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Service Animals

Feb 04, 1998

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

Participants already present:
  jrt ([email protected])
  HelloKit ([email protected])
  SBWheels ([email protected])
jrt: lol
SBWheels: hi all
Bubbles-: hey steve
jrt: Hi wheels:)
judi: Carly, I know I messed up on the listerv this week, but when I answered Simon's letter I replied to sender only, not sender and group
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HelloKit: Believe it or not... Carly is actually ready for this meeting! :o)
HelloKit: np, Judi
jrt: WOW!!!!!!
HelloKit: lol
judi: Hi SBWheels
Jo-: good lets go meeting time everyone pay attention.
SBWheels: :)
jrt: hang on cutecool's not here?????
Bubbles-: woohoo
Diablo1: hello
jrt: rofl
SBWheels: ok, who's been showing bubbles and jrt how to do colors??? ;)
Jo-: bite your tongue!
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HelloKit: All right, are we all ready to start?
HelloKit: Mimi!!!!!
Diablo1: no
judi: ready
Bubbles-: :)
Diablo1: but go ahead anyways
jrt: nobody,why???????
Mimi: hi guys :o)
Bubbles-: typical
Diablo1: i'll be stopping in from time to time
Jo-: color color everywhere
jrt: welcome home MIMI!!!!!!!!
HelloKit: btw, I don't have my questions pre-typed, so bear with me...
judi: Hi Mimi
Mimi: thanks debbie :o)
jrt: color here and color there
Bubbles-: mmmmmmm mimi:)
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Jo-: even computer dummy learned how. he he
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HelloKit: Has anyone ever had a service animal of some kind?
Bubbles-: look what you did deb
Bubbles-: hey haa
Diablo1: nope but think it would be very cool
judi: No, but am looking into it
*** Mimi2 has joined #disabled
haa: hello bubbles
Mimi2: grr
jrt: sorry, but whats a service animal, like a seeing eye dog?
Jo-: We had a goat that pulled my brother in a cart because he heart was so bad.
haa: hi mimi
Bubbles-: my wife services me....she can be an animal
HelloKit: Any animal that is trained to help you.
HelloKit: lol
Diablo1: i guess you could consider my parents service animals
judi: yes, jrt, but for the disabled
Mimi2: lol
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jrt: well, mine were kind of trained by me:)
Bubbles-: wb
BuBbAgUmP: :)
Jo-: Lady in San Angelo had a monkey to do stuff for her, but it bit someone and spca took it.
judi: They get things for you, help you up, can even be trained to dial 911
jrt: when my eye sight was really bad...
Jo-: Now big fight on
HelloKit: Aww, that sucks.
Mimi2: hi buuba
BuBbAgUmP: Hiya Mimi
haa: my kids do that judi
jrt: Hi Bubba:)
Bubbles-: monkey magic
jrt: Hi Haa:)
Jo-: Yeah it's coming down to a battle over wild animals in city limits and handicap rights.
judi: hi Bubba
Bubbles-: why are you mimi2?
haa: hi jrt
jrt: my ponies were trained by me too compensate for my blindness, so are the Jacks
judi: There are a few really good web sites for them
HelloKit: What are the advantages of owning a service animal?
Mimi2: because i dont feel like arguing with nickserv tonight
Bubbles-: what is the topi for tonight?
judi: Well, I am alone alot and live out in the country, way out in the country
Jo-: They can fetch things for you, turn on and off lights, warn you of dangers, tell you when doorbell rings, pick up things you drop.
jrt: well the advantage of owning any animal is they will be your friend,guardien with no questions asked, they will love and respect your no matter what you look like
Jo-: Bubbles service animals.
judi: They can be trained for your special needs
Bubbles-: do they wear butler outfits too?
Bubbles-: :)
judi: I saw a show on using them for Parkinson's patients a few days ago
jrt: my 2 Jacks know that I have troun/ble seeing them sometimes and know not too hang around my feet
Bubbles-: brush your hair
Jo-: They are company, they give you exercise, they help with therapy also.
* HelloKit thinks maybe animals carry less resentment for
judi: They are also used for epileptics, they can sense a seizure coming on
SBWheels: some dogs can be trained to sense when a person is about to have a seizure... up to a half hour before
judi: so true, HelloKit
jrt: and my ponies used too always come running up too me when I called out there names, no matter what the size of the paddock and would stand there quietly for me
SBWheels: ha! gmta!
Bubbles-: if i know a person is epileptic i can tell when a seizure is coming on too
BuBbAgUmP: As for any animal they are a good warning system. They know about dangers b4 we do
Jo-: People on duty all the time can get stressed out. With animals to help, reduces amount of time you need people around.
Mimi2: how, bubbles??
jrt: I personnally think we as humans owe a lot too domestic animals
HelloKit: Good point, Bubba.
judi: I read about one service that started the training at their center and then sent a trainer into the person's home for a month of specialized training.
Jo-: They can also sense earthquakes and severe weather changes.
Bubbles-: little mannerism sthat occur
Bubbles-: so can arthritis:)
Jo-: Animals are trained by trainers then people are trained, then they work together for a months probations period.
judi: Most places make them pass a test every year
judi: lol, Bubbles
jrt: when ever your feeling down, your pet no matter what it is will come and try too make you happy:)
Jo-: Yeah they do a refresher to make sure the animals haven't picked up bad habits from owners.
HelloKit: Are there any disadvantages?
* Mimi2 needs a dog i think :o)
judi: I can't figure out why golden retreiverd are considered the best breed
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Jo-: Poop control!
haa: fleas
HelloKit: lol Jo
judi: Hi beetle
beetlebug: hello,guys
jrt: well they are very gentle and are very easy to train:)
Bubbles-: hey beetle:)
jrt: hi Bettle:)
judi: I'm sure they could be trained to let themselves out if you have a yard
Jo-: Animals have to be fed, watered, brushed, taken to vets.
Jo-: $$$$$
HelloKit: True, you do have to put up with the maintenance tasks that come with any pet. And in most cases the animal probably isn't able to help with those tasks.
SBWheels: some store owners or restaurants refuse admittance even though there are laws that guarantee entrance
Bubbles-: just like kids really
* HelloKit . o O ( How I would love to have a dog that
jrt: yes, but even if you never do any of that Jo, they still love and respect you no matter what
Jo-: If they threaten to call a cop, you just tell them go ahead. The cop will make them comply.
haa: Animals have a lot in common with the disabled
Jo-: thats what I got ferret for he is pooper scooper for yard.
Bubbles-: they dont slam doors in your face and tell you where to go
jrt: lol
Bubbles-: not for you jo?:)
HelloKit: lol
Jo-: Nope I change my own diapers thank you.
jrt: No I'm affraid I'm an animal olver 101%:)
jrt: lover
judi: Me too
Jo-: chihuahuas have been found to be big help for asthma patients.
Bubbles-: you can love your pet, just dont LOVE your pet:)
jrt: yes and poodles as well:)
HelloKit: In your experience (personal or otherwise), what do you think is the best kind of service animal to have?
judi: I've got one and I have asthma
Bubbles-: whatever best serves your purpose
judi: Do you mean breed?
* HelloKit wants a monkey, but that's just cuz they're so
Jo-: One that fits in the sink to wash. Cause lifing that 30 lb one into tub and washing it is a hassle.
jrt: dogs, and even though they are big, ponies and horses that the disabled kids ride:)
BuBbAgUmP: I think alot of times animals know how we are feeling. They know what we need. A dog beside of you helps more than you know. And a cat on your lap helps to. And then you can't forgrt a horse. All ways good to get away for a while. They sometimes know how we feel, because in a waya they may be going thorugh the same thing. I know thats corney but true
judi: That's why I was wondering why Golden Retrievers are considered the best breed
Jo-: Kit they have a program called Sonrises that has horses for handicap people to ride in San Angelo. Special progam for disabled as part of therapy.
jrt: I agree Bubba:)
HelloKit: I've heard that even ferrets (sorry Jo... hehe) can be trained to fetch things, do zippers and buttons, etc.
jrt: yes we have riding for the disabled out here:)
beetlebug: there's a lot to be said for conpanionship
Jo-: Monkey is good but run risk of diseases and temperment, and many cities ban them.
Bubbles-: I was really hoping daniel would be on today....i had a great joke for him
Jo-: Yeah he does really good. Got friend that has two of them and they can zip her dress.
jrt: Judi the golden retriever would have to be one of the most gentle dogs you could want and they are very easy too train:)
BuBbAgUmP: I perfer a Lab myself. They are a very strong dog
judi: There was a diabetic here in Henderson that went into insulin shock and her dog hit the 911 button on the phone when he couldn't wake her up
Bubbles-: golden ret.. savaged a young boy last week
Jo-: I depends on where you live and how much you can do in dog care as to the type of animal they match you with.
judi: Saved her life
Bubbles-: very unusual
BuBbAgUmP: A believe a Dalmation to be a very very good dog also
jrt: really, didn't hear about that one Bubbles...
Jo-: Dalmation is dumbest dog in world.
Bubbles-: beautiful dogs
judi: One site also recommened Welsh Corgies, another Dobermans
jrt: no spaniel are the dumbest dog...
HelloKit: Yes, they're dumb, but so adorable :o) I've always wanted a Dalmatian; my mom says I'm nuts.
Jo-: beautiful but dumb, very hard to train and have problems with deafness.
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Bubbles-: nearly severred the jugular
beetlebug: hey,liz
SBWheels: hi elizabeth :)
Mimi2: hi liz
judi: hi elizabeth
jrt: Hi liz:)
elizabeth: hello everbody
Bubbles-: jack russells annoying dogs
Bubbles-: :)
Jo-: Any dog can turn vicious if right provacation.
Bubbles-: hey there lis:)
Bubbles-: afgans really stoopid
elizabeth: hello
HelloKit: True Jo, I know... I have brothers :o/
BuBbAgUmP: I have had 3 damations and I have had them trained. Never had any real health problems til old age. We breeded them.
jrt: well I know that I'm bias here but the jack russell is a great dog with kids, the elderly and through my experience the disabled as well:)
Jo-: That is why little children should never be alone with them. Kids bop them and pull on them and they snap and you got problems.
BuBbAgUmP: dalmatian
HelloKit: I'm trying so hard to keep my brothers from ruining my chihuahua before I can get her out of here.
Bubbles-: great jrt you bit:)
jrt: You'll keep....
Jo-: Chihuahua are too delicate for rough housing with boys.
Bubbles-: lol;o)
haa: who has these helpful animals
judi: German Shepherds are good police dogs
jrt: yes:)
HelloKit: Have you, or someone you know, ever encountered discrimination against a service animal?
Jo-: I've got a chihuahua and a pound puppy. The pound puppy picks things up off floor for me all the time. And tells me when someone is in yard.
judi: There's one place caleed Canine Companions
Jo-: Yeah restaurant tried to keep out seeing eye dog and we all ganged up against them.
Bubbles-: i think all animals are able to serve different purposes
jrt: I've heard about it....
BuBbAgUmP: Nope
judi: Happened in a town near me
Jo-: City of San Angelo Tx took a womans monkey away for it biting a visitor. Almost killed it to send head of for rabies test.
judi: Never did hear how it ended up
haa: my maltese drives us nuts when people come
Jo-: Monkey is still alive but now they won't let owner have it back because it violates city code.
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Bubbles-: pets in restaurants and breast feeding seem to be the problems
Bubbles-: in public
jrt: trust you too think of breast feeding Bubbles<g>
HelloKit: :o)
Jo-: Monkey named Ted E. Bear
haa: hi carly
judi: Service dogs are trained to sit quietly by your side
Jo-: Made headlines all over and city getting mail you wouldn't believe.
Mimi2: anyone who has a problem with babies eating naturally in the restaraunt needs to seriously get a life
Bubbles-: ;op
Bubbles-: i hate chuck
Bubbles-: hear hear
Jo-: Some stores have tried to keep out service animals, especially big malls, but have been stopped by laws.
jrt: :-p see bubbles na...na...
Jo-: little children must play.
Bubbles-: thhhhhhhh:oPPPP
HelloKit: Is anyone considering getting a service animal at some point in the future?
judi: Me
Bubbles-: no, sorry
jrt: not unless i really needed one...
Jo-: Got 2 dogs now, one big enough to pull me in chair if needed and chi for asthma thats enough.
Bubbles-: i'll be your hound dog:)
judi: I love to go aside, but would be afraid to try it without someone with me. A service dog can help with that, too
judi: Sorry, outside
Jo-: There is a group that specially trains them for assisting wheel chair people, harness similar to seeing eye but shorter.
BuBbAgUmP: I already have a dog, but I would like to go into some training training on the side
judi: Yes, several groups
judi: Biggest problem is long waiting lists
Jo-: There are dogs for the blind, dogs for the deaf, dogs for wheelchair users, and dogs for nursing home patients.
HelloKit: For those considering it, what are your concerns?
Jo-: long waiting list and big $$$$$
jrt: yes # dogs and 1 cat plus tropical and gold fish, don't need anything else at the moment, besides a pony/horse:)
Bubbles-: 3 ?
jrt: 4 that is
Bubbles-: close
jrt: 3 sorry:)
HelloKit: Jo: Amen
judi: Not big bucks
Jo-: Now pull up my blanket and kiss me goodnight mommy
jrt: how much does a dog cost?
Jo-: We did just finish saying prayers right kit.
HelloKit: lol
judi: Canine Companions charges $100 and another place was $250
HelloKit: Really? That's all?
jrt: could you sya get a dog and send it off to get trained privately?
jrt: say
judi: They are mainly not for profit agencies that rely on contributions
Jo-: I've know people to pay up to $5,0000 for a fully trained dog and their training and break in program that is a good deal you found.
judi: One place I read about did, but if the dog doesn't pass all the certifications, they won't continue
jrt: I have no idea re the costs of a service dog:)
judi: Do a net search, its an interesting subject
HelloKit: Yahoo has a whole category on service animals. That's where I got the topic idea :o)
jrt: i will judi:)
jrt: right:)
Mimi2: bbl :o)
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judi: Hey, where's Daniel?
jrt: am I laggingh or has it gone all quiet?
HelloKit: He's gone until Friday.
judi: oh
Bubbles-: shhhhh trying to think:)
Jo-: I knew I smelled something.
HelloKit: Well guys, sorry I couldn't make this last the whole hour, but I do have one more question...
BuBbAgUmP: Shoot
jrt: took the words right out of my mouth:)
Jo-: She is trying to streach it out the full hour!
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HelloKit: Do you think we should post a survey on service animals and people's experiences in next month's edition of WheeliWeb Gazette?
DocKeaggy: hello all
Jo-: Hi Doc!
Bubbles-: hey:)
jrt: Hi doc:)
DocKeaggy: hi Jo
HelloKit: And, if so, what questions would you like to see asked?
jrt: yes why not carly:)
judi: sounds fine to me
DocKeaggy: and all
judi: Hi Doc
Jo-: Sure why not, get more response from those that couldn't be here tonight.
DocKeaggy: hi judi
DocKeaggy: and jrt
jrt: what type or breed of animal?
DocKeaggy: and bubbles
BuBbAgUmP: Yea
DocKeaggy: a lot of people are here tonite
SBWheels: hi doc :)
Bubbles-: meeting on your'e late
jrt: what the animal does for the person?
Jo-: What type of animal they have or want, name of resources to go to for animals. Any good or bad experience they have had with animals.
judi: Good night guys, I've been sick again, not much stamina
Jo-: nite judi
SBWheels: good nite judi :)
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jrt: :( Bye Judi:)
Bubbles-: nite judi:)
BuBbAgUmP: I would like to know some neat stories on how the animal helped the persons
DocKeaggy: I'm back
DocKeaggy: hi Sb
HelloKit: eek, I'm gonna split...
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SBWheels: netsplit :(
DocKeaggy: wb youtwo
DocKeaggy: :)
HelloKit: Hehe... told ya :o) I'm psychic!
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DocKeaggy: why don't you be our weatherman hellokit, ours thought the weather whould be ok today
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BuBbAgUmP: Kit U2?....lol
HelloKit: Am I good or what?
HelloKit: lol
SBWheels: wb elizabeth :)
DocKeaggy: for real though
Jo-: : -)
Bubbles-: wb
HelloKit: No, I'm only kidding... they warned us :o)
DocKeaggy: it snowed like a crazy man today
DocKeaggy: they didn't us
elizabeth: thanks
HelloKit: How does a crazy man snow, Doc? ;o)
DocKeaggy: lol
Jo-: where are you doc?
DocKeaggy: KY
HelloKit: Before I close the log, does anyone have anymore ideas for the survey?
DocKeaggy: chows rule
haa: got to go, bye to all
DocKeaggy: there
DocKeaggy: :)
DocKeaggy: bye haa
Jo-: Ask average annual cost of maintenance of animal.
jrt: can't think of any thing else carly:)
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DocKeaggy: I outta go too, I have a whole lot to do and not much time at all. Bye all!
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jrt: hey bubbles keep an eye on your e mail later<g>
Bubbles-: did you recieve a response from me jrt?
jrt: I think I did, the other day?
Bubbles-: yes....i replied