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Pressure Sores and other Irritations.

May 19, 1999

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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Mooooooo: ok
Mooooooo: started
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Lily: i just got a message from judi...........
Lily: she cant get into IRC
Mooooooo: tell her to try another server
Lily: so.........bear with m , and i'll post questions
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Kark: can you change servers?
lonewolfb: ni
Mooooooo: there are 40 other servers to use
lonewolfb: hi
Kark: Hi
Lily: oh, here she is:)
lonewolfb: had to use java
Mooooooo: why?
lonewolfb: been trying irc for 15 min
Lily: try other servers?
Mooooooo: what server?
lonewolfb: can't get logged onto irc
Kark: I didn't know I could use another if I had a problem
lonewolfb: I tried a bunch of servers
lonewolfb: anyway
Mooooooo: yes karen, there are over 40 servers
lonewolfb: sory I am late
lonewolfb: Everyone ready?
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Lily: np
Lily: yup:)
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lonewolfb: Tonight we are going to discuss pressure sorees
lonewolfb: I would like to try no rules if everyone is patient with slow typers
MsAmazin: <---is patient
lonewolfb: Pressure sores occur when the blood supply is cut off to a certain area
lonewolfb: example being you are lying in bed and become uncomfortable so you turn over
lonewolfb: with reduced feeling you don't realize that the area is uncomfortable
lonewolfb: when patients are unable to tuen -they need to be turned every two hours
lonewolfb: to prevent lack of adequate blood supply
lonewolfb: so now we have the problem of the patient who cannot turn at all and doesn't feel
lonewolfb: the skin begins to breakdown and a sore that is difficult to heal results
lonewolfb: Treatment can be frustrating and involved
lonewolfb: if the area becomes infected it can spread to the blood stream
lonewolfb: death can even result from sepsis
lonewolfb: so have any of you ever had a pressure sore?
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lonewolfb: hello??
Kim^^: hi
lonewolfb: can u guys see me?
camille: here
MsAmazin: I get pressure sores from my leg braces
Mooooooo: yes
Lily: yes
jennie: Here
Lily: were spellbound
eve: yes
Kim^^: i see you but never had a pressure sore
lonewolfb: ok MS how serious do they get?
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MsAmazin: when I was working..standing for 8-10 hrs without moving around much
lonewolfb: The key is prevention
Kim^^: have been septic that is deadly:(
lonewolfb: yes it is kim
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lonewolfb: that would do it ms
MsAmazin: it didn't get infected..but was very large and deep
lonewolfb: are they hard to clear up?
Kark: Why are they hard to heal?
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MsAmazin: I had to stop wearing my braces for 6 mos and have whirlpool treatmenst
lonewolfb: lack of adequate blood supply
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lonewolfb: what do you do to prevent them?
MsAmazin: I have one now, but is just starting
MsAmazin: I have been going without my braces
lonewolfb: oh my
lonewolfb: yes that removes the irritant
lonewolfb: cam?
camille: i dad them on my heels
eve: i have had some
lonewolfb: haven't you dealt with this
camille: yes
lonewolfb: eve what treatment did you use?
lonewolfb: why don't you guys tell the others what it feels like and how they were treated
eve: carrington wound gell
intrepid-: and if severe enough, they can lead to the skin being so broken down that bones are exposed, which happened to ppl I knew in junior high/high school
camille: i put too much weight on my lap so it causehte heel bone to cut through
MsAmazin: I can't feel that area
lonewolfb: that's a new one on me
jennie: I'm trying to prevent them on my Uncle's rear - he's a paraplegic in a rehab center. I need help from someone who has had to lie in bed for a time. He can feel the pain from the pressure points.
camille: well when in chair and no shoes will happen
lonewolfb: yes cam and you all are describing different ways that the blood supply can be cut off
MsAmazin: I got one on my hip while in rehab hospital also
lonewolfb: lack of being turned?
MsAmazin: yes
MsAmazin: and no one would listen
MsAmazin: THAT one I could feel
lonewolfb: your skin is called your first line of defense against infection
camille: have to keep dry and off pressure point
eve: i keep the area clean and as prevention i use proshield plus, and if that doesn't work then oi use carrington on a dressing if it's an open wound.
lonewolfb: how did they treat it ms?
MsAmazin: they put some kind of gell dressing on it
jennie: They turn him often, but he's still in pain. Do air mattresses help?
MsAmazin: by that time I was able to move around again
lonewolfb: one treeatment is a barrior type dressing such as duoderm
MsAmazin: I had a gell mattress...it was very good
lonewolfb: yes jennie
lonewolfb: air mattresses are a big help
camille: the old way was salene water and heat lamp
jennie: Thanks, I'm getting desperate - he's not eating and withdrawing from us.
lonewolfb: they alternate the air so that pressure in one spot is not constant
Mooooooo: i use a foam pad
lonewolfb: yes cam I remember those days
camille: it worked
lonewolfb: foam pads are good too-keeps pressure off the area
MsAmazin: foam pads didn't work for me
lonewolfb: even egg crate mattresses can help
MsAmazin: dunno why
anny1: my dad had an air mattress that was very helpful,increased and decreased the presure slowly
lonewolfb: I have removed a foam pad and had the patient's skin come off with it
jennie: Foam pads and egg crates haven't helped him.
camille: just make sure is a thick pad between person and the mattress
lonewolfb: no jennie in a paralyzed patient air mattresses are best
MsAmazin: the gell (jell?) mattress was great...and comfy too
lonewolfb: explain cam
lonewolfb: keeping the area moisture free is important also
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Diablo1: hello all
camille: just a sheet is too thin as your boby sweats so need thick pad
lonewolfb: big prob with incontinence
camille: kepp yourself dry
lonewolfb: hi diablo
lonewolfb: right cam
Diablo1: so what's topic
Diablo1: never mind
lonewolfb: pressure sores
Lily: tonight's topic is : Pressure Sores and Other Irritations
MsAmazin: I have a friend who had a sore so bad...was hospitalized for about 6 mos
lonewolfb: ok-here's an example you guys tewll me what should be done
camille: never set directly on a chuck pad either
Kark: I heard aboud a matress that has rotors in it that move so the pressure isn't in the same spot all the time
lonewolfb: right and that's one hospitals are bad about
jennie: what's a chuck pad?
lonewolfb: paraplegic or quad stays in wheel chair most of day
camille: a pad like a pamper
jennie: Thanks, cam.
intrepid-: moisture free is hard with spasticity and contracture, I can heal pressure sores well because my sensation isn't impaired, but I do get rashes from moisture and small wounds that do not heal well because of lack of circulation
camille: all day lonewolf
lonewolfb: develops pressure sore on tail bone
lonewolfb: good point laura
lonewolfb: yes cam
lonewolfb: what do we do about the pressure sore and how could it have been prevented?
camille: yoou have to shift your weight all the time when setting in chair
lonewolfb: how about a quad cam?
Lily: even they can shift
MsAmazin: reclining chair?
intrepid-: yes, I can
lonewolfb: possibly ms
camille: willhave to shift or have someone do it
Lily: yes, ms, and move position
lonewolfb: can they heel the sore if they continue to sit in chair
intrepid-: more to one side than other, but not usually a problem
Lily: no, supposed to lie flat
camille: with special cusion
MsAmazin: doubtful
eve: diet is important!
lonewolfb: not usually
lonewolfb: yes it is eve
camille: but lying is bed is best
lonewolfb: high protein esp
Lily: yes, flat
lonewolfb: yes cam
intrepid-: not usually, but there are dressings when they are just beginning
MsAmazin: once the pressure is off for me....I heal quickly
lonewolfb: anyway to get off the area
lonewolfb: on side
lonewolfb: yes that's the biggest key to healing
intrepid-: which I use
camille: the most iimprrtant is to move and keep dry
lonewolfb: yes
lonewolfb: yes if the person is also diabetic though or has a circulatory problem it can get serious in a hurry
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intrepid-: the best thing I can say is to inspect skin weekly
lonewolfb: we're talking gangrene in some instances
MsAmazin: skin grafts are aslo done
intrepid-: to prevent
Diablo1: later all
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lonewolfb: I have to disagree laura
lonewolfb: daily
lonewolfb: skin grafts are essential to healing
camille: yes dailyfor paraand qd
lonewolfb: if the place is large
lonewolfb: laura within a week you could be talking sepsis etc
MsAmazin: I came this <--> close to a skin graft
lonewolfb: how many of you have decreased feeling in part of your body?
Kim^^: meme me
MsAmazin: I do
lonewolfb: yikes ms
Leia-: same here
Mooooooo: me in some places
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camille: me
MsAmazin: right leg
lonewolfb: everyone who does should do a daily inspection
Mooooooo: thighs
lonewolfb: look for red areas
lonewolfb: or whitish areas
intrepid-: daily when no sensation, but usually if you have ut, weekly is adequate
lonewolfb: if a sore is found check body temp
lonewolfb: and ceheck for drainage
lonewolfb: if drainage is yellow green or foul smelling
intrepid-: yes
lonewolfb: call physician
lonewolfb: I have seen many pressure sores in my nursing career
lonewolfb: some are so horrible you can't begin to imagine
lonewolfb: I have also had patients die from them
lonewolfb: the smell from an infected sore is putrid
Kim^^: i don't have pressure sores but i have lupus ulcers that sound similar
lonewolfb: ok lets go back to the wheel chair
lonewolfb: yes they are Kim
lonewolfb: what else can be done for prevention
lonewolfb: cushions?
Kim^^: 7yp978yuo0ui9jmhjinun
jennie: What kind are best?
lonewolfb: sheepskin?
lonewolfb: I use sheepskin in bed
lonewolfb: Kim is having a seizure
Lily: yes
lonewolfb: well jennie that is hard to say
Lily: her daughter is there
lonewolfb: somethings work better for one person than they do for another
Kark: oh my
intrepid-: massage
Kark: Is she ok?
lonewolfb: cam do you use a cushion?
MsAmazin: Ty has to keep switching cushions...he has a boney butt :)
Lily: yes, kark
jennie: Has anyone used the temper foam cushion? My uncle's butt is the boniest!
lonewolfb: hope so karen
lonewolfb: yes massage of area improves blood supply
lonewolfb: the donut type cushions are good too
Lily: what about a roho?
atrpilot: dry flotation is better than fome
Kark: roho?
lonewolfb: don't know roho lil
intrepid-: dressings can be good if it is just red, but when they first begin USE THIN ONES because thicker ones can aggravate them
lonewolfb: actually the switching cushions is a great idea
atrpilot: i just new roro is good
lonewolfb: great laura
Kim^^: i am ok again:)
lonewolfb: is it like a donut?
Lily: it like an aircushion, LW
lonewolfb: ok Kim
lonewolfb: yes that would be good
Lily: no, is even
Lily: good kim:)
intrepid-: rogo is bad if you have a tray on chair
Kark: Kim had me worried
lonewolfb: also for feet-sheepskin booties seeem to help
lonewolfb: why so laura?
lonewolfb: I lie in bed a lot so I have problems with heels and don't usually feel it until it is bleeding
lonewolfb: aquaphor ointment is usually helpful for me
intrepid-: because they raise you up, make harder to drive chaie and for try to fit
intrepid-: tray
lonewolfb: oh IC laura
Lily: yes, they high
lonewolfb: skin irritations
lonewolfb: women-big problem area-under breasts
lonewolfb: men around genitals
intrepid-: you know, Judi, at the hospital I had that
anny1: i have poor sensation in my feet also have steped on needles and hardly felt it
intrepid-: and
lonewolfb: must be kept dry
Kark: me to anny
intrepid-: they had these blue feet protectors with sreaps that are built up
lonewolfb: yes anny diabetic patients often find things in their feet
intrepid-: and it helps a lot
atrpilot: intrepid roho has low profile now only 3 in. high very stable
lonewolfb: yes laura-I just ordered some of those for myself
intrepid-: oh good
lonewolfb: back to skin
lonewolfb: how many of you are prone to rashes etc?
Mooooooo: ive had a few lately
Kim^^: me
MsAmazin: no rashes here
lonewolfb: well I am
Kark: i do
lonewolfb: daniel do you know what is causing it?
Kim^^: buttergly?
Kim^^: fly
lonewolfb: yes
MsAmazin: I get blisters if I don't where a sock to cover my whole leg when wearing brace
Mooooooo: its over my scars
lonewolfb: hum
Mooooooo: comes and goes for years
lonewolfb: there are so many remedies for rashes
lonewolfb: old wive's tales etc
lonewolfb: usually a cortisone based ointment works well for the run of the mill rash
lonewolfb: for you Kim its a diff story
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Lily: o, there they go!
MsAmazin: am I here?
Lily: yup:)
MsAmazin: k :) thanx
anny1: wonder who is next
intrepid-: lol
Lily: lol
Lily: is like mass exodus
anny1: dropping like flies
intrepid-: :)
Lily: well, the next question is:
Lily: Dry skin-what helps-what doesn't and why bother?
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Lily: Dry skin-what helps-what doesn't and why bother?
camille: change pads when wet or that will break skin down fast
camille: baby powder helps too
Lily: so skin should be dry?
camille: yes dry
Lily: but what if too dry?
Kim^^: baby powder how?
camille: why do you put power on baby
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atrpilot: what kind of pad cami ,,you mean diper or somethingels???
camille: use lotion if too dry
Lily: what about shower gel to keep skin soft?
camille: yes if u leak you should have apad or pamper and change when wet
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camille: is good lily
lonewolfb: sorry
Lily: np
camille: minrial oil is good too
lonewolfb: its my server they were off and on all day
Lily: we discussing dry skin, judi
lonewolfb: ok-powder-good or bad
camille: good for me
lonewolfb: ok sis
Kim^^: minera oil good for what?
lonewolfb: powder can cake though
camille: but skin kim
lonewolfb: and form sores
lonewolfb: under arms
camille: don't put on too much powder
lonewolfb: under breasts and in genital areas
Kim^^: i'm too confused
Leia-: I use mineral oil
lonewolfb: true-but sometimes a zealous caregiver gets carried away
Kim^^: ytou put mineral oil unbreasts or oppowder and what about under asrns
lonewolfb: the ointment I mentioned has a base like vaseline
camille: yes is good leia
lonewolfb: most references do not mention powder at all
lonewolfb: because of caking potential
Kim^^: hese prevprevent pressure sores?
camille: no kim on the dry areas like legs arms buttocks
camille: yeys you can be too dry or wet
lonewolfb: we are on skin irritations now Kim
lonewolfb: I have Sjogrens which effects the skin
lonewolfb: I do not produce body oils like most people do
Kim^^: ok sorry i'm pretty far ut there tonite don't think i can keep[ up good so i watch:)
anny1: i used powder under my elbow brace it really helped cut down on the irritation
lonewolfb: On top of that I sweaat terribly diue to inflammation and cortisone
lonewolfb: in that instance anny I think it would help
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Kim^^: you have lupus ulcers judi?
lonewolfb: dry skin is a tremendous problem for me
lonewolfb: no just pressure typw Kim
lonewolfb: also itching
lonewolfb: people with vascualr problems go nuts with the itching
lonewolfb: Kim is this a problem for you?
Kim^^: why?
Kim^^: iotching?> no rarely have it
Kim^^: itching
lonewolfb: its like having abnormal responses to stimuli dut to the damaged vascular system
lonewolfb: also damaged nerve endings
atrpilot: good meeting must go
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lonewolfb: always check with your docs but bendryl or atarax is often very helpful
lonewolfb: and oatmeal soap
lonewolfb: no perfumed oils, deodorants, lotions etc
Kim^^: i take benedry on a daily basis for sumpin else may that's why im lucky
lonewolfb: an old nursing trick is to apply baby oil before drying off
lonewolfb: cud be Kim
lonewolfb: also no long hot baths
camille: yes i do that lone
Kim^^: brb strayt in my trash get the gun!
lonewolfb: it is an inexpensive great treatment
camille: only with the minerial oil
lonewolfb: works too
lonewolfb: warm showers only
lonewolfb: aveeno soap has been a life saver for me
lonewolfb: anyone else use it?
Kim^^: my brother used it a lot
lonewolfb: its an oatmeal saop
lonewolfb: soap
MsAmazin: sis in law uses it
lonewolfb: my neurosurgeon recommended it
Kark: how does it help
camille: does that help dry skin lone
lonewolfb: its mild and doesn't irritate or dry the skin
camille: will try it thanks
lonewolfb: yes cam
Kim^^: are we still meetin or just visitingf?
Kark: i will try it
anny1: gotta go yall thanks for the good meeting see ya
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Kim^^: nite girl!!
lonewolfb: its expensive unfortunately
Kark: i should go too
lonewolfb: ok night to all who are leaving
camille: do all stores carry it
lonewolfb: anyone staying mouth care is next
lonewolfb: I get it at the pharmacy
Kark: thats ok Judi, my birthdays coming up, I wwill put it on the list, lol
camille: ok
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lonewolfb: ok
Kim^^: you've had lupus ulvers judi am i sposed to be buttin in?
lonewolfb: Really quick I wanted to mention the mouth
lonewolfb: its fine Kim
Kark: sores in mouth?
Kim^^: k
lonewolfb: anyone have a very sensitive mouth?
Kim^^: when is your birthdat kark??
lonewolfb: sores and just easily irritated
Kim^^: yesssssssss
Kark: June 9th
MsAmazin: Ty does
lonewolfb: ok there is a toothpaste that has been found helpful and a mouthwash
lonewolfb: Biotene
lonewolfb: again-expensive and found in pharmacies
camille: i have senitiveteeth will that help that
lonewolfb: no alcohol based mouthwashes
lonewolfb: it has helped mine cam
MsAmazin: have to pass on that then
lonewolfb: or listerine or those kinds of things
camille: cold kills me
Lily: what about warm salty water?
lonewolfb: With Sjogrens the body doesn't produce protective saliva
bev: I've done that, it worked
lonewolfb: is good for secific things Lil
camille: that is good lily
lonewolfb: specific
lonewolfb: but I'm talking daily use
lonewolfb: catsup sets my mouth on fire
bev: I don't know about that
lonewolfb: I also use an artificial saliva
Kim^^: sounds you have thrush to judi:(
Kark: what's that?
WonderW-: anyone know of ways to reduce gagging sensitivity
lonewolfb: anyone have any questions or tips to pass on on anything we have discused
Lily: i'm off, night all, good meeting judi
lonewolfb: no laura I don't
camille: bye lily
Kark: night lily
lonewolfb: bye sis
bev: I came in late so I don't know what all was discussed
Kim^^: great mneetin yes!!''
lonewolfb: thrush is a fungal infection
Kim^^: nite lily'
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lonewolfb: Yes Kim I have it frequently but not all the time
Kim^^: yes but very prevalent in lupiers
lonewolfb: bev skin care pressure sores mouth care
Kim^^: i have irall the time
lonewolfb: yes is like a continual fight Kim
lonewolfb: what do you use for it?
bev: I need to know what to do for a pressure sore on my foot
lonewolfb: ok bev how big how bad?
Kark: Great meeting once again
MsAmazin: 'nite all ...good meeting :)
lonewolfb: night and thanks
lonewolfb: bev?
Kim^^: i use nystatin judi, you?
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bev: About the size of a quarter pretty deep I think I can't feel it or see it
lonewolfb: sometimes nystatin, sometimes mycolex
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Kark: I am sorry, having some pain in back and hip, dr thinks arthritic artritis
lonewolfb: bev if it is deep it needs to be seen by physician
lonewolfb: oh Karen I'm sorry
Kim^^: but you can get rid of it at times?
lonewolfb: the thrush?
bev: I have a dr appointment tomorrow but we have been trying Algaderm
Kark: good night, thanks
Kim^^: i've had it for at least 10 yrs.
lonewolfb: yes when I can take diflucan-had to take a 20 day run to get rid of it in Feb
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Kim^^: what'saladerM?
lonewolfb: nite Karen
lonewolfb: is algaderm a dressing?
Kim^^: k
bev: It's Algaderm, I'm not sure that is what hte Home Health care nurse has been putting on it. It looks like seeweed
lonewolfb: bev are you keeping pressure off of it?
lonewolfb: don't know that one bev
Kim^^: i'm going for abit later girls!!'
bev: trying to. I am in a wheelchair all the time legs are paralyzed
lonewolfb: a trick I learned when its a heel is to get one of those neck pillows and put your ankle in the dip for the neck
lonewolfb: bye Kim
bev: that's a good idea because it is close to the heel
lonewolfb: your foot needs to be propped where there is no pressure on it
WonderW-: bbl guys
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lonewolfb: bye laura
lonewolfb: actually bev-would be best to stay out of chair for a bit
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lonewolfb: so you can prop foot up better
lonewolfb: ok I guess this closes the meeting
bev: I know but I have a hard time staying in bed during day. I like to stay on the go.
lonewolfb: goodnight bev and moooo
bev: goodnight
lonewolfb: lol-better to stay down a day or two than to lose a foot