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Jan 07, 1998

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

Participants already present:
  Mooooooo ([email protected])
  phoenyxx ([email protected])
  HelloKit ([email protected])
* HelloKit is tired and cranky, but will try not to let
Mimi: i despair of ever understanding these thing simon...
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phoenyxx: Mimi: be happy CBC doesn't have shows like that.
Mooooooo: So whats up all?
phoenyxx: and I envy you, I bet you've got SNOW up there! :-)
gregsgg: hi moooo
Mimi: i'm 1 handed at the moment ;o)
Mooooooo: Simon, someone was here the other day
Mimi: i'm in vegas, simon!
Mooooooo: and i wanted him to talk to you
Mooooooo: hi greg
haa: slowing down after busy holidays
phoenyxx: Mimi: forgot about that :-)
Mooooooo: he was asking about disabilities in the media
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Mimi: hi judi! :o)
Mooooooo: hi judi
judi: Hello everyone
phoenyxx: who was it Daniel?
gregsgg: hi judi
HelloKit: Hi Judi
haa: i am 1 handed all the time, mimi
phoenyxx: hello Judi
haa: hi judi
* HelloKit kicks ChanServ in the butt.
Mooooooo: i cant recall his name
Mimi: chanserv: :oPPPPPPP
Mooooooo: but if he asks again, i'll give him your email
HelloKit: AOL Mimi?
phoenyxx: good idea
phoenyxx: AOHell you mean.
Mimi: yeah, carly...
Mimi: mom didnt pay lvdi's bill
HelloKit: heh
Mimi: they cut us off :o)
judi: Are we having a meeting tonight?
Mooooooo: just an open topic tonight Judi :o)
HelloKit: An open topic meeting...
judi: which means?
gregsgg: moooooo what aws in the media ?
Mooooooo: which means we can say whats on our mind :o)
judi: aha
gregsgg: oatmeal
Mooooooo: lol
gregsgg: there I said it
phoenyxx: ask Mimi about my jokes :-)
HelloKit: Nothing on my mind... never is. It doesn't work. :oP
haa: i am guessing we have sent email, judi, i am helen aull
* Mimi never, but never, get's Simons' jokes
judi: Ues, the puter prayer person!!:)
Mooooooo: my computer needs prayer
phoenyxx: Mimi, you do get the jokes about using moving trucks to help encourage ADA compliance :-)
Mimi: my life needs prayer
Mimi: no, Simon :oP
judi: My hands need prayer
gregsgg: moooooo what aboutt the guy and the media?
phoenyxx: Carly- I was going to ask, has anyone from the newsgroup made their way to the mailing list? hoping to avoid the nuclear flaming that I saw over the summer :-)
Mooooooo: thats all i know greg, some guy asked
phoenyxx: I produce a TV show on local cable here in San Antonio, nothing grandiose but it's alot of fun.
phoenyxx: :-)
judi: Does anyone have the after Christams yucko's?
HelloKit: Nope, not yet Simon. If any of that crap starts, I'll have them yanked and blocked from the mailing list so fast they won't know what hit 'em.
phoenyxx: judi- I do- BAD allergy flareup!
Mimi: yes, Judi, I sure do :o)
judi: Christmas, sorry
judi: Anybody got a cure??
Mimi: but beleive it or not I lost not gained weight, so it's not so bad ;o)
judi: How lucky Mimi
Mooooooo: the cure is ....
phoenyxx: good Carly- I can only handle so much discussion about who's parking permits are stolen :-)
Mooooooo: i dunno
HelloKit: heh
judi: Gee thanks Daniel
Mooooooo: but im working on theories
judi: That's better
phoenyxx: I did wake up one morning feeling so bad I thought I saw a raven at the window and I thought I heard 'Don't Fear the Reaper' on the radio :-)
judi: What about you Ha
Mimi: well, Alex gets a lot of my calories so that helps :o)
HelloKit: lol Simon
judi: Way to go Mimi
phoenyxx: Carly- you saw that movie too? :-)
HelloKit: Uh... no, but for some odd reason I got it.
gregsgg: some one called me the other day they are putting togathera class axion law suit against pete wilson for bborrowing fuunds for school diabelys and not paying it back
haa: i have been into email since the list went live
judi: But isn't the list kinda dead right now?
HelloKit: It's literally dead right now :o)
Mooooooo: the list will be back tomorrow
HelloKit: Will be back up tomorrow.
Mooooooo: the admin accidently killed it
judi: Good, I enjoyed it
phoenyxx: brb
haa: today dead, judi
judi: I always seem to have post holiday arthritis flares
Mooooooo: why is that judi?
haa: i did write to the lady doing the book on disabled women
judi: I think I overdo during the holidays, that's my theory anyway
judi: Hey, I did to haa
judi: too, sorry
Mimi: I enjoyed reading your intro, Judi :o)
Mimi: I'm going to do one too, soon
judi: Mimi, you didn't send one
judi: Oh, ok
judi: What about the rest of you guys?
gregsgg: bbl
Mimi: I think it's a great idea, I hope more people do that :o)
HelloKit: Helen and Judy... I'm glad somebody wrote to her... a whole bunch of people wrote back to me instead. :o/
haa: i did one for the book and sent info to a few others
Mimi: bye greg :o)
judi: Bye greg
Mimi: I wrote to a writer wanting to know what a seizure was like
HelloKit: heh, what did you tell her?
Mimi: then people on the epilepsy list got mad at me and told me it was none of his business and that I should have charged him a consultants fee :o(
judi: Oh good grief, some people are never happy
Mimi: some people never are
HelloKit: Oh good grief...
judi: That was good of you to share your experience with others
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Mimi: I really went into detail, now I wish I had kept my letter to give to other curious people
phoenyxx: back
judi: When my son was having seizures, I had people ask me some strange things
Mimi: wb Simon
Mimi: like what?
judi: What does he look like while........How does it feel to see your son like that? etc
phoenyxx: pardon my ignorance, but why is info about epilepsy supposed to be so secret?
Mimi: lol I don't know simon
judi: Since I was working then, a lot of my co-nurses asked if I remained clinically calm, etc
phoenyxx: the more people know about different disabilities, the more accepting they'll be, usually.
Mooooooo: because of our secret milkshake recipe meetings
HelloKit: lol
Mimi: a lot of epileptics deal with shame about the disease...holdover from the days when we were 'posessed by the devil'
judi: My thoughts exactly Simon
Mimi: lol daniel
phoenyxx: judi- the 'secrecy' reminds me of the idiocy on misc.handicap- so much flaming because a couple of people have to share the spotlight with all the other disabled people out there.
phoenyxx: Mimi: what year was this again?
judi: I haven't been there, a newsgroup?
Mimi: what year? uummm, Roman times, the middle ages...
phoenyxx: judi: yeah, there's a newsgroup but it's effectively run by a couple of self-proclaimed moderators.
phoenyxx: who flame legit disabled people as frauds.
Mimi: yes, don't bother judi...all they do is complain about parking ;o)
HelloKit: Yes, Judi... a newsgroup where each person is the only one allowed to be disabled and reap the 'benefits'.
judi: I understand Mimi, everyone, esp kids at school, started treating Andy different
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judi: Glad I haven't been there
phoenyxx: they flamed me- like the space shuttle re-entering the atmosphere!
Mimi: yeah, people get weird for a while when I tell them
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Mimi: !!!!!!!
*** Amber-- has joined #Disabled
judi: Andy had a cyst in the R) temporal lobe and hasn't had a seizure since it was removed
HelloKit: Well, well, well! ChanServ decides to let go of Mimi's crown!
Mimi: *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Mimi
Mooooooo: Amber!!!!!!!!
Mimi: !
Mimi: Amber :o)
phoenyxx: some of the people in the ng literally think that alot of the people in wheelchairs they see are somehow carrying out some massive hoax, assuming everyone is guilty.
judi: hi Amber
phoenyxx: hey amber.
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HelloKit: Hi Amber, Ray
judi: Hi Ray
Amber--: topic?
Mooooooo: hi ray
HelloKit: open, Amber
Ray1: Hi,all.
Mimi: hi Ray
haa: hi
Amber--: hello, weve gotta get togethr?
Mimi: how are ya? :o)
Ray1: Mimi, how's the baby?
Amber--: i love midi karaoke too
Mooooooo: yep, but open topic
Mimi: he's just fine, thanks, Ray :o)
HelloKit: :o)
judi: Oh, I just love being in a chair, it opens you up to close scrutiny from everyone and you get to run into everything and everyone around. Sure is my idea of a great hoax.
HelloKit: lol
Amber--: hey, simle
Amber--: smile
phoenyxx: judi: I know, but it's amazing how some of the meanest people I've ever met have been other disabled people- a small faction that hates the rest of us!
judi: why?
Amber--: gotta question
Mimi: shoot
phoenyxx: I don't know- I've seen it so bad that I got accused because I did wheelies on TV>gt;
phoenyxx: TV.
phoenyxx: go with the quesiton amber
judi: weird, Simon
Mooooooo: okie :o)
Amber--: any advice for a sociology project on disability?
phoenyxx: amber: the future of disability, like the next disabled president :-)
Amber--: you?
Amber--: :)
phoenyxx: well..... :-)
judi: Amber, isn't this 2 nights in a row you've made me use my brain, or was it someone else last night?!!
HelloKit: Hmm... I did a project on disabilities for my psychology class. I covered things like disability humor, etc.
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phoenyxx: Carly: ah the humor, one thing some able-bodied people get REALLY nervous about :-)
HelloKit: hehe
judi: Societies reaction to the disabled?
Dancer: callahoun
phoenyxx: the cartoonist, right?
judi: How about reactions to non-visible handicaps?
Dancer: yes
Dancer: xx
judi: Like epilepsy?
HelloKit: I used a couple Callahan cartoons in my presentation.
haa: that is hard, judi
judi: Or arthritis before it causes physical changes
judi: Even MS
phoenyxx: excellent topic idea judi- I was at a support group meeting where 4 guys sat around commending themselves on having run everyone out of the group who wasn't in a wheelchair.
Ray1: brb
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phoenyxx: pi**ed me off even though I'm in a chair, first and last meeting I went to.
Dancer: im looking 4 something that'll help me and others
judi: People with fibromyalgia
phoenyxx: because to me, a disability, visible or not, is real no matter what it is.
judi: What is your disability Dancer?
HelloKit: Simon, you just brought something to mind...
* HelloKit goes into gripe mode.
judi: Arthritis Today (magazine) has a lot about non-visible handicaps
Mimi: uh oh ;o)
Dancer: cp quad spastic
phoenyxx: oh no! sorry about that carly!
phoenyxx: sorry to hear that Dancer- pardon my bad jokes.
HelloKit: I am getting so sick of all the 'retired citizens' giving me dirty looks for taking the last disabled parking spot, as if I'm the one who doesn't deserve the sticker...
* phoenyxx has the katana ready....
judi: I'm thinking, Dancer
phoenyxx: oh carly you hit it right on the head- same thing happens to me!
* Dancer hugs everone.
haa: i am close to a quad but i can not dance, dancer
* Mimi hugs Amber :o)
judi: Used to happen to me, nit anymore, arthritis has aged me fast
phoenyxx: I saw a pickup truck in a handicapped spot with a handicapped plate, except that the driver was unloading heavy office furniture from it!
* Mooooooo hugs Amber back
HelloKit: And since I don't use a w/c on a regular basis, but my walking is affected, I get looks because it's hard to tell I'm disabled unless you can see my hands.
haa: i hug dancer
Dancer: dancing is an attitude, haa
phoenyxx: hugs to dancer :-)
Dancer: use /me haa
haa: i dance in my mind
judi: Hugs are great, but she needs an idea for her topic!!
HelloKit: lol
Dancer: hellokit e me bout midi kar
judi: Oh haa, you just made me think of running-I run in my mind.
phoenyxx: topic idea- how about universal issues that 'transcend' individual disabilities.
Dancer: like?
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Mimi: brb baby sick
phoenyxx: transportation, social attitudes, accessability and accomodation, etc, and how those things are issues applicable to all disable people to varying degrees.
Dancer: :)
Dancer: cool
haa: how to help others get more comfortable with us like poetry or quotes
judi: He has a point Dancer
Dancer: very good ppoint
phoenyxx: for example, I'm in a chair and obviously I'm concerned about parking, transportation, and being able to get around, but that doesn't make me less understanding about the things I might not need but someone else might.
phoenyxx: if that makes sense.
Dancer: true
phoenyxx: some people get so obsessed with things being 'only for handicapped people' that they end up exluding alot of people that need those things!
phoenyxx: excluding I mean.
Mimi: ok, I'm back
Dancer: im thinking of peer relationships
phoenyxx: now that's a good topic :-)
Dancer: or something
Mimi: yeah, one guy complained because my 94 yr old grandmother who uses a walker has a parking sticker
phoenyxx: peers as in disabled among other disabled or disabled among non-disabled.
Dancer: like both?
phoenyxx: even better :-)
* HelloKit takes off behind her privacy screen... :o)
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Mooooooo: brb, not feeling well, need food
phoenyxx: Mimi: back in October when I saw 'Starship Troopers' with my mom I used my mirror tag, only to find the sidewalk blocked by the massive rear bumper of a Chevy Suburban because the owner had parked it in the space so that
phoenyxx: the back end of it extended over the curb and over the sidewalk. and it had a handicapped plate on it!
judi: I liked your idea too,haa. The general public has trouble being comfortable with us
Mimi: LOL Simon if you went to see 'Starship Troopers' , you deserved it
Dancer: has an1 ever tried
phoenyxx: Mimi: the point is, I was using my permit tag legally and still had trouble getting in, and what was wrong with the movie?
phoenyxx: judi: the general public had better get used to us.
phoenyxx: :-)
Mimi: I got your point...I was joking, because it was the worst movie inthe history of cinema
Dancer: non platonic rel. as a projet?
judi: Used to and comfortable are 2 different things
Dancer: lol
Mimi: usually those projects fail for me Amber :o)
phoenyxx: no Mimi that would be 'Waterworld' :-) or as I call it, 'Like Road Warrior only with boats'. :-)
Dancer: ummmmm
Mimi: I'm trying to salvage one of those projects at the moment, actually
Mimi: I totally disagree Simon
Mimi: at least Waterworld wasn't so cornball
phoenyxx: Dancer: I don't have a girlfriend but I've become good friends with a couple of women, and the chair is no big deal, in fact they assure me my chances at finding a girlfriend are good :-)
Dancer: trying to keep 1 alive despite odds
Dancer: ahem
phoenyxx: Mimi: but 'Starship Troopers' wasn't someone's personal film project :-)
Dancer: new topic
phoenyxx: pardon me for making light of things Dancer.
Dancer: sok
phoenyxx: I was only trying to help, I promise.
Dancer: i know
Mimi: yes...well I haven't been in quite that situation but I have a couple of things to say about that...
Mimi: 1) Love conquers all
Mimi: 2) His will, will be done
*** LitterBox is now known as HelloKit
* HelloKit returns, looking much more comfortable.
Mimi: wb Carly :o)
Dancer: true
judi: Amen, Mimi
Mimi: :o)
* phoenyxx agrees with Mimi :-)
haa: his will will not be done at my house, mimi
phoenyxx: ?
judi: ?
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Dancer: not a Christian, haa?
Dancer: sok
haa: if i love him that does not mean i must do what he tells me to
Mimi: Haa 'his' = Jesus
judi: Husband or God?
phoenyxx: time for me to go, see you all later, and happy new year :-)
Mimi: 2) His will, will be done = god's will will be done
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Dancer: new topic