Created by and for people with physical disabilities.

Info Swap

Jun 10, 1998

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

Participants already present:
  Mooooooo ([email protected])
  HelloKit ([email protected])
Court: alico left
Bubbles_: ooops
HelloKit: logging is on
Bubbles_: i just had a phone call what have i missed
*** MsAmazin has joined #disabled
Court: John?
Mooooooo: Hiya Denise :o)
Bubbles_: hey ms
MsAmazin: M! :)
judi: Hi Denise
* HelloKit is getting ready to start the meeting in a
Lily: brb
judi: I'm ready Carly
MsAmazin: how are ya'll?
Bubbles_: brb
* Mooooooo is ready too :o)
HelloKit: But... I'm gonna go get something to drink first... brb
Court: Hey, John?
Mooooooo: okie dokie
Mooooooo: Im gonna go get rid of something I drank... brb
Laura2: lol
HelloKit: lol
usn21: o.k.
Court: There you are.
Bubbles_: here i am
usn21: were you in tyhe closet dear?
Court: me? no. were you?
Bubbles_: lol
usn21: yes , looking for you
Court: wrong place.
Mooooooo: back
judi: boys, boys, behave
Bubbles_: ohhhwaaaa
usn21: no court i'm tslking to my love bubbles now
judi: Hurry up Carly, its gettin weird in here
* Mooooooo isn't going to ask what love bubbles are
HelloKit: lol
Bubbles_: stop it do you want the whole world to know
Laura2: ok
usn21: lol very good mooooooo
HelloKit: Are we all ready to start?
judi: good thinking Moooooo
Laura2: I'm ready
judi: Please
* Mooooooo is ready
usn21: bormn ready
Laura2: Debbie's not here:(
*** TODD has joined #Disabled
HelloKit: Tonight's topic is 'Info Swap'. Instead of being a specific topic, it's just going to be a time for everyone to ask questions or share information, all disability-related, that hasn't been covered yet in any of our meetings.
judi: hi Todd
Mooooooo: she will
Laura2: cool
*** hanover9 has joined #disabled
Court: ok
*** hanover9 has left irc (Leaving)
judi: hi han
TODD: Hello all
Laura2: hi todd
judi: bye han
HelloKit: This is NOT the same as an open topic so please don't fill the room with unrelated chit-chat.
judi: What kind of info, Carly?
HelloKit: Anything, as long as it's disability-related.
*** hanover9 has joined #disabled
TODD: chit-chat chit-chat chit-chat
HelloKit: A cool web site, an exercise technique, whatever.
Bubbles_: do you want me to call deb?
Mooooooo: well, the one thing I noticed in Arizona is that I saw a lot of disabled people
MsAmazin: bye all...(end of chit-chat)
Laura2: do you guys know where I can get a really large paraffin wax thing?
judi: This may not be what you mean but I've picked up a few cleaning tips
Mooooooo: bye Denise :o) *smooch*
Bubbles_: seeya
Laura2: like for a leg
Mooooooo: a paraffin wax leg?
judi: I've got one for hands Laura, but not legs
TODD: whats a paraffin?
HelloKit: sure, Judi, that's good
Laura2: no lol
Laura2: it's wax
Bubbles_: so you can surf on it too
*** MsAmazin has left #disabled
Laura2: to reduce spasms
judi: Its for heat Bubbles
Mooooooo: ah, ok
Bubbles_: are you saying i'm on heat?
Laura2: I've seen those, judi
Lily: back
*** Lover_Man has left #Disabled
TODD: what about leorasal
Bubbles_: middle
Laura2: but my hands are less affected
usn21: who's in heat?
judi: I use a dust mop to dust things over my head-which is a lot from a chair, like pictures on the wall, door facings etc
Laura2: what's that?
Bubbles_: cant you smell dear
Court: John! Now, now!
usn21: gett9ng friesky
Laura2: Todd?
Bubbles_: rowr
judi: Bubbles and John this is a meeting
Bubbles_: psssssstpssssst
TODD: leorasal// anti spasm meds// laura
Bubbles_: topic please
Court: info swap
Bubbles_: i havent been able to make a meeting in ages
Court: anything disablity related
Laura2: I prefer more natural stuff
Bubbles_: do you want me to call deb?
Mooooooo: How does the wax affect spasms?
Laura2: unless absolutely necessary
* HelloKit has a sort of odd question...
hanover9: ok shot
TODD: no idea moo
Bubbles_: shoot carly
Court: yes?
judi: the heat relaxes the spasms
Laura2: it's the heat, mooo
Mooooooo: oh ok
Mooooooo: like warm or hot wax?
hanover9: yes carly?
Laura2: go carly
Laura2: not sure, mooo
Mooooooo: stops spasms and removes hair :o)
judi: I ordered these electric heat mitts for hands and they can be used for feet
Court: hey, all purpose! lol
Bubbles_: debbie isnt home at the moment
TODD: as laura stated go go go carly
Mooooooo: i like to soak in a hottub when my leg spasms
HelloKit: My dog is going to have babies in a couple months, and I know she's not going to want my mom helping her, so it's going to be up to me and my boyfriend... and since I don't have much use of my hands I'm not sure how much I'll be able to help either. Has anyone else with limited hand use had a pet give birth and can you give me any tips?
Bubbles_: i just rang and got the answering machine
Laura2: haven't, carly, sorry
Mooooooo: I didn't know they needed assistance
TODD: no idea from a c-6
judi: They usually take care of themselves Carly
HelloKit: smaller dogs do... they're wimps ;o)
Court: I don't have limited usage but my cat had kittens and she was fine all by herself
Bubbles_: just keep feeding and loving your dog and she will look after the pups
hanover9: limited hand use here but no pet birthing experence
Laura2: are both of your hands equally affected?
Laura2: me too
Bubbles_: you just have to look after the messes
Court: how about your boyfriend?
*** usn21 has left irc (ta ta gang see you again soon, thanks)
Laura2: brb
Court: where is everyone going?
*** Laura2 has left #Disabled
judi: Be sure she has clean bedding and water afterwards and if one gets stuck, head for the vets office
HelloKit: I'm not really sure how much help she will need though... this is our first chihuahua. I just know that my mom's Pekes need help with the whole process.
judi: My mom raised chihuahuas and most of them did fine
TODD: let nature take it's course, carly
judi: In face they got quite hostile if helped
Bubbles_: nature looks after itself pretty much
judi: She had one that required a c-section
Lily: lol
HelloKit: Hopefully she'll be okay then. I just worry about her... in my eyes she's still a baby herself :o)
hanover9: she will be fine carley
TODD: do we have esp bubbles??
judi: the one she had trouble with was a very small dog
Bubbles_: lol
HelloKit: Chiqui isn't huge but she isn't tiny either.
Bubbles_: just believe in what nature can so
judi: this one only weighed 4 pounds
Bubbles_: do
TODD: next topic pretty please
Court: Bubbles, where did John go?
Bubbles_: all animals have coped with out our help
HelloKit: Oh she definitely weighs more than that... lol enough to knock the wind outta me when she hops on my chest to wake me up...
Bubbles_: had to go he said
judi: Back to cleaning, I have also found it is easier to mop the floor with a wash rag and my toe!!
Bubbles_: humans do more harm than good in alot of cased
* HelloKit does lots of stuff with her feet.
Bubbles_: cases
judi: me too
Bubbles_: hope you wear rubber gloves on your toes
judi: I do a lot of dusting with a feather duster or my dust mop
Lily: lol
TODD: I'm male//// please anything but cleaning
Bubbles_: lol
Lily: dishpan feet
Bubbles_: dishes
*** jrt has joined #disabled
Mooooooo: debbie :o)
HelloKit: Oh Todd...... men have to clean too... it's not all our job!
Bubbles_: about time too
HelloKit: Hi Debbie :o)
jrt: hello everybody:)
TODD: then again i'm selfish
Bubbles_: you got me message then?
jrt: sorry
*** awi has joined #disabled
jrt: yes,bubbles:)
judi: Also, I discovered you can spray the tub, shower, whatever with a heavy coating of a tub n tile cleaner, wait awhile then rinse and you don't have to scrub-I just use the shower hose to spray it down
Bubbles_: where were you we were worried sick
judi: hi jrt
Bubbles_: that does alot for the environment
Mooooooo: thats what i do too Judi
jrt: shopping
Bubbles_: what did you get me?
TODD: now i love to shop
Court: me too!
judi: ahem
jrt: some noodles,brocolli and popcorn
TODD: it's fun to spend money
Bubbles_: its better if its someone elses money though
jrt: come on the meeting is on:)
HelloKit: Next question, tip, whatever?
*** Laura2 has joined #Disabled
Bubbles_: wb
Laura2: back
Mooooooo: Laura :oD
jrt: wb laura:)
Laura2: probs with screen
judi: wb Laura
Court: hi laura
Laura2: hi jrt
Lily: wb laura:)
Laura2: where are we?
Court: info swap
Bubbles_: why are there no canadians that live in bc or alberta on this chat line?
judi: I know Carly and I use voice recognition, anyone else have any computer tips?
HelloKit: We're waiting for someone to chip in with another question or tip...
TODD: how do people react to you when you are shopping with someone else? i'm in a chair and the ask the person i'm with what color does he like
Bubbles_: dont they have disabilities there
jrt: I use that stuff we hace over here called shower power,spray opn and rinse off
Mooooooo: info swap, score is 9 to 4, Carly has the ball
HelloKit: lol
awi: how do you set up voice recognition? what programs are good?
Lily: lol
judi: Dragon Dictate
Laura2: tell the person to ask him
Bubbles_: im lagging i think
jrt: and bleach is a good substitute for mould remover
Laura2: I use Via Voice
HelloKit: In my opinion DragonDictate is the best.
Bubbles_: maybe not
Laura2: it's now working fairly well
Laura2: but I would like DD
*** Mooooooo has joined #Disabled via telnet
HelloKit: Laura does that one dictate directly into all of your programs or do you have to copy/paste?
judi: Mine too Carly, I tried the other one first-big difference
*** Mooooooo has left #Disabled via telnet
Laura2: it only does Microsoft
Bubbles_: do people have good come backs for others that stare at their disabilities
awi: can they work with other programs? like the irc programs and so forth?
HelloKit: Oh that's helpful... sheesh
Laura2: I need it to do a little more
Mooooooo: Yes Bubbles, I moon them
HelloKit: DD will type into anything, awi
Lily: lol, moo
Bubbles_: lol
HelloKit: Bubbles, wanna hear my favorite comeback?
Bubbles_: please
Laura2: because typing can cause spasms
TODD: The basketball game has started see ya *Carpe Diem* Go Bulls
Laura2: yes Carly
Laura2: please
Bubbles_: go bulls
*** TODD has left irc (Read error to TODD ow146.tir.com]: Broken pipe)
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*** ^Raven^ has joined #disabled
Laura2: hi Raven
judi: hi Raven
Bubbles_: wb
^Raven^: hihi
HelloKit: At just 2 yrs. old, my friend Jessi told some lady in the store that was staring: 'Hi, my name is Jessica Aaron and I have arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. What's your problem?'
jrt: hi raven:)
Bubbles_: lol
Lily: lolo, raven
Laura2: lol
Bubbles_: very good
Lily: lol
jrt: :)
awi: lol
Bubbles_: mine is why dont you take a picture it lasts longer
Laura2: I use that sometimes
jrt: i just tell people are they blind or something when they are looking for stuff
awi: i have tried staring them down
HelloKit: I'm gutless... I just ignore them.
Laura2: usually I do too
Lily: i like judi's line, i'm rarely dangerous to humans
Bubbles_: i get so peeved at time when people are so blatantly obvious
^Raven^: I give them a bit$#y look
Laura2: lol lily
judi: Carly, just saw the Taco Bell commercial-reminded me of your dog
Bubbles_: you expect it from children not adults
HelloKit: lol, that dog looks almost exactly like her too
Bubbles_: lol
HelloKit: She's a little darker though.
Laura2: then there was one lady
Laura2: who said 'I'm glad you're not my daughter'
judi: This was the 'Here lizard, lizard' one
Bubbles_: bitch
judi: how rude
Laura2: and I said 'Well, I'm glad you're not my mom'
jrt: bubbles!!!!!!
*** Mooooooo has joined #Disabled via telnet
HelloKit: I don't notice too many adults... mostly kids, which is why I usually don't say anything.
^Raven^: Yo quierro Taco Bell..hehehe
*** awi_ has joined #disabled
Bubbles_: what do you call a female dog then
jrt: lol
^Raven^: Ms. Bit#$
Bubbles_: did you ask her whether they slapped her at birth instead of her kid
Laura2: I guess my hip was twisted in, I wasn't even in my chair
*** Mooooooo has left #Disabled via telnet
jrt: you sound like sarah,lol
Laura2: me?
jrt: no bubbles
Laura2: :)
judi: add being mostly bald to your handicap guys and it gets real interesting
Bubbles_: whats that deb?
^Raven^: night
*** ^Raven^ has left irc (Leaving)
Bubbles_: shave it off then
Laura2: yeah, judi, I can imagine
HelloKit: I can imagine, Judi
jrt: she thinks she can get away with swearing like that too,lol
judi: I wear a turban most of the time
Bubbles_: lol
Laura2: half-jinx, carly:)
HelloKit: hehe
Bubbles_: wear a spot on your forhead then they'll look there instead
judi: I bought a wig but I guess I wiggle too much-darn thing keeps slipping around
Laura2: lol
jrt: dont worry about it judi
jrt: :)
Bubbles_: at least you'll think theyre looking into your beautiful eyes
awi_: :)
judi: I don't-don't get to go anywhere but the doc's office and the hospital anyway
*** awi has left irc (Ping timeout for awi irv-ca53-36.ix.netcom.com])
*** awi_ is now known as awi
awi: finally
Bubbles_: awi
jrt: lol
judi: I'll try the spot Bubbles
Bubbles_: yowie
Bubbles_: lol
Bubbles_: you go girl
Lily: never wore anything
judi: Can I share something good that is off the subject?
awi: anyone every get flack from not 'looking' disabled?
jrt: so any other tips???
awi: ever
Bubbles_: mich and i went into a bar once and a drunk imitated her walk
Lily: looked like a trappist monk
judi: lol
Bubbles_: yes me
jrt: yeah
Mooooooo: I was offered a discount on the shuttle bus because the driver noticed my limp
Laura2: lol
judi: My doc thinks the chemo is working
judi: Yahooo
Bubbles_: so i imitated his drunk appearance
Laura2: cool Judi
jrt: that is great news judi:)
Laura2: awesome!
judi: I'm so happy
Bubbles_: great to hear
Lily: i look drunk, but only when i move
Mooooooo: great judi!!!!!!!!!!!!
judi: thanks
Bubbles_: and asked him if he noticed the difference
awi: I hope I never have to do a roadside test because I will not pass LOL
Laura2: I don't have CP, I'm intoxicated
jrt: I walk into people on my blind side sometimes
Bubbles_: he asked me how do you mean
Laura2: brb
HelloKit: There was a girl at school when I was in 1st grade who would imitate my walk and the way my hands are curled under... then the following year (thinking I didn't know she'd been doing it) she turned around and tried to become friends with me.
Bubbles_: and i replied that my wife only walks into walls on purpose
judi: People make fun of what they don't understand
*** Platinum_ has joined #Disabled
awi: kids make fun of all sorts of things
Bubbles_: only i can imitate my wifes walk .....and get away with it
jrt: how true judi
awi: even someone's name
Bubbles_: :o)
judi: yes, they can be cruel
Laura2: back
HelloKit: The only reason I did know she was doing it was because her sister told me.
Bubbles_: hey plat
Lily: a cane has really helped me, ppl are much nicer - dont run me down, etc.
Platinum_: hi bubbles
judi: My grandaughter told me I was ugly last weekend
Laura2: good, lily
Bubbles_: lol
Laura2: oh no judi
Laura2: sorry
jrt: brb
judi: bloated and bald-what do you expect?
Mooooooo: You should have told her she was wet and then tossed water on her
Bubbles_: did you tell her it was because the wind changed
HelloKit: Oh I never cared if my friends imitated me, I knew they were doing it in fun. I only get angry when someone's doing it to be mean.
Lily: handy for hailing cabs, too
awi: lol moooooo
Laura2: yep, moooo
*** Platinum_ has left #Disabled
Court: how old is your granddaughter, Judi?
Bubbles_: quickie
judi: Lily, I've never tried to use my cart to hail a cab
judi: 7
Laura2: Eryn did that. It was a fine line
Lily: judi, when it grows in a little, ppl think its a fashion statement
Lily: lol
Laura2: true:)
judi: probably so-guess I could spike it
judi: go for purple spikes maybe
Bubbles_: wear a ring in your nose too
*** hanover9 has joined #disabled
Court: She's still young enough. Kids can be mean--I know from lots of experience.
Bubbles_: wb
awi: or magenta ;)
Lily: judi, i can just see u throwing yor cart at a cab:))
judi: true
Laura2: wb hugh
awi: magenta spikes with sparkles :)
jrt: back again:)
Laura2: that's it:)
Laura2: wb jrt
jrt: hi hugh:)
Bubbles_: get that lizzy taylor look
HelloKit: Okay, here's a challenge...
Court: Just talk to her about people who are not 'normal' in the mainstream sense of the word. I have conversations with every little kid that is mean to me.
judi: I am in the process of getting a reclining w/c, any suggestions?
Bubbles_: did you getme lunch
judi: I did
HelloKit: How do you tame uncooperative hair when you can't use a curling iron or blow dryer?
judi: She didn't mean it to be mean
Bubbles_: wear a hat
Bubbles_: gel
jrt: me bubblers??
Court: I know. She didn't realize what she was saying, really.
Bubbles_: yes
Lily: keep it short
Mooooooo: scissors
jrt: bubbles,lol
HelloKit: lol
judi: chemo
Mooooooo: lol
judi: hey, it worked for me
HelloKit: It is just above shoulder length, but my problem is one side curls under (which is what I want) and the other side curls out.
Bubbles_: new look
jrt: well i have a burrito or a frozen hanburger with cheese??
judi: I had a hairdryer once that was on a stand
awi: half a perm?
Court: mine used to do that, too
Bubbles_: the side that curls in drive in a car with the window down
judi: gotta run guys, weather is getting bad again, storms on and off all day
Bubbles_: k
judi: enjoyed and God bless you all
Court: bye, Judi. Have a good one!
HelloKit: Judi, for a chair, if insurance is covering it you might like a Permobil Chairman I think it is... spendy but real comfortable, and it's front-wheel drive so it turns corners great.
Lily: bye, judi:)
awi: take care Judi, hope the chemo continues to work good :)
*** judi has left irc (Leaving)
jrt: bye judi
Court: are we all still here?
Bubbles_: well that topic lasted a while
Bubbles_: next please
* HelloKit yawns.
jrt: lol
Bubbles_: when you yawn do you make a noise
Court: I have to go home soon.
Bubbles_: where are you
awi: has anyone here had medicare and gotten a second insurance, like through a spouse's work or something?
Court: I feel lazy.
Court: I'm at school
HelloKit: Not me awi
jrt: nope sorry awi
Bubbles_: you ARE :O]
Court: yep
Bubbles_: nup
*** turbokev has joined #Disabled
awi: I did. I checked with medicare before signing on, and they said no problem. Now Transamerica (the contracting company for the region I'm in) says I got to fill out all sorts of forms and won't tell me if my benefits could be affected or not.
Bubbles_: my wife is called squeak because that is the noise she makes when she yawns
jrt: HI Turbo:)
Lily: hi turbo:))
Bubbles_: turbo
turbokev: did i miss it
HelloKit: lol
HelloKit: rofl
jrt: sorrty:)
Bubbles_: :o)
Bubbles_: check my sheets:o)
turbokev: Any one use a respirator one her
HelloKit: lol!
turbokev: on here
Bubbles_: on who
Court: No but I use oxygen.
*** ^Raven^ has joined #disabled
Lily: lol bubbles
Bubbles_: water is made up or to parts gin
^Raven^: rere
Bubbles_: oxygin and hydrogin
jrt: wb raven:)
Laura2: hi kevin
Bubbles_: wb
Lily: lo,loraven
Court: Bubbles!
Bubbles_: yes?
Court: :)
Bubbles_: hic'
Court: that must be why I'm always laughing.
Bubbles_: lol
HelloKit: lol
Lily: must go, great meeting carly, bye all:))
turbokev: who are u laura2
jrt: lol
HelloKit: cya Lily
Bubbles_: seeya lily
Laura2: bye lily
Court: bye lily
jrt: bye lily:)
Bubbles_: enjoy the email
Laura2: Laura:)
Bubbles_: seeya in canada
turbokev: bye lilly
*** Lily has left irc (Leaving)
Bubbles_: in 12 weeks
Laura2: been to your links page:)
Bubbles_: i am the missing link
^Raven^: guess..the Martian people's party
*** ChanServ has left irc (Killed (LadyBear (AutoUpdate - 3 hours)))
Court: I believe that, Bubbles! lol
Laura2: lol Bubbles
turbokev: laura who?
Laura2: @:)
jrt: bubbles your secret is out,lol
Bubbles_: the only place i'm missing hair is my heaed
turbokev: links page?
Court: And all this time as an anthropology minor I was just wondering, Bubbles!
HelloKit: Anyone have anything else before I close up shop? :o)
*** ^Raven^ has left #disabled
Laura2: nope carly
*** ChanServ has joined #Disabled
Court: nope
Laura2: and thanks
Bubbles_: well now you know but this is our little secret
Mooooooo: nope, none :o)
Court: ok. I promise.
HelloKit: No secrets Bubbles... we're logging, remember? ;o)
Bubbles_: can i have a drink b4 the shop shuts?
*** dau has joined #Disabled
Court: I won't tell the whole Emory University Anthro department.