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Politically Correct?

Jan 21, 1998

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

Participants already present:
  Mimi ([email protected])
  Mooooooo ([email protected])
  jrt ([email protected])
  Countrybo ([email protected])
  phoenyxx ([email protected])
  HelloKit ([email protected])
phoenyxx: judi- good one! I now need to find something that can hold more, if you know what I mean, in case I run across another locked bathroom!
jrt: now we have to be serious here you know:)
* Countrybo wants to know is it me or has anyone ever
judi: Uh oh, are the handicap ever politically correct?
phoenyxx: judi- I'm not! :-)
Raven_: jewl mimi
Countrybo: well just run for office lol
judi: I know that phoenyxx
Mooooooo: for the record
* Mooooooo is a single 34 year old Politically Incorrect
judi: Lol
Raven_: ADA has relaxed IMO
HelloKit: Okay... I think I'm ready, how about the rest of us?
judi: Lol lol lol
phoenyxx: Raven- problem I see with ADA is that the wrong people get to use it.
Mooooooo: ready :o)
Countrybo: wow
jrt: I suppose:)
judi: Ready as ever
Raven_: i agree
tractor: ready
HelloKit: What are some examples of political correctness (i.e. terms, actions)?
Countrybo: is that anything like a left over hippie type christian redneck?
phoenyxx: examples I've seen- people getting really uptight when one of us tries to be funny!
tractor: lol
judi: In what context?
Mooooooo: smug people using the word 'physically challenged'
jrt: not calling aborignees, 'abbo's'...
phoenyxx: right on the mark daniel!
HelloKit: heh
Raven_: being non'offenseive to anyone...a pipedream
Mimi: now you supposedly have to say 'people with epilepsy' instead of 'epileptics' :oP
phoenyxx: not calling able bodied 'spawns of Satan' :-)
Countrybo: hehe its a challenge to refrain from physically smakin the smug ones lol
judi: Physically challenged wow
* Mimi wonders what the hell the difference is
HelloKit: Ooh Mimi... big difference!
Mooooooo: practicers of epilepticion
Mimi: lol
HelloKit: lol
phoenyxx: to me disabled sounds a bit harsh but I prefer honestly over euphemism...euphemisms don't make the condition go away.
Mooooooo: im proud to be....
*** Mooooooo is now known as GimpCow
HelloKit: lol
Mimi: lol
jrt: lol
tractor: lol
*** HelloKit is now known as GimpKitty
GimpKitty: ;o)
*** Mimi is now known as Epileptic
phoenyxx: take a page from Brave New World....'Epsilon and proud of it!' :-)
GimpKitty: rofl
Epileptic: oops, that was suypposed to be 'Epileptica'
*** Epileptic is now known as Mimi
Mimi: too long, oh well
*** GimpKitty is now known as HelloKit
*** GimpCow is now known as HandiCow
jrt: ?me is known as the blind leading the blind...
tractor: lol
judi: How about just Gimp Group
tractor: kewl
tractor: gimpsters
HandiCow: lol
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Countrybo: Welcome to #disabled ChanServ!
judi: Mimi, when I. taught diabetes education we were encouraged not to say diabetics
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phoenyxx: everyone using the term gimp brings up another question....no one likes to hear slurs or derogatory terminology, but what do you all think of other disabled people using
phoenyxx: terms like 'crip' and 'gimp'?
Mimi: why, Judi?
Countrybo: how about free wheelers?
HelloKit: Doesn't bother me at all, Simon.
HandiCow: I like it :o)
judi: Because they were supposed to be people not a condition
tractor: meeither
phoenyxx: I hear a Judas Priest song coming on....'FREEWHEEL BURNIN'! :-)
Countrybo: lol
Mimi: that's what the epileptics...oh, sorry, PWE's say, too
judi: We called them people with diabetes
Mimi: bah
HelloKit: Judi: Yeah but does that make it bad to call someone a blonde or a brunette, or a female or male?
judi: I thought it was ridiculous
judi: No kidding
phoenyxx: one time someone joked with me about what street gang I'd join....think about it :-)
* HelloKit is a person of female gender. :oP
judi: That came from the American diabetes Association
Mimi: as long as you don't go around saying 'hello, nice to meet you I'm epileptic' I dont see a problem...semantics
* HandiCow is vaginally impaired
Raven_: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...Tina?
HelloKit: rofl
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Countrybo: Welcome to #disabled jrt_1!
Mimi: lol
HelloKit: How many usually follow the unwritten rules of political correctness?
Countrybo: most men are lol
jrt_1: I got disconnected:(
judi: I guess I am not suppose to be an arthritic ether
HelloKit: 'Not I,' said the cat. :o)
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Countrybo: only polititians
jrt_1: sometimes:)
phoenyxx: Carly- I don't. I don't need rules to tell me to accept other people's differences..just common sense and 'right' to me.
Raven_: mem r? lol
Mimi: well, since my cousin who's in a chair jumped down my throat for using the word handicapped, I always say disabled now
HandiCow: only gimp wimps follow political correctness
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Countrybo: Welcome to #disabled Hillbilly!
judi: Wonder who came up with political correctness?
Countrybo: i think its silly
Hillbilly: hey country
HandiCow: Liberals
HelloKit: Well, that is one thing that gets to me too, Mimi... for some reason I don't like the word 'handicapped' either.
tractor: im tired of heearing the term
Mimi: hey hillbilly
Countrybo: a rose by any other name would still smell sweet
tractor: its to preppy
HelloKit: I say, handicaps are for bowlers and golfers.
Hillbilly: hi mimi how is that kid
phoenyxx: what irritates me are the disability support people I've met that get SO DAMNED SERIOUS about everything.
Countrybo: lol true
tractor: lol kit
judi: My husband calls handicap parking places afflicted spots
Mimi: he's great hillbilly thanks :o)
HandiCow: lol
jrt_1: yeah makes people sound like thay are race horse<g>
HelloKit: lol
Countrybo: yall need to lighten up what difference does it make what they call us aslong as it aint late for dinner or late on a payment?
*** HandiCow is now known as Mooooooo
HelloKit: Judi: Chris just calls them the 'cool spots'. :o)
phoenyxx: the thing is though, if someone uses the term handicapped and they really didn't mean anything by it, I'll politely ask them to say disabled instead.
*** Ray-1 has joined #disabled
Countrybo: Welcome to #disabled Ray-1!
jrt_1: Hi ray:)
Countrybo: why?
phoenyxx: rather than preach political correctness just for a simple mistake.
Countrybo: what difference does it make?
judi: Handicapped, disabled, Gimp, who cares?
Countrybo: right on judi
Ray-1: Hi, all.
tractor: really judi
* BuBbAGump ask what is politically correct for a person
Hillbilly: hi ray
tractor: hey ray
HelloKit: Well, personally, I prefer gimp ;o)
judi: Hi Ray
phoenyxx: in the future they will call us 'those to cower in fear of' :-)
HelloKit: lol
Mooooooo: lol
judi: Most call me Mom or grandma
HelloKit: Do you believe political correctness to be important?
jrt_1: but what I find annoying is when you don't have a disablity that can be seen, nobody believes you the first time you tell them
Countrybo: the terminology used wont make you un disabled or more disabled it dont mean a thing unl;ess you personal pshyche allows that and tyhats a personal problem then not a worldly one
Raven_: no..opinions r important
phoenyxx: carly: not me. I mean how does simply using 'nicer' and more vague terminology magically make things better?
* HelloKit agrees.
Mooooooo: I equate political correctness with a yeast infection. Both can be cured with a little effort
Mimi: I think it's important not to offend people who may be offended
Countrybo: lool mooo
jrt_1: sometimes
HelloKit: lol Daniel
phoenyxx: right on the mark countrybo
judi: I used to have that problem J. R. T.
BuBbAGump: I sometimes use a chair, because i want to build wheelchairs and I want to understand my product better. I like using it, but I do it so I can help the disabled. Does that classify me as a wannabe. No so therefore what is the PC way to call me?
jrt_1: cows are bummed:)
Countrybo: a wheel chair mechanic lol
phoenyxx: uh, I'm for real and have been called a wannabe.
BuBbAGump: LOL
Countrybo: wheel chair test pilot?
Raven_: a wannabe??
tractor: be what?
Mooooooo: 'shouldbe' ???
tractor: ?????
tractor: could be
HelloKit: I like that, Countrybo... lol
tractor: ??
Hillbilly: phoenyxx u in chair
BuBbAGump: Looks like I got everyone 2 thinkin!
Mimi: lol
phoenyxx: yes hillbilly
Hillbilly: me to
Hillbilly: 2 years
* Countrybo takes bubba aside and says that thing needs
phoenyxx: bubbagump- my term for non-disabled using a chair: poser or infiltrator....
phoenyxx: :-)
* BuBbAGump ask Countrybo what is he talking bout?
*** here has joined #Disabled
Countrybo: Welcome to #Disabled here!
Raven_: batteries r slow..i need at least 10
judi: phoenyxx, do you ever talk on ICQ?
* Countrybo wants a 440 hemi dual quad 4 on the floor
* phoenyxx got into a huge tirade about wannabe's a while
jrt_1: Hi here:)
phoenyxx: judi: no I haven't but I've heard about it.
phoenyxx: mimi: what?
phoenyxx: countrybo: you just described one of my dream cars :-)
Raven_: they exist pheonnyxx?
Countrybo: lol
* BuBbAGump ask Phoenyxx, they may be true 2 a point, but
tractor: www.icq.com 4 those interested
tractor: iys good
* Countrybo is from the days of muscle cars
HelloKit: Do you think there is a happy medium between politcal correctness and political incorrectness?
phoenyxx: Dodge 440 Charger- seen in Mad Max :-)
BuBbAGump: I bet......LOL
judi: My daughter in law talked to someone last night that worked in public TV shows that sounded like you
Raven_: no
Countrybo: no you are right bubba and i think i speak for all the disabled here when I say I appreciate you helping us
jrt_1: give me mad max's car...yeah...
jrt_1: yes:)
judi: B. R. B.
phoenyxx: bubbagump: pardon the hard line....just that I've gotten way too much flak about using a chair, and my condition is legit.
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BuBbAGump: I will work on it. I aminly want to seel chairs. I basically probally know the most about wheelchairs then any kid in the world. You name a chair or a chair comapany, I can tell you aout it or vive versa
Countrybo: wow
* phoenyxx uses a Quickie GPV
BuBbAGump: Phoenyxx, Thats ok. Don't judge my book by it's cover and I will do the same
*** search_un has joined #Disabled
Hillbilly: nitro e&j
judi: judi uses a power chair
phoenyxx: thanks bubbagump...I am guilty of making the whole 'wannabe' issue into a bigger deal than it really is.
tractor: hi search
Mimi: <HelloKit> Do you think there is a happy medium between politcal correctness and political incorrectness?
Countrybo: Welcome to #Disabled search_un!
* Countrybo thinks its great bubba ya gotta test them and
jrt_1: Hi search:)
Ray-1: This may be a minority view-- but whatever we call ourselves, it still seems like an uphill climb to get jobs or dates or respect or whatever it is we really want.
phoenyxx: I can find a happy medium between the two.
phoenyxx: ray-1- hit it right on the head.
BuBbAGump: Phoenyxx. That quickie GPV is a take off of the orginal GP by quickie. The only difference is that the foot rest is a sleek v for better manuverability
jrt_1: true...
Mimi: yes, Carly, I think there is...we can't be overly sensitive about things but also have to take others' feelings into consideration
judi: Kit, I think the whole concept is silly
tractor: thats right ray amen bro
* Mooooooo is in love with a gimpette so dont have to
phoenyxx: bubbagump- definitely very manueverable.
HelloKit: :o)
Raven_: quickie p300 here
Ray-1: stop bragging, Mooooooo.
tractor: lol moooooooooooooo
jrt_1: :)
Mooooooo: /:o)
tractor: yeah mooooo im jealous
tractor: lol
BuBbAGump: Thats right countrybo. I am now trying to learn the things that apra's first go though when they start rehab. Transfers and all the wheelys known to man....LOL
judi: But, it seems to be part of today society
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* Countrybo has a wheel chair and i was afraid to do
phoenyxx: again to everyone, sorry about the snide wannabe remark, just that the bs I got on the ng still sticks with me.
tractor: ng????
phoenyxx: I do wheelies all the time, it's what got me banned from the community college's Disabled Student Servies office.
HelloKit: I don't even have enough arm strength to wheel my chair, let alone do wheelies!
BuBbAGump: The quickie p300 is one of the nicest power chairs quickie makes. It is very sllek in style and one of the fastest brand ame power chairs!!!
phoenyxx: sorry carly.
*** search_un has joined #Disabled
Countrybo: Welcome to #Disabled search_un!
* Countrybo wonders why the darned things cost so much i
judi: Political correctness is very much a problem right now, makes one scared to say the wrong thing.
* Mimi can do good wheelies :o)
phoenyxx: quickie does a great job of making a chair look better than just a piece of industrial gear :-)
Raven_: heavy....................
Hillbilly: i live in hills and wheelies is the only way i can get around
jrt_1: I know how you feel judi...
Countrybo: and i am a retired? engineer and know damned well it dont cost 1500 to build a chair with wheels
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BuBbAGump: Countrybo....That si another thing I am pushing for. If I learn what I need then I am going to in my spare time make a nice rigid frame affordable chair for those who cannnot afford the brandname!!!!!
HelloKit: This question has probably pretty much already been covered, but...
HelloKit: Does it bother you when people use PC terms to describe you and/or your disability, or do you prefer that they do?
Countrybo: and i think if they wanna charge so much then lets build them out of more composite maintanence free materials
judi: Like physically challenged?
phoenyxx: ...do you all think that political correctness is what breeds some of the infighting within the disabled community? most flak I've gotten is from other disabled people pissed off that I have a life outside
jrt_1: I hate it...
phoenyxx: of my condition.
Countrybo: and give the powered ones more power
phoenyxx: it offends me carly.
Countrybo: so they can climb hills
Mimi: I think it's ineffecient to call me a 'person with epilepsy' when they can save 3 syllables and say 'epileptic'
Countrybo: Welcome to #Disabled search_un!
HelloKit: Good point, Mimi.
Raven_: i feel the www is a perfect place, because we have imput and opinions
jrt_1: yes Mimi:)
Mimi: it's like, I KNOW I have epilepsy, so who cares what you call it?
* phoenyxx has found several angelic websites on the www
phoenyxx: excellent point Mimi :-)
jrt_1: and nobody can judge us until we say we are disabled
Raven_: the rig?
Countrybo: amen mimi
Raven_: ring
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BuBbAGump: I would rather people say that boy can't breathe right then to say asthma. When I was young I couldn't say it. It creates a feeling The word does I mean.
Hillbilly: hi search
*** judi has joined #Disabled
Countrybo: Welcome to #Disabled judi!
HelloKit: wb Judi
Ray-1: Maybe it's my age, but having cerebral palsy, I wouldn't mind being called a 'CP'.
Countrybo: well gee does it make any diff if i say i got bad legs or am a gimp or have md?
judi: guess I took a vacation!
Mimi: wb judi :o)
HelloKit: Mooooooo, would you like your crown back?
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judi: Got knocked off line again
jrt_1: yes well I know, when I could hardly see, peolpe would look at me strange like I was illiterate or something
jrt_1: cause I had to use a maginfing glass too read
jrt_1: and get my then 4yo daughter to help me do the shoipping
phoenyxx: it might sound weird but I get the most aggravation when I'm trying to get info or help on incontinence (uh, for a friend, yeah that's it!) and the people that know
phoenyxx: about it try to gloss over it.
Countrybo: lol
*** PimpC has joined #disabled
Countrybo: Welcome to #disabled PimpC!
Mimi: simon :o)
tractor: lol phoenyxx
Mimi: hey scott :o)
phoenyxx: like it goes away if we ignore it....really irritating when I'm looking for products...for a friend....yeah...
phoenyxx: :-)
*** PimpC has left #disabled
*** Hillbilly has joined #disabled
tractor: lol
jrt_1: has it all gone quiet or am I lagging?
Countrybo: Welcome to #disabled Hillbilly!
HelloKit: Would anyone like to add anything else?
phoenyxx: I mean, I get shy about it (ok it's me I'm talking about :-) ) but I get more nervous when someone tries to act too casual about it.
Mimi: wb hillbilly
tractor: quiet
Hillbilly: thanks
phoenyxx: especially irritating when I've been chided for what I call the products I use for protection.
tractor: zzzzzzzzzzz
Countrybo: hey phoenix no one likes to admit having inco tinence lol hell i amd healthy in that dept. but have dribbled her and there onmy way to the bahroom because i get there more slowly now lol
tractor: ssshhhh
Mooooooo: nope
Countrybo: ssssh?
tractor: be vewy vewy quiet im huntin wabbits
HelloKit: lol
*** BuBbAGump has joined #disabled
Countrybo: Welcome to #disabled BuBbAGump!
BuBbAGump: Hate it when that happens
BuBbAGump: I think I made a good point b4 I left, but I don't emember it........LOL
BuBbAGump: Goodbye