: yes I highly recommend it to anyone
Lonewolf: My elderly aunt had one and fell and broke her hip-help came very quickly
Lonewolf: they also have a list of people to call
mom: did she have trouble with pushing the button?
Lonewolf: it is nationwide so if anyone wants the info just write me
WonderW: ok
Lonewolf: well actually she fell on her arm (broke it also)
WonderW: what about
mom: my in-law looked into them and they were too awkward with her arthritis
Lonewolf: she was knocked unconscious
Lonewolf: I have it also
WonderW: when you are outside your home?
Lonewolf: yoiu have a choice of a necklace or bracelet
Lonewolf: yes
Lonewolf: not when you are far away but like in your yard etc
WonderW: ok
Lonewolf: anypne else?
Lonewolf: ok please bear with me for a request
Kark: ok
WonderW: ok
Woz: k
Lonewolf: would everyone please join me in a moment of silence for all the people killed in Littleton yesterday
Lonewolf: you may pray if you wish
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Lonewolf: thank you all
Kark: welcome
Lonewolf: meeeting is adjourned
anny1: k
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Kark: its such a traj
WonderW: yes
Lonewolf: yes awful