Created by and for people with physical disabilities.

Internet Safequards.

Jun 02, 1999

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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Lonewolf: anyone else coming?
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Lonewolf: everyone here now?
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Mooooooo: im insiting riots
Kim^^: here
Lonewolf: lol
camille: here
Lonewolf: ok Hi everyone
Mooooooo: did you start log, judi?
Lonewolf: Tonight we are going to discuss internet safeguards
Lonewolf: yes daniel
Mooooooo: k
Lonewolf: I hope we can do a little role playing also
Lonewolf: Before we start do any of you have anything that particularly worries you?
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Kim^^: ok whj you want me to be huh huh?
Kim^^: o
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Lonewolf: OK we'll start with a question
suze: yes, i have a question
Lonewolf: oh ok
Lonewolf: go on suze
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suze: i know that in the past i was very confused with my lack of technological information
Lonewolf: ok
suze: i wonder if daniel could again explain about the safety of someone being able to
suze: hack or get in ones system and find out who you are
Lonewolf: daniel?
Lily: u on mIRC sue?
Mooooooo: ok
suze: i have been told before that if someone is lurking in a room with ppl
Mooooooo: gimme a sec to formulate my thoughts
In: lw am I allowed 2 say something
suze: and not talking, that they might be
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Lonewolf: yes In
suze: going in your back door so to speak
Mooooooo: ok, suze first....
suze: i've also heard this is not true
Lonewolf: I have heard that also suze
Mooooooo: that is myth... some people are doing many things and once and log the channel so they can read it later
Mooooooo: being in the channel and being silent doesnt make them a threat
Lonewolf: why?
Mooooooo: they cannot hack your system without specific software installed on your computer
Mooooooo: like Back Orafice
Mooooooo: or Netbus
Mooooooo: both of which are trojans/virii
Mooooooo: and as long as you dont download files, you should not get those
suze: how would these software programs get on ones computer, is it possible they are in ones pc without them knowing it?
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Mooooooo: plus, if being silent was bad, I would be Al Capone :o)
Mooooooo: someone might send you a program in email
Mooooooo: or even ICQ
Mooooooo: or DCC file send in IRC
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Kim^^: i b alice?
Mooooooo: even though they might be your best friend, they might not know there is a virus in it
T_J: Netbus can´t work if you´re not installed the right exe.-file by yourself on your computer
Mooooooo: remember how adamant Secrets was about protecting herself?
Mooooooo: and she spread a very bad virus days later
Mooooooo: No, Netbus can be renamed and the user not aware that it has been installed
Lonewolf: I can verify that one
suze: ok, is there anyway to check ones pc to make sure such exe files aren't on harddrive?
Mooooooo: use, update your virus scanner every week
Mooooooo: yes
T_J: Yes, I know.
Mooooooo: check religiously
Lonewolf: I run mine daily
Mooooooo: dont run files sent by email
Lonewolf: and update weekly
Mooooooo: not even from your own mom
Mooooooo: own download files from the author direct
Lily: i delete files, go into explore and delete, is that ok?
Mooooooo: before deleting a program, see if windows will allow you to Uninstall it first
Lily: ok
suze: if i wanted to check my harddrive today, could i do a file find and pull up all my .exe files and check that way?
Mooooooo: it not, then you can delete files. but do not delete anything in the /WINDOWS directory
Lily: ok
Mooooooo: no, because there may be thousands of EXE files on your drive
Mooooooo: you cant tell by looking unless you are very experienced
Mooooooo: and even then its sketchy
suze: so, running the virus program would detect it though?
Lily: ppl send me exe files by email sometimes, and i just delete them, they not solicited
Mooooooo: as long as it is up-to-date, it should
Mooooooo: no guarantees
suze: thank you so much daniel
T_J: If you´re going to delete , that is a better way.
T_J: Like Mooo said, that is.
Mooooooo: you can get a blood test and still have herpes
Lonewolf: In?
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Lonewolf: did u want to say something?
Mooooooo: Marilyn?
In: Daniel already said what I was going 2 say I had a hacker get in my pc by icq
Lonewolf: ok
mom: what's that In?
Kark: Who?
Mooooooo: Yes, ICQ has some bad featues that can cause problems if not set correctly
In: he was in my e-mail ..got ppl's addy's & r still bugging them
Kark: How?
Mooooooo: one feature will automatically run a program right after downloading it
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MsAmazin: you can check your computer at www.mcafee.com
Mooooooo: this is dangerous
In: I had 2 change addy & icq #
Mooooooo: they can send you a virus, you run it without knowing it ever was
Mooooooo: In, thats how you got that virus
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Mooooooo: you ran the program someone sent you
In: I know cause Daniel helped me when I got it
Mooooooo: it gave that person total control of your computer
Lonewolf: ok moving on
suze: i don't have icq, but, did in have to download a file to get that virus?
In: I know that now......it freaked me out
Mooooooo: yes, she did
Lonewolf: you sign up for mIRC and fill out the personal info-is this safe?
Lily: o, good, i dont take files by icq
Mooooooo: depends how you fill it out
Kim^^: only if you tell the truth:)
In: not 2 smart I know
Mooooooo: which I need to address this to marlyn too
Lonewolf: ok
In: what did I do Daniel????
Mooooooo: Marylin, in mIRC you list your real name as Marlyn Wilson.
Mooooooo: your real name
Mooooooo: it would be quite easy to get your home address
Kark: I think I did too
T_J: I don´t register for anything, unless I really must.
Mooooooo: because they know your name and what city
Kark: oh no
In: omg............can I change it
Mooooooo: go into mirc settings and change your name to something else
Mooooooo: then restart mirc
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Mooooooo: its not something inexperienced people notice
Lily: and on ICQ you can just say, N/A
In: do that now or can I do it later
Mooooooo: correct
Kark: looks like I only used Firt name
Mooooooo: later
Lonewolf: interesting because I use my real name on everything but mIRC
Mooooooo: since youre on iirc now
In: thx
In: Daniel
In: why not lil on icq
Lily: question?
Mooooooo: ok
Lily: cos, in, if u look at user info itll reveal everything
Mooooooo: this is very important for children
suze: and adults
Mooooooo: to never give out thier last name or location
In: I gave no info on icq so I should b ok there then shouldn't I
Lily: mooooo, what can you find out from a persons mirc id?
Mooooooo: it depends in many things
Mooooooo: as an example...
Mooooooo: look at my address right now
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T_J: But even if you´re using your own name, the other one checking it, can´t know if you are just making it up.
Mooooooo: Mooooooo is [email protected] * Moooooooo
Mooooooo: you can look up spoiledbrat.com and it will show I am in Phoenix
Mooooooo: also, everyone knows my first name
mom: moooooo, what (for us greenies) is 'mirc'???
Mooooooo: one sec, mom :o)
Mooooooo: once I even gave the streets I was on
Mooooooo: someone could just go looking for a handicapped guy named Daniel near those streets
Mooooooo: and they would find me if they asked a few people
Mooooooo: Also
Lily: wow
In: scary
Mooooooo: with a first and last name, and a city, I can go to yahoo and get your phone number and address
Mooooooo: not always, but many times
suze: is it true that ppl on aol, that our mirc id changes each time we come on? therefore, more difficult to track?
Lily: yikes
Mooooooo: yes, AOL users are virtually impossible to track
Mooooooo: just by address
suze: :)
Mooooooo: but...
MsAmazin: some guy emailed Daniel asking for info about me because he saw me in the Family Album
Mooooooo: AOL users tend to put too much in thier online profiles
Mooooooo: making them easier to find
In: question
In: omg Ms
Mooooooo: Yes, Denise
suze: that's why i have no profile
Mooooooo: I relayed the info to Denise, but I did not give that other person her name or email address
suze: and, also, why i don't want to be in family album, no offense
Mooooooo: I told him I would relay it to her and let her decide to contact him if she wants
Lonewolf: are the child browsers like surf monkey fairly safe?
Mooooooo: I have also received many requests from Leah's home address
Mooooooo: Ive never used a child browser
Kim^^: for or from?
Mooooooo: but my nephew disabled his in 5 mins
Mooooooo: for Leah
Mooooooo: sorry
Lonewolf: surfmonkey has to have supervisor password to do anything
Mooooooo: I have also received many requests FOR Leah's home address
MsAmazin: it got me think'n...but since no info was given, I was ok with it
Lonewolf: In did you havve a question
In: can u just use any stupid name on mirc mooooooo
suze: that's true, and ultimately, it is each of our own decision whether or not to do that
Mooooooo: yes, Marylin
Mooooooo: anything you want
Lonewolf: ok ponder this?
Mooooooo: Mine says Moooooooooooooo
In: do u have 2 give ur addy
Mooooooo: absolutely not
Lonewolf: You know you are safe and practice safe guidelines
on the internet. You are chatting and some asks where you
are from, so you answer. A little later some tourist
attraction in your area is mentioned and you comment on
how close it is to you. Someone later mentions houses versus
apartments and you tell about yours. How much information
have you actually given out?
Mooooooo: you have given out way too much info
Lily: a lot!
Lonewolf: Alison want to explain this?
Lonewolf: She saw this actually happen one day on the channel
T_J: Too much I would say, in that case.
Lonewolf: by a safe chatter
Lily: well, someone could find you so easily
Lily: brb
Lonewolf: she's gonna kill me
Kark: I find this all unsettling
Mooooooo: they narrow you down by specific location
suze: but, if you never give your last name...
Lonewolf: but it was you suze
suze: omg, me??
Lonewolf: yup
suze: i believe you
Lonewolf: you live on the ground floor of an apartment
Lonewolf: I forget the rest
Lonewolf: but it was all in innocent conversation
Lily: back
suze: yes, i know i do that, and it's difficult because i only come in this chat room
Kim^^: all apts have same floor plan and the one over you was robbed
Lonewolf: what do wqe all say when meeting new nics?
suze: and i feel like ppl are my friends
Mooooooo: its even worse when you're obviously disabled
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Kark: I like to chat with people that I have things in common with or that I develope a relationship with. I am to honest to think that way
Mooooooo: people can just ask about the lady in a wheelchair and everyone will volunteer to show him to your apartment
Lonewolf: like where are u from
Mooooooo: Karen, its okay do develop friendships
Mooooooo: but go with your gut instinct
Lonewolf: and when they answer we answer back
Lily: it makes me nervous when someone strts off with an asl check
Lonewolf: asl?
MsAmazin: age/sex/location
Lily: age, sex, location
Lonewolf: oh
Mooooooo: remember, I met my best friend and wife to be on IRC
JenPolGal: i think it's the easiest way to break the ice...
Kim^^: never never answer if a guy asks what are you wearing either:) unless you in the mood of course:)
Lonewolf: true daniel but ya gotta admit we are all pretty open with new people
Lily: and then asks, whats yor dis, are u in a w/c
Lonewolf: I ask because I'm nosey
Mooooooo: age/sex/location first usually means they are young
Lonewolf: lol
Lily: yes moooooo:)
T_J: Well, I
mom: ;-)
JenPolGal: haha well i'm only 18... so there u go moo, you're right...
Kark: I notice that people back away when I try to be concerned or try to find things in common to talk about. It seem like people don't want to be friendly when they are trying to protect themselves
Lonewolf: I'm leery of people saying they aren't disabled just cruising
Mooooooo: when they start querying about amputees, they are usually a devotee
Lonewolf: explain that for new people dan
T_J: don´t leave more info then my first name, city and age in those asl-questions, not too specific.
Lonewolf: Ali I told suze our example was her
camille: there has been devotee's in here
Kim^^: oh yea
Mooooooo: a devotee is someone who likes to hang out with disabled people for the thrill of it
mom: devotee??
suze: i appreciate you telling me that
mom: thnx
Lily: o, i missed that, phone rang
Lonewolf: ur welcome
Mooooooo: but thats not so different from men who like to hang with large breasted blondes
Kark: that sounds to weired
JenPolGal: camille any that still come around?
Mooooooo: both have no class
Kark: lol Mooooooo
Lonewolf: suze I am just as guilty
mom: :-)
Lily: me too, suze, we all are
camille: not that i no of, some will tell u right off they are
Mooooooo: btw, I have met over a dozen people from IRC
suze: yes, it is a delicate balance between wanting to really get to know ppl, delvelop friendships and also protect oneself
MsAmazin: usually, they will msg you privately...right away
Mooooooo: and many more from other ways
JenPolGal: wouldn't they wanna hide something like that tho? telling me right off wouldn't make me want to get to know them any more than if they didn't tell me...
Lily: yup, ive met a few, too
Lonewolf: ok next ponder
Lonewolf: . I've chatted with Daisy for ages, think I'll give her my phone
Lonewolf: >number-what's the harm?
JenPolGal: lonewolf who's daisy? your special someone?
suze: i would suggest that the first time you meet someone, do it in a public place
MsAmazin: that goes for us too Suze
MsAmazin: lol
Kark: Yes
Kark: I have met a few people from the AMC group and always make it in a public place
T_J: I have made great friends on the net too, but only tell personal things when I really trust them, and so far, I haven´t been wrong. Been to irc-parties too
Kark: It turned out well for me too
Kark: :|
Lonewolf: I feel so sorry for chacha. She has had such a rough time since her accident. I'll chat with her on the phone and try to help. All she needs is $50 to see that new doc-I can afford that.
Mooooooo: never send anyone money that you dont know personally
Lonewolf: rock
Kark: I never understood what happens with than netsplit
Kark: T_J I didn't understand the question?
JenPolGal: who i s chacha?
Lonewolf: an example
Mooooooo: I will explain netsplits to all who are interested after the meeting
Mooooooo: remind me
Lonewolf: ok
In: want me 2 repeat lil
mom: k
Lonewolf: yes In
bev: k
suze: not too long ago, i had a weird experience with this situation, someone wanted me to take up a collection to buy a laptop for someone in the hospital
Lily: please, in?
ROCK-: bev and i talk everyday and she nor I have given enough to trace us down with
Lonewolf: did u suze?
suze: NO
Mooooooo: I also want to make something very clear
Kim^^: jami being nice one time went on channel i was regular in and told them i was very ill, they tried to track me in hospital being nice i guess, unwanted though, jami told them info i didn't want calls, or anything else, this was durinbg time justin was raging always and actually trying to kill me so authorities knew this, i was never in hosp under real name so he couldn't find me unguarded, anyway they couldn't find me either so was passed around that i w
In: I gave my # 2 some1 on the channel he called could not shut him up.....will never do that again..........now he knows where I live....hubby was not impressed
Mooooooo: meeting someone on irc is not any more dangerous than a blind date
Kim^^: jerks didn't find me and jami will nevvvvver tell anything anbout me again, i took her jkey to house away
Lonewolf: good point Kim
Lonewolf: OK I was fooled by an old irc aquaintance
ROCK-: mooooooo,how about that guy last night taking a poll,i told him to talk to you and he was steping on his tounge
Lonewolf: we were both in a diff group but she had supposedly lost hubbies check
bev: i didn't fool with him I left
Lily: i agree moo, and ive met many wonderful ppl from here, im just careful is all
Mooooooo: his poll was valid and did not asking anthing dangerous
Kim^^: which? that it is noone's business that my son is psychotic and truly intends to kill his mother some day?
ROCK-: ok
Lonewolf: needed check for food etc
Lonewolf: about info on net Kim
Lonewolf: had whole group ready to send money
Kim^^: ok
Lonewolf: then I started asking questiones etc and she backed down and suddenly found check
Kim^^: jami thought she was being nice
Lonewolf: this is someone I have talked to sincre I first joined disabled
Kim^^: so ppl wouldn't worry
Lonewolf: IC Kim
Lonewolf: scary isn't it?
suze: i think most disabled ppl have some financial problems, so when someone constantly talks about theirs in terms of life or death, etc.. i'm suspicous
mom: very
Kim^^: i was really more mad than scared
bev: so, if I end up in hospital my husband shouldn't tell you since he knows I chat every day?
Lily: me too, suze
Mooooooo: one more thing....
Mooooooo: Do not give your phone number to anyone who is severely depressed
Lonewolf: no bev I don't think that's what Kim meant
Kim^^: no
Mooooooo: unless you really have the background to handle it
bev: I'm just trying to understand
Kim^^: just i'm not gonna tell sorry yall
Lonewolf: absolutely
In: I learnt that the hard way Daniel
Lonewolf: self educated counselors are dangerous
Kim^^: if i don't show up i have puter probs in hosp or dead, so never worry bout me:)
suze: yes, i've had that happen online also
Woz: some so called educated councelors are more dangerous
Lonewolf: I just keep calling you til I know ur ok Kim
Lily: lol
mom: nlol
Lonewolf: woz how do we know they are really educated?
Mooooooo: many people here have my phone number, and all I ask is one thing
Woz: a so called degree
Kim^^: you can judi and tell everyone else
In: 1 question when some1 talks 2 u alot on channel & u thnk he/she is depressed what the heck do u do
Lonewolf: ok kim
Mooooooo: you urge them to get professional help
Lonewolf: mainly listen too In
mom: my son was on 8th floor and was trying to be nice and supportive, and even in that environment where you see these people, he got suckered in.
Lonewolf: sometimes they just want to talk
In: I did that now certain person will not talk 2 me Daniel
Mooooooo: when anyone calls me, please dont ask me about irc stuff
MsAmazin: what's yer # Moooooooo?
mom: ;)
Lonewolf: rofl
ROCK-: lol
In: I did listen judi
Lily: lol, ms
Mooooooo: lol
In: lol
camille: lol
Mooooooo: 867-5309
Lonewolf: DANIEL
MsAmazin: that's Jenny's #
ROCK-: thats bevs line
suze: in, just let it go, don't take on responsibility for others, you did your best
Mooooooo: It's a song!!!
Kim^^: yea and mine is 1800 have fun:)
mom: heaven help the person with that number .... :-))
Lonewolf: oh ok
ROCK-: old one too
suze: that's my phone number, heehe
MsAmazin: hehe...we have 867 in this area
bev: hahha
MsAmazin: whooops
ROCK-: 8679-302 thats the song:)
Lonewolf: . Cyber sex-my wife/husband will never find out-how could they? Why did I
Lonewolf: >get this letter asking for money or he/she will tell my spouse?
Lonewolf: >
Woz: anyoune want my number
ROCK-: no
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Mooooooo: that depends on your beliefs
mom: woz... ;0
Mooooooo: but, ive seen this many times
suze: that never ocurred to me, but, there are so many scammers out there
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Kim^^: woz we alllll got your number baby
MsAmazin: I don't participate in cybernookie...no problem here
ROCK-: already got it woz
Lonewolf: is cyber sex safe??????
mom: lol
ROCK-: omg
Mooooooo: no, its not
camille: roblol
Lonewolf: no subject is taboo rock
Woz: is sex a spectator sport
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suze: abstinance is only safe cyber sex, lol
mom: we saw a neat t-shirt... a dog hmpng a bank safe ... editorial safe sex...
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Lonewolf: Let me say one thing
Mooooooo: shoot
Lonewolf: Cyber sex is stupid, dangerous and rooms can be logged
Mooooooo: yes
Mooooooo: makes excellent blackmail material
Lonewolf: don't play with fire if ya don't wanna get burned
MsAmazin: somehow, that strikes me as very funny
Lonewolf: why ms
MsAmazin: I guess because it isn't a threat to me
mom: somewhere, someone made the comment if you don't want it traced, don't put in in print seems to me that has the same ring to it.
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Lonewolf: exactly mom
suze: yes, this doesn't affect me either, but was something that never ocurred to me
MsAmazin: Ty can read anything I type
Lonewolf: if a nic comes in cruising that's usually what they want
suze: so makes me wonder what else i haven't thought of
Lonewolf: lol suze
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T_J: Wouldn´t have cyber-sex, especially if I had a girlfriend /wife
Lonewolf: i have been in channel and had someone come in and p/c me saying are you m/f?
MsAmazin: that happens often
mom: yeh, you have to have every degree that ever existed to know the right questions to ask...
In: same here 2 me on dis lw
Lonewolf: be careful with this one
Lily: brb
ROCK-: k
suze: me too, but you know, i never give any indication that i'm interested and they never pursue me further
Lonewolf: ok next is a point ali brought up
MsAmazin: I don't accept pvt msg/dcc...unless I've chatted with someone for a loooong time
wacky: now i have had cyber sex w/ my girlfriend
ROCK-: lol
^^shaz^^: :)
Lonewolf: around and watch for them." I've heard this often, and my heart sinks.
ROCK-: you would
Lily: on java, too:)
Lonewolf: Alison sent this in
Lonewolf: and I have seen it also
suze: ewww, i am sure i've done that before, good point
Lonewolf: that teen could be a 50 yr old rapist
suze: not that whole thing
Mooooooo: one more thing
Mooooooo: because I have seen it happen here
suze: but, so and so is a ____
Kim^^: ????
Mooooooo: one of our members was in the hospital
wacky: always take things with a grain of salt I got sucked in once
Mooooooo: people called that hospital
Mooooooo: they could not find him
Mooooooo: and labeled him as a fake
wacky: once was enough
Mooooooo: but he did not give out his real name
Mooooooo: for the same reasons we are talking about tonight
Mooooooo: we lost a good friend here over that
Mooooooo: he wont come back
ROCK-: when I'm in the hospital my daughter always comes here to tell ya'll,is that wrong?
Lonewolf: no rock
Lily: no, rock, is ok
bev: i was wondering that too
ROCK-: you would
Lonewolf: and daniel there was more to it than just calling the hospital
Mooooooo: yes, but those other issues were resolved
bev: because during the summer I am in the hospital alot with my asthma
Mooooooo: this person was very secretive about certain parts of his live
wacky: dan ever been sucked in?
Lonewolf: we'll discuss that later
Mooooooo: and did not want them exposed
Mooooooo: yes Brian, one time I was totally duped by a person
wacky: ok
Mooooooo: other times, I knew what was going on but didnt want to accept it
Mooooooo: but I have also had some great successes
Mooooooo: Laura for one
wacky: (i hate when pll call me brian.... its bri... bri u hear me bri...)
Lonewolf: Daniel could you quickly go ovewr the ignore feature and whois and how to give u the info you need if there is a problem during the day
Mooooooo: and Mimi and I have been the best of friends
Lily: yes, thats the up side
In: :)))))) Daniel
Mooooooo: I have met many others too
Mooooooo: yes, to get info about a person, you type /WHOIS nick
Mooooooo: it shows their info
mom: soap-box daniel?? :-))
In: that does not work on iirc does it Daniel
Mooooooo: yes, In. it does
Mooooooo: type /WHOIS Mooooooo
Lonewolf: The info it gives tells daniel what he needs to solve a problem
Kim^^: i don't see if a family member is on channel telling info to stop worrying why is it necessary to call hosp and talk to nurses and dr bout condition, i am marked no info anyway, why can't they just believe the family member or just lookin for a scandall to start i think
anny1: can also right click on mane to do the same
Lonewolf: so make a note of it
ROCK-: spoied brat
anny1: name
In: thanks
In: Daniel
Mooooooo: mine says this....
Mooooooo: Mooooooo is [email protected] * Moooooooo
Mooooooo: Mooooooo on @#opers @#disabled-rt @#Disabled
Mooooooo: Mooooooo using irc.aye.net Aye Net's own New Net server
Mooooooo: Mooooooo has an overinflated sense of self-importance (is an IRCop)
Mooooooo: Mooooooo has been idle 2hrs 17mins 34secs, signed on Wed Jun 02 18:16:51
suze: kim, we on the channel need to respect each others privacy, and not go to far in our sense of concern for others
wacky: Mooooooo does have an overinflated sense of self-importance (is an IRCop)
Mooooooo: it tells my address, what channels im in, and what server im on
Lonewolf: so see its not just his name
wacky: but info can be messed w/
T_J: Or you could just click on the name with left mousebutton and choose either WHOIS or UCentral.
Lonewolf: disabled is logged continually
Mooooooo: yes, #disabled is logged 24 hours a day
Mooooooo: I keep logs for 2 days
Kim^^: true suze and i even know i'm wierd cuz i don't like ppl knowing i feel bad but it is me
Lonewolf: for bad problems you need to copy the info and inform daniel or one of the ops
Kark: I would welcome the support but I might be scared too
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anny1: the deal seems to be that in this quiet world infront of our puters it seems less dangerous than the real world but is ever bit as dangerous as far as interactions and safety
Lonewolf: yes in some ways anny-but you don't have to get dressed up to have a nice conversation either
Mooooooo: also, if you do finally give out your email address or phone number, do it privately
ROCK-: if someone comes in that I never heard of,can I whois them?
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Mooooooo: yes
ROCK-: ok
Mooooooo: you can whois anyone on irc
Lonewolf: you can whois anyone rock
Mooooooo: even if they are not in the channel
Lonewolf: lol
anny1: hehe
suze: i never open email from anyone i don't know
Kark: I feel bad for the person in the hospital
mom: and is probably more dangerous because we get lulled into a sense of secure / safe
mom: space
Mooooooo: suze, it is safe to open ANY email
Lonewolf: ummmmmmmmmmm
Mooooooo: just dont run programs sent in email
suze: i know, i just don't waste my time
Lonewolf: I don't think the net is MORE dangerous
^^shaz^^: hmm, all i can say is not to give out too much info on yourself unless u know that person well....
Lily: brb
mom: shoot, there are some sent e-mail that i haven't figured out HOW TO OPEN!!! lol
suze: even so shaz, u don't really know them
Lonewolf: just don't let ur defenses down toooooo much
suze: have to keep that in mine
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Mooooooo: you just have to follow gut instinct
In: true judi
Kim^^: i sometimes have seizures online, i know it scares yall but the only way for me to guarantee it never happens is never chat
^^shaz^^: true, suze, yeah we all get sucked in, but hey, thats where we have to learn, its part of ircing....
Lonewolf: there have been a few instances when daniel has reported people to the police
Mooooooo: I would feel comfortable giving my phone number to most here
Mooooooo: and I have even invited Jo here
Lonewolf: what is it daniel-2?
Woz: hehe most?
Mooooooo: Jo and Rick
Kim^^: and their is nothing you can do for me so no sense really gettin upset you just can only ride them out
anny1: member you did just a minute ago daniel
Lily: back
Mooooooo: yes, I have even had people arrested
suze: that's comforting daniel
In: Daniel can I have it so u can teach me more..kidding:)
MsAmazin: arrested for what?
mom: isn't that the truth kim!!
Mooooooo: hacking
MsAmazin: ok
Mooooooo: theft of services
MsAmazin: no murders/stalking?
^^shaz^^: and drugs etc..... ?
Mooooooo: illegal access
Lonewolf: wasn't there another one daniel back last fall-can't remember what it was for
Mooooooo: I also am active in turning in warezers
mom: (the ol' lions, 'n tigers, 'n bears...oh my defense!)
^^shaz^^: good, they are the worst
MsAmazin: what are warezers?
suze: can i mention that 20/20 is on here central time about the dangers of cordless phones
Mooooooo: warezer are people who trade copied (stolen) software over the net
MsAmazin: ok
Woz: ditto ms qyest
Kim^^: yes watching it:)
^^shaz^^: in warez, they sell software, pirating and trade them
Mooooooo: making copies of programs for friends is a federal offence
mom: there used to be a lot on open air stuff when cb's were real popular
Lonewolf: i have a question on that daniel
MsAmazin: I'm not one :)
Mooooooo: ok
Lonewolf: how do these crack code sites stay online?
Mooooooo: they move often
^^shaz^^: yep
Lonewolf: that's illegal as can be
Mooooooo: I shut down sometimes 50 a week
Mooooooo: and they come right back somewhere else
In: quick question 4 Daniel
Lonewolf: good deal-oh that's not good
Mooooooo: any more questions?
Woz: glad to here abt hackers getting busted
Mooooooo: ok, Marylin
^^shaz^^: dan, cant they be reported? who to????
Mooooooo: yes, to the SPA
^^shaz^^: okay how to do that?
Mooooooo: www.bsa.org
Mooooooo: fill out a report form
^^shaz^^: ok, am writing that down, thks
In: I have 2 go am exhausted am going 2 go change info on mirc then re-join will u check 2 c if I did it right please
Mooooooo: ok
In: thanks
In: bye all
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Mooooooo: ok, who wanted to know about netsplits?
Lonewolf: I was ringmaster for a big group for a while and I couldn't believe all the open advertizing for warez sites
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suze: i had no idea what they were until now
bev: me either
mom: me
Mooooooo: ok, let me explain....
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Mooooooo: when you connect to irc, you are not just connecting to one system...
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Mooooooo: you are connected to any one of up to 50 servers
mom: irc???
Mooooooo: all the servers are connected together like branches in a tree
wacky: or more at a time dan
Mooooooo: little ones connect to bigger ones
wacky: i have been on more than one server at a time
Mooooooo: bigger ones to even bigger ones
Mooooooo: when of of the big ones break, all the little ones fall off like leaves
Mooooooo: until someone issues a command to reconnect it
Mooooooo: make sense?
mom: which is whose responsibility or capability?
Mooooooo: yes mom, you are connect to an irc server
Mooooooo: irc is Internet Relay Chat
bev: a little but I still have a hard time with irc
mom: thnx
*** T_J has joined #disabled-rt
Mooooooo: that is the responsibility of an IRCOP
Mooooooo: I am an ircop
Mooooooo: we have more authority than regular users
mom: k ;
Kark: How come I didnt get kicked?
mom: ;)
T_J: How do you become a Ircop?
Lonewolf: great meeting everyone
Woz: dont ask
Woz: hehe
^^shaz^^: :)
Mooooooo: while a toom owner can kick a person from a room, I can kick someone off of chatting completely
mom: hehe
Kark: Yes thanks
Mooooooo: You have to be appointed
Lonewolf: I am stoping the log with thanks to our dear Daniel
Mooooooo: ok
MsAmazin: goood meeting :)
ROCK-: ok
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bev: k
Kark: Mooooooo?
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Mooooooo: yes Karen?
Lily: night all:)