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On the Road Again

May 13, 1998

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

Participants already present:
  Mooooooo ([email protected])
  HelloKit ([email protected])
gregsgg: center for independt living showed up at the oakland office I think becuse grayhound dos not comform to disabled ada rule of transport
HelloKit: Logging is on.
In: Carrie r u there?
Mooooooo: Hello :o)
Lily: hi mooooo
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Carrie: I am here
In: Hi Moooo
gregsgg: they well not install lifts on there buss and claim that it would put them out of bissn.
maggie: hi moooooooo
In: u r quiet carrie
gregsgg: hi mooo
Carrie: I am talking in another mirc and in yahoo and in icq BUSY
Lily: didn't know about it
maggie: what is the topic tonight
HelloKit: driving
maggie: good i need help with that
Mooooooo: awww, you didnt pick my title for the topic
HelloKit: lol
In: Nite everybody, Lily say hi to everyone for me, take care all, ttyl
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Mooooooo: I wanted 'Driving Miss Gimpy'
maggie: nit in
HelloKit: I told you I was gonna use this one :o)
Lily: bye, in, i will:)
gregsgg: so if you go by garyhound some one well lift you on the buus and you are stuck there for the hole trip cant go to the bathroom cant get off to take a brack or eat at a stop many pepole have complained of being hurt when some one who is not qual. lifts them
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HelloKit: Otherwise we would have had the Tracy-types in here picketing...
* Carrie is having a wierd night
maggie: what was daniels topic?
Mooooooo: I wanted 'Driving Miss Gimpy'
maggie: lol
Lily: sort of describes my husband
HelloKit: Are we ready?
Mooooooo: yes ma'am
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Mooooooo: Judi!!!!!! *smoooooooch*
* Carrie needs some help
HelloKit: Kinda empty tonight...
Lily: hi judi:)
judi: Moooooooooooo hugs
HelloKit: Okie, here I go...
Carrie: My sis is drivin me nuttie tonight
judi: Hi all
gregsgg: how bout driving moooo crazy
HelloKit: How many already drive with some kind of adaptation or conversion to your vehicle? What kinds of adaptations do you use?
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* Mooooooo has a big rearview mirror that goes all the
judi: Judi doesn't drive anymore:(
Lily: i don't drive, never will:((
Mooooooo: my sis needs one too
judi: How does that help, Moooooo?
Mooooooo: i had a spinal fusion so i cant turn my neck very far
Mooooooo: so the mirror lets me see everything
judi: ok, I see
Mooooooo: with few blind spots
Lily: ahhh
maggie: can you tell me what the basics a para would need for getting a vehicle..i know a lift and hand controls but what else
HelloKit: Why aren't there more people here? :o(
judi: Carly, do you drive?
*** rosie_ has joined #disabled
HelloKit: not yet
judi: hi rosie
rosie_: hi
gregsgg: hi rosie
Mooooooo: i think that would cover it maggie
Lily: hi rosie:)
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rosie_: hi everyone
Mooooooo: I know that Emilie is para and she just got her license last month
Mooooooo: hi kris and rosie
judi: hi Snowqueen
Lily: hi sq
gregsgg: hi sq
maggie: ok and there better brands for lifts and controls or some that are not any good
SnowQueen: Hi lily :}
SnowQueen: Hi gregsgg
SnowQueen: Hi judi
SnowQueen: hello daniel and HelloKit
judi: I have a lift for my power chair
SnowQueen: I use a hand brake on my car
Mooooooo: hmmm, i don't know. i'll hunt down Emy and ask her
judi: Is that hard to get used to?
SnowQueen: the hand brake ?
maggie: thanks ..looking to but for the first time and have no idea what to get
judi: yup
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SnowQueen: It wasnt for me judi..it gave me my first taste of doing something in a year.. and they have different kinds
judi: It wouldn't help me because my arms are weak too
judi: Lily have you ever driven?
Lily: yes, used to
SnowQueen: they have springs that adjust to the strength judi
judi: that's interesting, what about the accelerator?
judi: Did everyone go to sleep?
Mooooooo: lag
judi: oh
SnowQueen: they have them that are for that but I have enough use of my right foot to use the accelerator
judi: I see-this gives me hope for future driving!!
HelloKit: Were there any companies/businesses you found especially helpful when learning to drive and/or adapting your vehicle, which you would recommend to others?
Mooooooo: i got my license 4 years ago
SnowQueen: Just keep trying judi :}
judi: Probably a stupid question-but where do you go to find out about these things?
Mooooooo: Carly, my school refused to put the mirrors in the drivers ed cars
maggie: not stupid judi...is difficult to find..try iternet
Lily: we get info here at the TO rehab centre
Mooooooo: nobody was helpful back then
SnowQueen: there are places on the net .. but I have a addy for you judi
HelloKit: nice guys :o/
judi: A what?
maggie: here do you find used vans for the disabled...looked in paper calssifieds.not finding anything
judi: Lily, what's a TO rehab center
Mooooooo: hmmm, thats a good question maggie
Lily: the Toronto rehabilitation centre
judi: ok
Mooooooo: i think they would be hard to find because once someone has one, they keep it until it dies
HelloKit: We were contacted by an auto wholesaler recently... he normally only sells to dealerships but said when we were ready he'd be willing to sell us a van wholesale.
SnowQueen: http://www.blvd.com/judson/
SnowQueen: that is where I found mine judi:}
Mooooooo: cool carly
SnowQueen: oops
SnowQueen: can I do that in here ?
judi: Thanks Snowqueen
maggie: sell to who hellokit ..just you or to ppeople on this channel?
*** jrt has joined #disabled
rosie_: hi jrt
judi: hi jrt
SnowQueen: your welcome judi :}
Lily: hi jrt
SnowQueen: hi jrt :}
jrt: heloo everybody, sorry i am late:)
maggie: hi Debbie
HelloKit: to me... I think he got my name from a family friend who is a car salesman.
jrt: hello
gregsgg: hi jrt
HelloKit: Did anyone manage to find a way to save a significant amount of money on the purchase or adaptation of a vehicle? How?
judi: Lily, if you see anything that might help me, let me know
Lily: i could get some info, send it down
Mooooooo: Yeah, I paid cash for mine. Car dealers will kiss butt for cold hard cash
judi: thanks
SnowQueen: some car dealers give you a rebate to pay for accessibility options
gregsgg: Calif doesnt cost me any thing all I do is go to work they pay for it
maggie: in Illinois if you have a drs prescription for a van you don't pay sales tax
jrt: I dont have a car
HelloKit: I've heard that Daniel... if only I ever had a chance of holding $18,000 cash in my hand...
gregsgg: some banks offer low interst loan that are sub. by the us gov
SnowQueen: whats 18,000 dollars ? :}
HelloKit: Oh I'm sure it's just pocket change for some :oP
Lily: lol, sq
SnowQueen: I have maybe $20 in savings :}
SnowQueen: it will by gas :}
SnowQueen: buy
jrt: well thats more than me SQ,lol
judi: Not much
HelloKit: I've often wondered if I could ever manage to become good buddies with Bill Gates...
SnowQueen: lol
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gregsgg: hi pyro
Lily: hi pyro
jrt: no I am going to marry off Sarah to a millionaire,lol
HelloKit: 'Oh by the way Bill, got any spare change? I could sure use a van.
HelloKit: '
judi: Let's see-after the doctor bills, hospital bills, pharmacy bills-----
gregsgg: yep
judi: hi pyro
jrt: Hi Pyro:)
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Lily: hi mrsd
maggie: what is the price range for a van with a lift new
judi: hi mrsd
mrsd81: hi everyone
maggie: hi mrsd
jrt: Hi mrsd81:)
mrsd81: hi
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jrt: Hi krs
gregsgg: hi krs
HelloKit: Has anyone ever encountered a problem being insured as a disabled driver? How was it solved?
Mooooooo: carly, is that $18,000 retail or wholesale?
KRS-1: hi
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Lily: we're talking u.s. dollars here?
judi: so, who told the insurance co-they haven't asked
Mooooooo: i dont know if being disabled will affect your rates
HelloKit: That was just a number... we saw a Pontiac TransSport for around that on sale a few months back and would have bought it if we'd had the money.
mrsd81: it shouldn't, but I imagine it does, they use any excuse to get a few more dollars.
judi: I've had a license since I was 16-can't ever remember being asked about handicap status
HelloKit: But that was just the van, not the equip.
gregsgg: if you are on ssi or ssdi you can start a pass plan for a vic. in five years my doc bought a new van with his friends
mrsd81: All the DMV asks is that yu can read the eye chart.
gregsgg: was $ 34:ooo
maggie: does any one have the minivan made especially for the disabled
gregsgg: yes
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gregsgg: chev
jrt: HI carrie:)
Carrie: Hi :)
maggie: what is a pass plan for a vic?
judi: I have a mini van, we put the lift in ourselves
HelloKit: Greg, once you have the van does it affect the SSI amount? I was told owning anything of value would lower my amount.
gregsgg: you order they send it out to a praivet comp they convert it then deliver
judi: Mine is a Voyager
mrsd81: Shouldn't vans be excluded, you have to have transportation!
judi: Never heard of that either Kit
gregsgg: heres the chach if it is adabted vic. It may be worth over the $2.500 dallors limit
HelloKit: How many are looking into learning to drive and/or adapting a vehicle within the next couple years? Have you found anything helpful so far?
judi: That's not the same as disability is it?
gregsgg: it must be outfidted in some way for a disabled preson
gregsgg: then there is no limit on the cost of the vic
maggie: i am for my brother hello kit within the next two months
judi: SSI, I mean
Lily: waiting for the passenger discussion
gregsgg: it cost so much to have a van outfitted for disabled they dont put a limit on the price
maggie: nothing helpful...rehab didn;t even broach the subject of driving
gregsgg: if you like I can give you the address for this info
mrsd81: Do many of you have to depend on public transportation?
judi: My physical status would have to improve
jrt: well I am thinking about ringing up any driving schools that have courses for advanced drivers so I can get my confidence again
judi: No, just relative transportation
rosie_: thats a good idea jrt
Lily: can't use it either:(
HelloKit: Voc. Rehab. has done nothing for me. They said they would pay for adaptations if I paid for the van, but I have little faith that they'd follow through with that...
judi: I think we are destined to be passengers, Lily
HelloKit: Based on what they've done in other areas...
Lily: like judi, depend on friends and relations
gregsgg: OR is not a very disabled friendly state
HelloKit: I'm starting to discover that...
mrsd81: We have a transport service here, but it is expensive..$2.00 per mile, or the city bus, but it is not as reliable.
jrt: my father in law drives me round at the moment, he also lives with us:)
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SnowQueen: has Voc. Rehab done anything for you Kit? I just went and saw them a few weeks ago
gregsgg: if you can take a buss to work they wont pay for adabtions they dont consider it cost aficive
judi: I live in the country-no public transportation available
Lily: we could write tips on passenger ettiquette, judi:))
judi: This is true, Lily
gregsgg: you have to pick a line of work that will make having a van cost worthy to them
mrsd81: What problems have you encountered Lily?
HelloKit: No, nothing. They even reneged on a promise to pay for a college writing class I took, and when the class was over I found out they had never paid and I got no credit.
Lily: as a passenger, mrsd?
SnowQueen: thats not good Kit.. and our taxes pay for that..
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gregsgg: you dont have a very good worker kit
judi: hi maggie
maggie: sorry got disconnected
gregsgg: wb maggie
maggie: thanks
Lily: cars or trucks that are too short or tall to get into, open sunroofs...
HelloKit: They kept telling me they had sent the money too. First they said they sent it to me and I would hand it over to the school, then a few weeks later they told me they had sent it right to the school.
gregsgg: blonds like sun roofs
HelloKit: Do you have any questions or concerns which someone who is already driving may be able to help you with?
Lily: brb, phone
judi: There are vehicles I can't get into-too short or too tall-like Lily said-I pretty much just travel in my van
judi: My fear is that because of my severely restricted mobility, I'll cause a wreck.
jrt: I just have to get my confidence back
judi: Gotta go guys, fatigue is taking over. So happy to be able to join in the chat again. Love you all.
Lily: bye judi
maggie: bye judi
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jrt: byes Judi Take care:)
mrsd81: Good night judi
HelloKit: I worry about that too judi, but for me it's more because the therapist that did my evaluation was not thorough at all and even made some bad recommendations, and now I really don't know what I need.
gregsgg: bye bye judi
SnowQueen: bye judi :}
Mooooooo: bye judi *hug*
HelloKit: I'm afraid I'll get the wrong setup and not be able to use it.
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SnowQueen: come back again judi :}
SnowQueen: hi kryla :}
kryla: hi SnowQueen
gregsgg: hi kryla
kryla: hi gregsgg
jrt: what about driving ogrinizations,they sometimes have places or people that can help you
maggie: are there people that do consulted to help decide what you need or do you find out thru the network of friends ?
gregsgg: bbl later all din din
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Lily: bye, greg
jrt: orginizations
HelloKit: There are physical therapists who specialize in driving and assistive tech. evaluation.
Lily: long distance call, bbl
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* HelloKit . o O ( And then there are those who are
SnowQueen: Makes you wonder how they got the jobs they are in .;.
jrt: yeah I think sometimes they are in it for the money only
mrsd81: There are many challanges, perhaps some of the therapists are inexperinced.
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HelloKit: This one had been doing it for several years.
HelloKit: Those who already drive, any additional information or advice you can give?
Mooooooo: yep, always look before backing up
HelloKit: lol
mrsd81: What problems do you face finding parking that accomodates vans?
Mooooooo: most do
Mooooooo: minivans fit anywhere
HelloKit: Something I've always wondered...
HelloKit: The access lanes next to disabled parking spaces are wide enough for a lift to be lowered - but does it really leave you much room to actually roll off of the lift?
SnowQueen: learn to protect yourself when you are alone and driving
mrsd81: But if a car parks to closely, sometimes people can't use the lift.
* Carrie must go see you sunday
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jrt: yeah a sirrup iron and leather are good for that, or a steering lock thingy
HelloKit: There are usually no parking zones in between the spaces, mrsd, that's what I was just asking about.
mrsd81: I see.
mrsd81: Once you get to thse store or whereever, do you find decent ramps and doors you can use.
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Lily: rehi
HelloKit: I have never had a problem, but I don't take my wheelchair everywhere, only to big places like the mall, zoo, science museum...
jrt: wb Lily:)
* Mooooooo will be back in 10 mins
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SnowQueen: k
SnowQueen: when they have steep ramps and no handrails is where I have a problem
SnowQueen: but thats not often
Lily: same her
Lily: here
SnowQueen: :)