Created by and for people with physical disabilities.

In Memory of Keteri

Apr 29, 1998

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

Participants already present:
  Mooooooo ([email protected])
  hanover9 ([email protected])
  Pyro ([email protected])
  jrt ([email protected])
  Mimi ([email protected])
  HelloKit ([email protected])
Diablo1: ohh ok
rose: hi In andjrt
skiier: So what is the chat about today?
Diablo1: sorry i didn't reply
Diablo1: i was away for the second
*** phoenyxx has joined #Disabled
phoenyxx: good evening everyone!
Lily: rose, emma works with susan in 'fairvie'
skiier: Hi mouse
jrt: Hi phoenyxx
Mimi: hi simon
mouse: Mimi is this the time you usually have your meetings on Weds
Mimi: how are you?
Lily: fairview
phoenyxx: Mimi! :-) I am just fine :-)
Diablo1: yep
skiier: I am fine
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Diablo1: so what have you all been up to
phoenyxx: ack! I have come at a bad time.
In: For everyone, how do you keep track of everyone, don't get angry with me if I ask same questions twice.
LordUnix: toto what do u want
jrt: I have a book In
Mimi: yes, this is the meeting
Mimi: it starts in 4 minutes
Mimi: why a bad time simon?
hanover9: in i write it down and you get to know some better then others
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Mooooooo: its past 6
totoaust: Lord Unix if you are expert at unix systems please respond in dcc
In: jrt, how did you get the book
mouse: OK - I have never quite sorted out the time, but tonight jrt told me at nearly 10.00 my time - in 5 hours so now I know )
phoenyxx: I logged in, jumped in ready to joke and then looked up and saw the topic. I feel REALLY STUPID :-(
Diablo1: past 9 here
jrt: yes In and none of us bite
jrt: Hi Jo
Mimi: that's ok
LordUnix: u want to talk to me toto join #pimpc
Diablo1: with the exception of me in
skiier: none of bite?sa
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jrt: just an exercise book
Mooooooo: hi gary
In: jrt, think you are all nice.
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mouse: Hi cod
Ais: hi cod
totoaust: LordUnix:ok will you be there for a while
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jrt: Hi cod
LordUnix: yes
Diablo1: you haven't got to meet me yet have you In
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Jo-: Hello All!! Hello Mooooooo darling
Mooooooo: i dont know what other to say than im gonna miss her bad
phoenyxx: Thanks Mimi, I was worried about coming off insensitive.
In: No Diablo1
Mimi: Hi Jo
Ais: hi jo
Ais: wb cod
Mooooooo: ive never met anyone with as much genuine compassion for others as she did
Diablo1: yes diablo is a cool game
codfish: thanks
Mimi: I know...she was so full of love!
MrLinux: i feeel bad i knew her and she was allwayz nice to me i will miss her
Lily: same here, mooo
Mimi: she really cared about everyone
Diablo1: hello jo
phoenyxx: May I ask what happened?
MrLinux: yes she did
MrLinux: a car accident
mouse: Yes I know that too - she made others feel important
Mimi: Simon, she was killed in a car accident
jrt: I will miss the little chat we used to have together
phoenyxx: I am very sorry.
Diablo1: yes i am still trying to get star craft
HelloKit: For those who don't already know, our friend Keteri was involved in a car accident Friday and did not survive. Tonight's chat is dedicated to her. I won't be formally hosting this meeting, instead I'd like us all just to take this time to talk about and remember her.
Jo-: Diablo in and out of hospital.
Mimi: and please lets stay on topic
Diablo1: ohhh
phoenyxx: I feel really bad at times like this, I want to say something, but I never know what to say or how to really express things.
Diablo1: sorry to hear
In: Have we met Jo
Diablo1: i haven't really been here too much either but am starting to make my way back
mouse: When I joined she was there - disabled is going to have an empty space for me with her gone
Mimi: ket was someone very special to a lot of individuals in the channel
Lily: none of us do, pheonyx
Diablo1: mimi you mean ket is gone
* MrLinux feels real bad
Mimi: Diablo...ket was killed
Diablo1: ohhhhhh my
Diablo1: when
Jo-: She was a very beautiful person inside and out. I have her picture on the wall. Long dark hair and very pretty young lady but it was the inner persons' beauty that made her special.
jrt: yes she was so sweet and kind, never a nasty comment about anybody
Mimi: scroll up please, we've been talking about it for a while now :o(
codfish: may her heart be truly at peace
Diablo1: yes i only got to know hte inside person
* phoenyxx agrees with codfish
Mimi: her inner beauty just shone, Jo
mouse: I too have her smiling picture on my printer
Mimi: she had so many problems, and never bitched or complained
Diablo1: and that was all i needed to know to see that she was a very beatiful person
phoenyxx: what was her disability, pardon the presence again.
Diablo1: a true gift of god
jrt: the world has lost a beautiful person
Mimi: she cared far too much about others for that
Mimi: more of us need to be like Ket...she cared about other people and tried not to dwell on her own problems
codfish: she was the kind of person that allowed us to be able to deal with cold people we met, one on a thousand
MrLinux: ok hold on
Lily: she always asked me about me, never spoke about herself
Mimi: I think she drew strength from the knowledge that she helped all of us...she felt needed and useful, and loved
phoenyxx: If it means anything, I do feel very guilty about what happens to other people.
hanover9: ket knew how to warm your heart when you were down and she help so much
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jrt: yes I agree Mimi, she never ever complained, yet she had all the right to
Mooooooo: exactly mimi, no matter how much she was hurting (and she had a world of hurts) she put it all aside when soemone else was in need
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In: Never knew her but wish I had.
phoenyxx: I didn't know her that well, but all I can say is that I saw what the rest of you saw in her.
Jo-: I know some of you find peace by talking about this but I must leave. It is more important to me to honor her beliefs. One of those is not saying the name after death to allow her soul peace in rest. Don't mean to insult anyone but rather than slip and use it I am leaving.
Mooooooo: i understand jo
jrt: I understand Jo
Lily: ok, jo:)
In: Bye Jo
codfish: ok
hanover9: ok jothat sounds right
Mimi: most people, when they're hurting, are incapable of understanding anyone's elses feelings but their own
phoenyxx: I understand too Jo.
Mimi: but ket was bigger than that
Jo-: Thank you Moooooooo knew you would. Old Indian custom Great Granny drilled into us and since she was I just can't. bye
phoenyxx: Mimi: I admire people like that.
Mimi: yeah, Simon...
Mimi: she was special
*** Jo- has left #disabled
Mimi: and she could be so much fun too :o)
phoenyxx: I agree Mimi :-)
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Mooooooo: i looked at where she signed our guestbook and laughed my ass off. most people wont get it (inside job) but its so funny :o)
Mimi: we had a great time joking around
Mimi: I'll miss that
Mooooooo: inside joke
Mimi: she tried to make peace with all of us too
jrt: yesterday I was looking through the guestbook on the disabled web site, and there is a message from Ket back in Feb of this year
Mimi: not all of her friends got along together
Mimi: :o)
phoenyxx: I wished I could more often meet people like her and feel inspired and not feel guilty for not being worse off. In some way, seeing someone more limited trying to adapt shows me what's possible, and from that I can draw some inspiration.
Mooooooo: thats the one, debbie
phoenyxx: Please don't flame me for the melodrama, only way to express it.
turbokev: She was nice to me on the few times when we chatted
Mimi: but she would tell us...now that person is not so bad, just take it easy...and show us the good side of the other person that we never saw
jrt: yeah it bought a smile to my face too
Mimi: she signed my guestbook, too...and its still up
Mimi: I saw it yesterday I think
Mimi: had a cry when I saw it
In: Good-Night everyone, will pray for everyone, will talk soon.
codfish: even when channel was busy she made each feel comfy and special
turbokev: thats an excellent way to few things
Lily: bye in:)
mouse: I must go back to bed now. To me she will still be in me - I loved her and I hope she loved me. Blessings all Sorry I have to run.
codfish: bye in
jrt: yeah,Sarah wants to see the pic I have of Ket, but I know I would burst into tears right now if I looked at it
fence: if you could just give me a min to talk about Ket, its real hard and i need to do this
jrt: Bye In
jrt: Bye Mouse
Mimi: OK seth...
Lily: bye mouse
Mimi: please tell us about her
MrLinux: go say what u need to Fence
phoenyxx: You know something, I just realized that I never knew what her disability was- she always made sure we knew her as a real person! That I really admire :-)
Mooooooo: ok seth
hanover9: she was so young and alive that she stired somthing in me that i thought i had lost and she will always be with me now and all of vus that were touched by her will always walk with her in our heart
* phoenyxx is shutting up now
fence: as most of you know, my coming to this channel was more like seeing howmany times moooo could k line me before the next time
fence: and , one thing i will live with , is how i treated Ket
fence: as you know i met her twice
fence: first time i was out of the house in a year...was to drinbe to see her in her beloved cabin
fence: i have a rebuit face
fence: i walked in
fence: and there stood this beautiful girl...
fence: she walked up to me, asked if she could touch my face
fence: i nodded
fence: she felt it,,,smiled and said its smooth,,,i like it and hugged me
fence: first touch i had other than a doctor in two years
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fence: that moment meant life to me
phoenyxx: wow
fence: i couldnt belive it
*** Ray-1 has joined #Disabled
fence: well, as you know
fence: meds dont work all the time for me, no excuse
fence: but
*** samanthaa has left #Disabled
fence: i got in a phase
fence: and scared her
fence: now this channel backed her up
fence: loving and protecting her
fence: lol and klineing me agina and again
fence: each time
fence: she wouold mesg me
fence: saying
fence: please seth, show then who you are
fence: dont do this, you need friends
fence: theses are good people
fence: sometimes she would talk differnt
fence: lol like im coming there to ikick your ass if you dont stop seth
fence: but slowly
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fence: she got trough to me
fence: it was her kindnes and love and understanding
pie: hi all
fence: yuou see
fence: not just for me
fence: but for mooooooo, who she loved greatly,
Ray-1: Hi, pie.
turbokev: Sorry I gotta run but she is in my prayers
fence: for mimi....her 'sister' and em 'little sister'
turbokev: bye
fence: hanover, joel jrt
fence: all of you
fence: she constantly talked to me of all you
Mooooooo: :o)
fence: worried, laughed,
jrt: :)
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fence: wanted so much for you all
mouse: )))
fence: and of course her jhn
fence: who she had a special bond with
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fence: now,
fence: i would see her come in here many times
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fence: say nothing of her pain
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fence: which at times, was great
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* jrt goes over and gives Seth a hug and says I cant
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fence: i would see her be conserned over somenone
fence: and truely try to help
fence: and
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pie: who died?
fence: do it for the joy of it
fence: she loved that
fence: we also know
fence: that Ket never felt 'good enough'
fence: wherer that came from is unimportant now
marshal_2: I'm knew...Anyone know about SpinaBifida?
fence: but, it hurt us to see that in her....for we know
fence: she was far too good
fence: also,
fence: faceing ahead for her
fence: another amputation
fence: personal problems in her home life
fence: more pain
*** pie has left #Disabled
fence: now, maybe i think i will belive moooo and mimi
fence: and say
fence: we have an angel
*** fence has joined #Disabled
fence: all well and healded
marshal_2: Very Sorry
fence: she can hear
fence: she can run and hike
fence: lol she can kick ass
mouse: yes, )
Mimi: :o)
jrt: :)
fence: as for jhn
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phoenyxx: If I had know all of that about her I promise I would have stayed away. My sincerest apologies, and I bid farewell. It has been fun while it had lasted but I can't go on like this. Goodbye everyone. :-(
fence: i was to paste a message....
Mooooooo: she taught me Kinshika :o)
fence: it is froze in my computer
fence: as my luck would go
fence: but
fence: it said
Mimi: aww :o(
*** phoenyxx has left #Disabled
fence: that he smiles when he thinks of her
fence: how she was
fence: how she gave allof herself
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fence: how he loved her
*** Maggie has joined #Disabled
fence: the two of them had a great bond
fence: only few of us experience
fence: if ever
fence: so, she had that
fence: that was happiness
fence: and
fence: this last week
fence: one of the last things we talked about was jhn
fence: and
fence: mimi and mooooooo
fence: she was so excited they had met
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fence: it made her cry
fence: she was that thrilled for you both
Mimi: :o)
fence: this was her family, as she had none left
fence: this was her love
fence: this was her happines
fence: not a machine and typing words
*** marshal_2 has joined #Disabled
fence: but real people
fence: real love
*** marshal_2 has left irc (marshal_2)
fence: she felt it, she gave it
mouse: :o)
fence: i dont know how to let her go
fence: i really dont
fence: she changed my life
fence: and i need to respct that
fence: always
fence: i
MrLinux: i understand what u mean fence
fence: wish i could talk better
MrLinux: i mean
fence: and do this better for her
fence: but
fence: she is here
fence: tonight
fence: in our memories
fence: in our hearts
jrt: you are doing great Seth
MrLinux: i know what u mean by how hard it is to let some 1 go that u loved and cared 4
mouse: fence it is beautiful - so beautiful
fence: thank you
codfish: may the spirits give her truly what is deserved by thecaring and compassionate person she was,is, and will be in our hearts and minds
mouse: just let her go but hold her tight inside you too
Mimi: seth...yyou have done her proud...just like you wanted to do *hugs*
MrLinux: yepers
Ais: you've done a wonderful job seth
hanover9: do'nt let her go walk with ket in your heart and hold your head up high my friend and count yourself amoung those that were lucky enough to be blessed by knowing her
mouse: love you seth - a very wet hug from me
Maggie: very wonderful and moving Seth
* MrLinux hugs Fence, i knw what u mean
Mimi: amen hugh
Lily: thank you, fence
Mooooooo: I think Ket confirmed something that we all realized last november...
jrt: I have dedicated the song,'My heart will go on', to my dear friend Ket, and I know one day I will meet her again
MrLinux: what was that Dan?
Mimi: dont let her go...shes still there for you in a specian and powerful way
Mooooooo: that his group is not so much a 'chat room' but more a 'mission'
codfish: shes smiling now, thanks to seth
Mooooooo: and a family
mouse: You know - I see something of her in you tonight seth
HelloKit: I'll be back in a minute.
MrLinux: very TRUE , very TRUE
*** HelloKit is now known as KitAway
hanover9: thanks seth you can now go on with thge life and joy that ket gave you it will be in my heart for ever
Mooooooo: and that we all have to look at the impact we have all had in each others life
*** dazy has joined #disabled
Mooooooo: and never let that end
mouse: So true Moo
Mimi: never
*** dazy has left #disabled
Mimi: everyone here has met someone special and dear to them...and important in their lives
MrLinux: if u think about it we r very much like 1 big family
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mouse: We are one big family!
mouse: And each and everyone of you is important to me
Lily: yes, and a very welcoming family thar keeps growing
jrt: I tell everybody that we are a big family, because we are, and like I keep telling you all, one day I am going to go and see everyone of you
MrLinux: and we all need to remeber the one that make a impact on us no matter if they r here or not we neet to remember them No matter what, its waht will keep us together and will keep us friends, forever
codfish: uniqness brings us together,understanding lets us chat but it takes sincerity and love to form friendship and this is a wonderplace
Mooooooo: all true
mouse: Its a place where we can cry (like now) and love and where everyone accepts each other as we are
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MrLinux: true
jrt: thats right mouse
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codfish: the way the world should be and hopefully will be one day
*** hghlndlas has joined #disabled
MrLinux: we all need to stick together, thick or thin
jrt: yes accept people for what they are and not what they look like
hanover9: let us all take that extra mesure of love that she gave toeach of usand use it to heal our selves
mouse: I think we have been left a high standard to try to attain; but even if we dont we each give of our best and are loved for that
jrt: yes Hugh I agree
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Mimi: never forget to tell the people you love how much you love them
Mimi: and to do it often and sincerely
hanover9: when ever she talked to me she was always interested in the happiness of her family thats all of us
jrt: I remember the day that Ket told me she was A native american, she was almost bowing to me, and I told her, I am honoured to meet and be her firend
jrt: friend
jrt: I was trying to learn her language, so I could surise her onday, but that day never really came
jrt: surprise
jrt: oneday
jrt: ping me
Mooooooo: i only learned a few words
mouse: Yes I remember you telling me that jrt
Mooooooo: Kinshika
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Mooooooo: roughly translates to kick ass
jrt: I learned how to say hello and how are you, I have lists of other words, but will never get to use them
Mooooooo: and: agika: etta-sipa-wa nee-awtanshe
mouse: Why don't you teach us and we could use them
Mooooooo: and we all know what that was :o)
mouse: Daniel - did you know how to pronounce that?
*** hanover9 has joined #disabled
jrt: Aanish na?,how are you
jrt: aanii,hello
Mooooooo: nope, but she guaranteed me it would get me a nice indian girl :o)
Mimi: lol
codfish: lol
fence: lol
Lily: lol
mouse: :o)
jrt: lol
HelloKit: lol
Ais: ;)
Mooooooo: or slapped
codfish: she was great for girl tips
rose: :o)
* HelloKit hugs Scott.
jrt: okay Scott
MrLinux: bb in 10mins
HelloKit: brb
*** HelloKit is now known as KittyBRB
*** MrLinux has left irc (Later yall saty just they way u r FRIENDS)
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Mooooooo: so many fun memories :o)
jrt: yes she was such a sweet and gentle person:)
*** woody1 has joined #disabled
fence: and damn sexy...lets not forget that.....
Mooooooo: very sexy :o)
jrt: well from a guys piont of view seth, I dont go round saying other women are sexy:)
fence: she could get the room goign some times
codfish: may love from her heart never set like the sun but may it arise at the dawn of our need
hanover9: i'll never forget that
rose: I have to go, goodnight all and hugs to all :o)
Mimi: seth...she used to show me funny things that you had said...probably in an attempt to get me to soften my point of view regarding you :o)
*** woody1 has left irc (bye for now its been nice chatting with you)
hanover9: nite dear
jrt: I always looked forward to seeing her:)
mouse: She is one with my beginning on irc and I will remember her always. Really going this time. )))
jrt: night rose
Lily: please share your memories from time to time with those of us that didn't know her very well
*** mouse has left #disabled
jrt: night mouse
Lily: bye'rose
*** KittyBRB is now known as HelloKit
Mooooooo: and lets not forget, she taught me not to k-line seth :o)
HelloKit: lol
fence: lol
*** rose has left #disabled
codfish: lol
jrt: lol
*** hghlndlas has left irc (Leaving)
codfish: he still needs trout slapping once in a while
fence: lol
HelloKit: heh
Ais: hehe
jrt: yeah but we all do from time to time
HelloKit: Especially Mooooooo...
HelloKit: ;o)
fence: i remember i came in here one time and she had the room dancing on tables..lol
Mimi: yeah...for her sake I decided that I would talk to seth and jhn and try to see if my original opinion needed adjusting ;o)
Mimi: yep :o)
Mimi: lol
Mooooooo: with carrots
Mooooooo: /:o)
HelloKit: lol
Mimi: not only that...but lap dancing
fence: lol
Mimi: but she would always push mrwild onto me
jrt: lol
hanover9: she knew how to shake it
Mimi: lol
fence: lol
HelloKit: lol
Lily: lol
Mimi: she could even shake it to
Mimi: to Happy Birthday
fence: how could you not love her
Mimi: for hugh, once :o)
Mimi: on a table
fence: she did?
Mooooooo: lol
Mimi: yep :o)
fence: i missed that one
Mimi: she hopped on the table, 'swayed her butt to 'Happy Birthday' for hugh'
* codfish slaps fence around a bit with a large trout
fence: i caught the tale end of the snowman adventure with moooo and i think joel
Mimi: I missed the snowman adventure
Mooooooo: that was a fun day
*** usn21 has joined #disabled
fence: i didnt catch it all....but i think that is where the carrots came in to play
usn21: hi gang
hanover9: it was a great treat
jrt: Hi usn
hanover9: it was a great treat
usn21: hey debi
Lily: night all, must go, hugs
jrt: night Lily
Ais: bye lil
Maggie: night lily
fence: man jhn her and i could sure cut it up too
*** Lily has left #disabled
fence: made me laugh days later thinking about things sometimes
* codfish slaps codfish around a bit with a large trout
*** kd305 has joined #Disabled
codfish: i was hungary
jrt: Hi Kd
*** phoenyxx has joined #Disabled
Mimi: hi kelley
usn21: hi kd
kd305: HEY KIT how was tonight's meeting
Mimi: me too, seth
Mimi: I'd laugh days afterwards :o)
kd305: HEY JRT
jrt: wb phoenyxx
Mimi: she's laughing with us right now, I just know it :o)
kd305: HI MIMI
phoenyxx: I am back, sorry for bailing like that, just things really getting to me.
kd305: I guess it is still going on
kd305: :)
*** usn21 has left irc (Ircle was here!)
jrt: she is, and now her katchup fetish will be over too
Maggie: Ket brought joy to everyone and can now see how much of an impact she was and is proud
jrt: thats okay phoenyxx
phoenyxx: what I was trying to say, was that people like Keteri are so special and I wished I could have just a fraction of their strength. I mean, I never saw her complain about anything, and I come in here griping about stupid things.
Mimi: Ket did a whole lot of good and spread a whole lot of love before she left us
Mimi: that's something she and we as her friends can be proud of
fence: to her, they werent stupid things phoenyexx
Mimi: and God is smiling on her for it
jrt: here, here Mimi:)
jrt: I agree:)
Mimi: everything was important to her
phoenyxx: yeah mimi :-)
Mimi: she used to ask me, weeks after some crisis of mine was over, if I was still OK
codfish: :0))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Mimi: she never forgot if I told her about a problem
Mimi: she always cared
fence: thats true mimi
*** Amazin1 has joined #disabled
kd305: I didnt know ket very well or very long but I really enjoyed the few times I did talk to her...
Mimi: hi denise
kd305: and she was excited about getting married
Amazin1: hi :)
phoenyxx: I want to be able to give and share as much.
Mimi: the fact that she remembered showed how much she really and truly cared
fence: yes mimi
codfish: i tkink to meet her was to know her because she was so real,like an old lost friend
jrt: yes she was:)
fence: right away you felt comfortable with her
fence: because she focused on you....not herself
Mimi: yep
Mimi: that's exactly it
fence: if she talked to you...you were the center of attention
fence: and she loved that
Mimi: yep
jrt: yep:)
Mimi: I can't say it enough...
fence: i bet she got more personal things out of you all sometimes than you even remember
Mimi: thats exactly the way to describe her, seth...her friends were the center of her attention
Mimi: she sure did seth!
Mimi: more than I ever intended on sharing LOL
jrt: she did seth:)
phoenyxx: same here Mimi :-)
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fence: lol shit me too...she even knows about the back seat of my chevy in 95
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Mimi: a couple times at first I wondered if I had said too much...but you were always safe with ket
phoenyxx: Like I said, I hope I can help people the way she did.
Max_Send: wow, everyone is here
jrt: Hi Max
kd305: well friends just wanted to say HI TTFN :)
HelloKit: Dinner time here, guys... I'm going to go ahead and turn off the logs unless anyone objects.
jrt: bye KD
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Mimi: I object
Mimi: :o)
HelloKit: heh ok
Mimi: we're not done yet
Mimi: :o)
HelloKit: k
jrt: yeah we want to share some more:)
fence: i'm glad she had a bond with jhn
Mimi: maybe that was part of what she was put here on this earth for
Maggie: and you seth
fence: they wwent way back together
Mimi: to teach us all about how to really care about others
Mimi: I wish jhn was here
fence: me too...and i wanted to type what he wrote
fence: they knew each other before disabled
phoenyxx: nicely put Mimi, about how she taught us to care about one another :-)
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fence: she was his gf best friend
jrt: yeah but its hard for him, his time difference from me is like 3 hours I think??
codfish: god bless be well
fence: he doesnt have computer access at this time of day
Mimi: he told me that she helped him enormously when his gf died
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Mimi: and I can really believe that
fence: yeah, that was ket s best friend
Mimi: I never knew that
jrt: yes she was good at that:)
fence: and he was there for her when kets dad died last year
Mimi: I'm glad she had him, too
fence: ket and lark where friends in rl
Ais: yeah, so am i
Mimi: God blessed them with each other
Mimi: I know that feeling :o)
fence: thats right
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fence: jhn's loss is great
Mimi: sometimes, friendships are as much made in heaven as marriages are
phoenyxx: I have a special friendship like that Mimi- my friend Kristin and I are very close :-)
Mimi: me too simon...
jrt: yeah I know seth, I really feel for him, and you
Mimi: I just met him, too
phoenyxx: ah!
phoenyxx: :-)
Mimi: me too, for both of you
fence: i wish though that the last few weeks had been different for her
Mimi: so do I seth
fence: she was suffering in many ways
Mimi: I wish she'd known a bit more happiness before she died
fence: but she came here to this channel and to jhn....and was happy
Maggie: btu now I am sure she has all the happiness...God would give her that now
jrt: and I seth, she didnt deserve any of what she had to put up with
Mimi: maybe she didn't know a lot of happiness but she know a lot of love
fence: no, i will always regret not getting in my car and going to Kansas
fence: she did....she had love
Mimi: you couldn't have known seth
fence: she told me that daily
phoenyxx: you all mentioned being able to open up to her--reminds me how I've met more people recently by simply opening up.
fence: but i knew things were bad there for her mimi
jrt: The last time I spoke to Ket, she was so happy, I could feel her happiness
Max_Send: i feel terrible and i dont know who died
Mimi: seth, don't go there hon
fence: ok i know
Ais: don't blame yourself seth, you couldn't have known
fence: its just what pops in the mind...what ifs
jrt: none of us could see into the future
Mimi: hindsight is always 20-20 seth
Mimi: that's the nature of life
Maggie: you just can;t go back..if Ket has wanted you to come Seth...I believe she would have asked you too..she knew she could count on you
jrt: yeah I know, I had to stop myself from thinking that way Seth
fence: like the car accident....last thing i ever would have thought of but you know what she would have said??
* phoenyxx reminds Mimi that what those people said about
fence: '
Maggie: what fence
fence: she once said to me when i ask ed her 'why you' about her amputation, deafness
fence: and she said to me
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fence: well seth ..why NOT me? things happen to people all the time
fence: it was never a 'why me ' thing with her
hanover9: she was wise for one so young
Ais: yes, she was
jrt: yes she was
Mimi: wow
fence: she was... but it bothered her all the time she was not 'schooled' like the rest
fence: educated....shoot she knew more things that never gets learned in a college
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hanover9: she wowed me daily with her take on life
jrt: she was schooled in the way of true wisdom and love, schooloing means nothing, but love does
Maggie: I don't know how she was schooled but it would be great if alot of people were so schooled in her acts of kindness and the way she treated people
phoenyxx: agree!
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fence: i;m tired, but i feel so much better
Mimi: me too :o)
jrt: I know in all my life that I have left, that I willl never meet anybody quite like our Beloved ket
Mooooooo: ditto
phoenyxx: ditto too jrt.
Mimi: I feel happy now...just like Ket wants all of us to feel
fence: the sadness is still there...and it feels terrible...but i have such a peace am so lucky to have known her
phoenyxx: me too Mimi
jrt: same here Mimi and Seth:)
hanover9: we were all lucky
Mimi: we sure were
Mimi: you were especially seth, to have met her
fence: i was
phoenyxx: brb
fence: i'll never forget her touch
jrt: yes you were seth:)
fence: and that smile
Mimi: I bet it was so wonderful
hanover9: i'm just sorry that i missed my chance to meet her
fence: she was
Mimi: you'll always have these special memories, and they'll make you smile
fence: yeah
fence: i just wish there was going to be more of them
hanover9: seth it must have been great because she could make you feel her touch through the comp so in person it must have been wonderful
fence: but maybe..they will be 'unseen' memoreis....as she helps me go through life
jrt: we all do seth, but at least we had a chance to be able to have some at least
Ais: yes seth
Mimi: I do believe that seth...
Mimi: she is still there, and will always be there
Maggie: don't you think they will kep poping up? I do!!
Mimi: praying for you
Mimi: listening to you
fence: yeah
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Mimi: like a guardian angel
fence: so tired...i cant type anymopre sorry just want to say
fence: thank you for this tonight...
jrt: she is watching over us all now, and making sure we all look after one another, they way she looked after us
Mimi: thank you seth, for sharing this with us
Ais: thank you seth
jrt: thankyou Seth
Maggie: You did Ket proud Seth
phoenyxx: bacl
hanover9: seth that was great it helped, thanks
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jrt: yes she is looking over you now seth and smiling
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fence: bbl
HelloKit: Later Seth.
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hanover9: ok my friend
Ais: ok seth
jrt: bye Seth
Maggie: bye fence take care
hanover9: maybe you can rest now seth
Mooooooo: nite seth
phoenyxx: I'm about to sound very melodramatic but all I can say now is that I hope we can carry the 'caring and sharing' that Keteri did so well here :-)
jrt: yes, I know I will try:)
hanover9: i know this evening has been weighing heavily on your mind
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Mimi: hello
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Mimi: sigh
hanover9: hi dear
HelloKit: Hi Walter
Ais: wb Mimi
jrt: wb Mimi
jrt: Hi Sky
hanover9: bbl
Mimi: thanks
sky-pilot: helllo, helokit and all.
jrt: okay Hugh:)
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LordUnix: hello yall