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Public Transportation

Feb 18, 1998

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

Participants already present:
  Countrybo ([email protected])
  Mimi ([email protected])
  HelloKit ([email protected])
friartuck: We have a good transit system here.
browser: my crutches slip a lot on the rubber stuff on the stairs, I hate that
HelloKit: Sorry I'm late, everyone... darn public transportation... ;o) just kidding
* Countrybo hasnt braved a bus via amigo again lol
Countrybo: oops yet]
jb: here there are hardly any fully accesible buses !!!!
Countrybo: looks easy though
judi: live in the boondocks, no public transportation
browser: nothing like doing a face plant in front of everyone that has to face your direction
HelloKit: Are we ready? (I'm not!)
friartuck: We have two accessible busses here.
Countrybo: we have a transit bus system in town that takes folks on a wheel chair lift all the time
jb: what is a boondock ????
Countrybo: its where i live
judi: uh, way out in the country
Countrybo: in da boondocks
elisabeth: countrybo, so do i, they really work hard
tractor: woods LOL
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Mimi: we have accessible busses here, but they don't like me and I don't like them right back
tractor: Billy Joe Royal LOL
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tractor: down in
BuBbAgUmP: I live in a fairly large city so the transportation is good here, but I have seen some of the busses and they do not look accessible.....What can I do about it?
tractor: LOL
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jb: have you tried dynamite ??
Countrybo: its cool here
HelloKit: What is the most accessible form of public transportation you have found in your area?
Mimi: a taxi
elisabeth: the buses
BuBbAgUmP: Buses
Mimi: cost me $15 today to get to the doctor's office
Countrybo: they p ick up folks on scooters and they loade em on the transit bus with the lift and they park in the aisle
HelloKit: Mimi: Can a taxi accomodate a wheelchair though?
browser: Project Lift , our disabled transit system has to limit the service to emergency kind of apointments
jb: There is'nt any really - not proper public transport
BuBbAgUmP: But not all just a few....Also we have a great van system here so it pretty kewl!
Countrybo: gee its only 2.00 a ride here and j/handicappers are half off i think 1.00
Countrybo: we live in a small town too
browser: $3 a ride here in kitchener canada
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elisabeth: i work in a university town, so they do really well here
BuBbAgUmP: Free here!
Mimi: no Carly but it accomodates epileptics and the busses that accomodate wheelchairs around here don't like epileptics
jb: here we are allowed out once a week with around 20 % reduction on an average fare of around £15.00
* HelloKit nods to Mimi.
Countrybo: well we live out of town so if i wanted a transit ride itd be like two ones so itd be 4.00 to ride to town and back
Wakko2: hi kit, mimi
Mimi: sorry...sore point :o)
Countrybo: but hey it costs almost that in my truck lol
elisabeth: mimi, why wouldn't they like epileptics
Mimi: hi wakko :o)
Countrybo: they are just afraid of em i bet
Mimi: because we dont count as people who need rides i guess, lisa
browser: what about lawsuits
jb: naw its cos they can't spell it
tractor: goodluck
Mimi: the thing that gets me is lots of people in chairs can drive, but they still get to get on the bus and I dont
elisabeth: mimi, that is bad
tractor: yeah
browser: that isn't fair
BuBbAgUmP: It wouldn't do any good. The Local and state gov't would just tkae the side of the transit system
browser: do they refuse you
browser: mimi
elisabeth: mimi, and i mean this, how do they single you out
Mimi: they just say that people with epileps;y don't qualify for the program
Wakko2: geez, i only used public trans once..
Countrybo: mimi just lucky lol
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Mimi: lol yeah CB
Mimi: hi raven!
HelloKit: What happened to Daniel?
Mimi: hi pinged out
Mimi: he
HelloKit: hmm
browser: ask for it in writting, maybe able to change their minds through the courts
Mimi: I will probably do that if I have to pay for too many taxi rides
Countrybo: heck what i dont understand is how come our hospitals dont have desent handicapper toilets in them with proper heights and rails and all geesh i go there and i amd helpless what witht he waxy slippery floors and low poorly planned toilets and then they keep the lights on all night too geee
Countrybo: lol
Countrybo: thats public isnt it/
jb: why do you not want a light on in the toilet ???
browser: I wasn't allowed to take a motorcycle training course because I have spina bifida I agreed to sign a waver that they would not be held liable and they let me in, maybe you could do the same with the transit system
HelloKit: Has anyone ever tried a train-type transportation, such as the subway or a light rail?
Countrybo: no in the room lol
judi: none of those around here either
BuBbAgUmP: The Disabled services are not strict in my area. So many places are not accessible, unless we bit*h about it then will not do anything. So many times when I use my chair I will go to places just to see if they are accessible for the disabled. If I complian then maybe it will be better for the disabled!
* Countrybo keps gettin adds for acessabvle ship cruises
jb: no sub way - but fairly good trains
Wakko2: subway..yep
Countrybo: does subway do wheel chairs?
Mimi: I did in Paris...I can verify that it's not accessable AT ALL
elisabeth: hello
browser: I phoned once, they said they would carry me in and take my chair and put it in the baggage section
tractor: hello
jb: hullo
Countrybo: must be tough gettin up and down subway stairs
browser: on the train that is
BuBbAgUmP: Amtrak trian here and thats it!!!
judi: hello elisabeth
elisabeth: thought i left
Wakko2: elevators
Mimi: we had to carry Felix's stroller up and down the longest stairways and escalaters you ever saw
elisabeth: hello judi
jb: what is a stroller ???
Countrybo: somethin you push a baby in
Mimi: what your baby travels in before he can wald
Mimi: walk
tractor: LOL
browser: I went on a subway in Toronto, everytime the subway pulled away from the stop my wheelchair slide back about 8 seats even with the brakes on
jb: ok thanks
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Countrybo: wow
BuBbAgUmP: Like a wheelchair for a baby....4 small wheels and push handles
Wakko2: carriage
* Countrybo stays away from cities just gotta look out for
browser: lol/
elisabeth: lol
HelloKit: Where are you from, jb?
jb: Scotland - strong winds - tree on line - train crash - 4 hours just to get me off
Countrybo: wow jb
jb: nae loo either
elisabeth: tractor, you are being awful quiet
tractor: sorry
tractor: elisabeth where r u from?
HelloKit: For those who have ridden buses or trains, what did you like about them, and what could be improved?
Countrybo: well folks nice seein yall bed time here
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tractor: bye country
tractor: hi nanc
Mimi: hey nanc!!
Wakko2: y'all come bak, y'hear
judi: hi nanc
nanc: hi guys.. I was just checking in for circe.. I'll be back later I suppose..
nanc: thanks for the welcome..
nanc: bye!
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tractor: sure
tractor: :{:{
BuBbAgUmP: I like the carpool and vanpool deal, saves the enviroment. Thats about all I like!
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HelloKit: Anyone...?
Wakko2: welp, i'm jumping ship, tooo. c yas.
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tractor: :}:}:}:}
browser: I don't like the fact the disabled transit system won't go from one city to the next
judi: Can't help-no public transportation around here
tractor: judi where are you from?
judi: Henderson, Kentuvky US
judi: small, rural area
tractor: o.k. thanks.
HelloKit: A few weeks ago I rode the MAX in Portland in my w/c, which is a light rail system. I was pretty impressed - they had a nice small (about 1 foot) ramp that extends right out onto the platform... no slow lift to wait for.
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tractor: hi friar
tractor: hi rose
judi: hi friar, hi rose
elisabeth: tractor, sorry, niece came to door to borrow my sons pants
tractor: poor son LOL
browser: pardon
tractor: neked now
friartuck: Hello to all
tractor: LOL
elisabeth: lol,
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tractor: hi myrna
myrnaj: Hi, many people here!
Mimi: hi myrna!
judi: hi myrna
HelloKit: My only complaints: the ramp door should open automatically like the rest of the doors on the train, instead of requiring a button to be pressed; no seat belts in the seats, for walkers who have trouble holding on or balancing; and there is no way for the driver to know if you are situated... they just go and sometimes you're not ready.
myrnaj: Hello, Judi
friartuck: Hello there.
myrnaj: hi, friartuck. What a pleasure to meet you outside of sherwood forest!
judi: Carly, I've never even been on a train or subway or in a taxi
HelloKit: The first time I rode I was walking... the train started before I was sat down and I got a nasty bruise on my hip.
friartuck: Yes, I'm war way far from there!
browser: see ya'll later .. bye :0)
tractor: bad train
tractor: by browser
friartuck: chow, browser
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myrnaj: Oh...is this the weekly meeting?
HelloKit: Yep :o)
Mimi: Carly did you inform them of this?
HelloKit: No, I didn't bother. I probably should have.
Mimi: you write a great letter ;o)
HelloKit: heh
myrnaj: Unfortunately, I'm not registered because I can't seem to get mirc.
Mimi: you don't need mIRC to be registered, myrnaj :o)
friartuck: I dont use mirc either.
myrnaj: So, she said stupidly, how do I register?
Mimi: from our website
judi: I'm leery of using Java now after getting fussed at yesterday
myrnaj: What is the name of website?
Mimi: I scolded them for that judi, that was ridiculous :o)
HelloKit: Myrna, do you mean for the mailing list?
HelloKit: What was?
judi: What was I doing wrong?
myrnaj: HelloKit, I don't know what I mean.
tractor: yes?
Mimi: http://members.tripod.com/~disabled
tractor: yes
myrnaj: thanks.
HelloKit: What happened. Mimi
Mimi: you weren't doing a thing wrong, Judi, that person had no idea what they were talking about! LOL
HelloKit: er... What happened, Mimi?
friartuck: I couldn't access that sight at all when I tried.
HelloKit: It may have been down, friartuck.
Mimi: someone wanted to message judi and kept yelling at her 'click on the other window, click on the other window' and she was using the Java
friartuck: I was told that by Carly.
HelloKit: lol
tractor: o i c thank youu
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Mimi: and I kept saying 'the java doesn't have an other window' and they took like half an hour for it to sink in
Mimi: lol
myrnaj: (why are named tractor?)
tractor: dummies
tractor: youth nickname
HelloKit: Oh! friartuck, I didn't even realize who you were! Welcome, Walter :o)
BuBbAgUmP: By all See ya in a few
tractor: :}
Mimi: bye bubba!
*** BuBbAgUmP is now known as GuMpAwAy
tractor: by bubba
tractor: LOL
HelloKit: lol
elisabeth: how is ket doing, anyone
myrnaj: Gumpaway?
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friartuck: Watch out for those chocolates.
tractor: hi dr.
Mimi: Dr Bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HelloKit: Hiya Dr. Bill! :o)
Mimi: oh my God!!
Mimi: how are you?
dr_bill: Hi everyone:)
Mimi: long time no see :o)
tractor: mama aalways said
dr_bill: Better
judi: hi dr bill
Mimi: better? were you worse?
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dr_bill: been in big house 'hospital' for ever it seems
myrnaj: bummer!
Mimi: it has been forever!
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dr_bill: Got hit by car and tore shoulder to pieces
myrnaj: How is the car?
judi: oh my goodness, how awful
HelloKit: So... before I lose you all for good ;o) Does anyone have anything else to add to the topic of public transportation?
HelloKit: lol Myrna
tractor: not I
dr_bill: drunk driver drove onto sidewalk to get me.
Mimi: um, did I mention that PWE's should count? ;o)
friartuck: me neither.
jb: hullo back again - had probs getting through
HelloKit: yep Mimi :o)
myrnaj: What is PWE? (please)
HelloKit: person with epilepsy
Mimi: PWE = person with epilepsy ;o)
HelloKit: jinx
Mimi: :oP
tractor: ahhh
myrnaj: thanx
HelloKit: hehehe
dr_bill: I dont think grab bar on back of bus qualifies for bus accessability.
Mimi: lol
HelloKit: lol definitely not
jb: spoil sport
HelloKit: You missed my experience I just shared, Dr. Bill.
jb: i fancy that - with a flashing light on my head