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Solutions For Those Aches & Pains

Sep 04, 1997

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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Mimi: hello Han!
HelloKit: welcome han
Lao-tzu: hi all
Mimi: thanks for the email yesterday!
HelloKit: r we ready 2 start?
Lao-tzu: welcome, my pleasure, hope it's informarmative
Mimi: yep
Mimi: it is, Han :o)
haa: mimi it does have a high roof
Mimi: I've seen it from afar, but that's it. You don't like it?
*** jolene has joined #disabled
Mimi: hello jolene! :O)
HelloKit: hello jolene
Mimi: jinx
haa: it is not comfortable but is practical
HelloKit: :oP
jolene: hello everyone!
Mooooooo: Hi jolene!
HelloKit: is every1 ready 2 start?
Mooooooo: I am
jolene: All set to go.
haa: hello jolene
jolene: hi
haa: what is the topic
HelloKit: heh... lucky 4 me i have all my q's typed out and ready 2 copy & paste
jolene: What are we going to talk about tonight?
Mooooooo: Aches and Pains
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Mooooooo: Solutions
HelloKit: topic is: 'solutions 4 those aches& pains'
Ariella: hi :)
Mooooooo: Fenicia!
HelloKit: 1st question:
HelloKit: How many experience some kind of aches or pain as a result of their disability?
*** Ariella is now known as Fenicia
Mooooooo: I do
* HelloKit raises her hand
* Lao-tzu can feel the rods in his back
jolene: Solutions to what kinds of aches and pains--temporary or chronic?
HelloKit: whatever comes up jolene
HelloKit: what kind of pain, mooooooo?
Mooooooo: any time i bend over for more than 30 seconds it hurts bad when i get back up
* HelloKit . o O ( i hate the enter key on this kb )
jolene: I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia with Chronic Myofascial Pain.
Mimi: I experience pain completely unrelated to my disability, is that ok?
Mooooooo: i have to lay flat on my back for a few minutes
HelloKit: doesnt sound fun, moo or jolene
Mimi: hi Fenicia :o)
HelloKit: :o(
Lao-tzu: technically there are 2 kinds of pain -- acute and chronic
haa: i have chronic pain and swelling in my lower left arm - my only useful arm
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HelloKit: i get sharp arthritis-like pain in almost all my major joints - wrists, hips, knees, ankles
jolene: My pain is chronic, but I've had other medical problems in the last year and a half that have caused both chronic and acute to attack at the same time.
HelloKit: especially my wrists
HelloKit: Has anyone asked a doctor about the pain?
Mimi: what's the difference between chronic and acute?
jolene: HelloKit, what do you do for the arthritic pain?
haa: i take lots of over the counter pain stuff
HelloKit: not much, jolene - i do have braces 4 my wrists
Mooooooo: mine just told me not to bend over for longer than 1 minute
HelloKit: real helpful, huh moo?
Lao-tzu: acute pain is sudden, chronic is long-lasting
jolene: Chronic pain is severe and unending. It really never goes away--only the severity varies over time. Acute is severe pain that is alleviated over time, and it disappears.
Mooooooo: there isnt much else that could be done
HelloKit: anybody else asked a doctor?
haa: acute goes away but chronic does not
HelloKit: personally i went to my ot - she made my wrist braces
jolene: My problem is that I cannot take anti-inflammatories because they give me ulcers. So I live with the pain.
Mimi: ok, well then I have chronic jaw pain due to TMJ
Lao-tzu: Book to read: The Challenge of Pain 2nd ed. by Ronald Melzack & Patrick D. Wall
Mimi: my doctor doesn't know what TMJ is!
HelloKit: thats always nice, mimi :o/
Lao-tzu: too much jibing?
Mimi: yeah, Carly :o)
Lao-tzu: sorry :-)
Mimi: lol
jolene: Mimi, I know what that's like because I too have TMJ problems and arthritis in the jaws.
haa: i collect natural resource sites these days
HelloKit: could be worse - our former dr. claims fetal alcohol syndrome doesnt exist
Mimi: what do you do for your TMJ, jolene?
Mooooooo: I have a pretty high tolerance to pain
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Mooooooo: hello luscious
Mimi: hello luscious
Mimi: jinx
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jolene: I had a doctor once tell me that if they did not teach him about a particular ailment at Harvard, then it must not exist, and he was serious!
HelloKit: has anyone had a doctor recommend something that worked or at least helped?
Mooooooo: sheesh
Mimi: wow, jolene!
^tejo: hi all
HelloKit: hey tejo
Mimi: not so far, Carly
* ^tejo sends greetings to HelloKit
Mooooooo: lol, well i quit bending over for more than 1 minute :o)
Mimi: my dentist helped a bit, though
jolene: I find that manipulative therapy does a good job for short periods of time.
Mimi: sounds reasonable, Daniel *g*
HelloKit: what did your dentist say/do, mimi?
Mimi: he made me a bite splint
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Lao-tzu: tolerance is a must -- what is needed is the ability to live with pain: that is, to evolve and maintain patterns of behaviour that prevent pain from totally dominating life. If you succeed in this tou will raise your pain tolerance.
HelloKit: what is that?
Mimi: I have to wear it at night, it helps keep my jaw in place when I sleep
* HelloKit nods
Mimi: it's like a mouthpiece, kind of like a retainer
Mooooooo: thats pretty much how i handled it Han
Mimi: it helped but it wasn't a cure
jolene: Pain tolerance can be learned over time--I've had this chronic muscle and joint pain now for 10 years.
HelloKit: Has anyone turned to some kind of alternative (herbal, for example) treatment for pain?
Mooooooo: I tried Herbal for pain and for sleep
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Lao-tzu: Daniel, you're right up there!
Mooooooo: all i got was disgusting smelly burps
kb9kyy: hello
Mimi: lol
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Mooooooo: hi brad
HelloKit: lol moo i know what u mean!
kb9kyy: hi all
HelloKit: hiya brad
Lao-tzu: hi brad
haa: i keep adding more natural stuff carly
Mimi: hey Jeff
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Mooooooo: LOL
Mooooooo: howdy cam
ManwCam: wow...look at all the ppl
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jolene: I've been hesitant to try alternative types of herbal therapy because they are not regulated or standardized.
Mimi: hello ManwCam
ManwCam: howdy mooooo and all
kb9kyy: what's the topic?
jolene: Hi ManwCam
HelloKit: i tried an herbal deep heat rub a couple weeks ag for a pulled muscle
Mooooooo: did it work carly?
HelloKit: it worked 4 a while but eventually the pain came back
Mimi: Brad the topic is 'pain'
kb9kyy: Boy! can I talk about pain!!!
Lao-tzu: Jolene: sometimes you have to stray the path of the regulated and standardized -- I had a pressure sore that I treated with 'Dragon's Blood' a resin from the bark of an Amazon tree. Scabbed in 5 minutes and healed in 1 1/2 weeks. NO standardized/regulated treatments beat that.
jolene: I've found that water therapy alleviates some of the deep muscle pain I've had--but can't use it now because of seizures.
HelloKit: has anyone used an alternative treatment that helped?
kb9kyy: i tried hitting my head on the wall, all it did was knock me out...gt;
kb9kyy: just kidding
HelloKit: lol brad
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Mimi: well, putting my cup of hot coffee up against the side of my face works wonders
*** jody- has left #disabled
HelloKit: serious mimi?
jolene: Hi jody
haa: i use wrist splints ordered out of a catalog that work
*** jody- has joined #disabled
kb9kyy: with all of my eye problems, I get headaches out the ***, and asprins don't usually help
jody-: hi everyone... sorry I'm late
Mimi: I also recommend not having two year olds in the house :o)
HelloKit: brad - i may have somethin 4 u
jolene: The old heating pad is always a plus for my pain.
haa: hi jody
kb9kyy: i'll keep that in mind, what do you have for me, hellokit?
Lao-tzu: hi jody
* ManwCam has to take off...
Mimi: serious, Carly :o)
ManwCam: working on a puter
ManwCam: bye all
HelloKit: peppermint is supposed 2 help headaches - i suck on an altoid
*** ManwCam has left #disabled
Mimi: heya Jody :o)
jody-: has anyone discussed massage therapy?
kb9kyy: good, i've got plenty in the candy jar, i'll give that a try, tnx
haa: i use ice packs too which work
Mimi: heat is great for a lot of my aches and pains
jody-: hey Mims!
jolene: HelloKit does that work for migraine-type headaches?
kb9kyy: no comment, mimi...
Mooooooo: massage is good
kb9kyy: double no comment!
HelloKit: but what really helps is 2 put some peppermint drops on a handkerchief and inhale thru it
jolene: Moooooooo, massage is greatttttttt!
kb9kyy: seriously?
HelloKit: if u catch em 1st coming on, jolene
kb9kyy: .........
jody-: I startedd massage therapy and it has really helped my arthritis
Mooooooo: I heard about that on the radio Carly
Lao-tzu: Jolene: there is a special pain killer for migraines -- sorry I forgot the name, just remember that it was about $50 for 10 pills
HelloKit: yikes!
kb9kyy: does your spouse do it for you? ;-)
jolene: That's true--I sometimes think that the pain will subside, only to find that I'm in a giant flare.
jody-: peppermint is good for stomach problems too
kb9kyy: it's also good for slingshot ammo
jody-: jolene.... do you have arthritis?
jolene: jody, what kind of stomach problems?
jody-: cramping..... mostly
jolene: jody, I have Fibromyalgia.
HelloKit: brb
kb9kyy: my mom will be glad to hear that
kb9kyy: don't threaten us
kb9kyy: <G>
jody-: but if you make a chamomile/peppermint tea it is good for cramping and diahrea
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Mooooooo: Denise!!
Amazin1: Hiya!!!
jolene: hi Amazin1!
Amazin1: hi jolene
Mimi: whoa I'm lagged
* Mooooooo hugs the stuffing outta Denise
haa: my husb has a food pharmacy book and is always telling me to eat a raw onion daily
HelloKit: i wish i could talk my mom into coming online w/ us - shes the herbal guru :o)
Mimi: ping me
Mimi: hello Denise :o)
Amazin1: :-)
jody-: I have lots of books on the subject.....
kb9kyy: 17 secs, mimi
jody-: I have used the chamomile/peppermint tea a lot and it really works..
HelloKit: 15 mimi
Mimi: thanks guys, I guess I'm ok now
kb9kyy: ping me
kb9kyy: not bad, 3 secs
HelloKit: 1 sec brad
kb9kyy: i'll be back in a few, gonna get my hair cut...
haa: i now take the grape seed stuff, the pine tree stuff and a few more
kb9kyy: i won't log off, though
HelloKit: hehe, how bout thirst, any1 got a solution 4 that?
jody-: H2O?
Mooooooo: drinking works for me
Lao-tzu: 32 Mimi
HelloKit: lol thanx guys :o)
jolene: Water with a twist of lemon or lime is great for thirst.
kb9kyy: moooo, send me this log when you're done...
*** kb9kyy has left irc (Read error to kb9kyy indy2.indy.net]: Connection reset by peer)
Mimi: personally I rely heavily on Tylenol
Lao-tzu: Moo -- you mean if it doesn't help the pain at least you have a good time? :-)
HelloKit: Does anyone have any pain that they haven't found a solution for?
haa: carly i got an iced tea machine and lots of great teas
jody-: I take so much medicine I try not to add any more
Mooooooo: Tylenol does nothing for me
jody-: I'm serious about the massage therapy though....
Mooooooo: heh, Han carly asked for a solution to thirst
Mimi: yeah, my back, Carly
Mimi: I've thought about massage therapy, jody
jody-: go....
jolene: I have to use Tylenol 3 w/Codeine before the severe pain subsides to the point I can sleep at night if I get those migraine type headaches.
Mooooooo: yes, the opposite sex
Mimi: what has it done for you?
jody-: it really works
Mimi: heh, would be nice
Lao-tzu: I take 2000mg aspirin + 30 mg valium and I'm in business. Luckily the valium doesn't put me to sleep
HelloKit: ugh... the neighbors in back are playing country music really loud
jody-: a licensed massage therapist is like a physical therapist...
HelloKit: not that i dont like the music, but it is kinda loud
jody-: my therapist has been working on my hands which are really bad because of the RA...
jolene: I can't afford massage therapy--my insurance won't pay for it.
haa: jody when you have a diablity you do what does work and what might work
jody-: it helps... I didn't realize that it would, not that much
jody-: some physically therapy centers have massage therapists/physical therapists...
Mimi: I wonder if I can go even if I can't lie on my stomach
jody-: then insurance does pay for it... that's how I do it
jolene: Have you tried manipulative therapy?
jody-: they have chairs specially designed Mimi
jody-: never heard of it Jolene
haa: jolene i have grown to hate insurance
Mimi: oh, that's cool :o)
jody-: especially workers comp insurance....
jody-: massage works well for headaches too
jolene: It's osteopathic generated theraphy that stretches the muscles to make them relax--much like massage therapy.
HelloKit: yes jody :o) i always have chris massage my temples when i have a headache
jody-: my PT does that to me a little bit... it helps
jolene: haa, I detest insurance companies telling what can and can't be done.
jody-: I was very skeptical at first especially when she started massaging my hand joints...
jody-: but what a difference
jody-: I personally believe that all insurance people shhould be rounded up and shot....
jody-: but that is only my opinion
HelloKit: something that works for me with heachaches (most of mine are sinus/allergy related) is to plug my nose & blow air thru, like when yer trying 2 pop yer ears
haa: mine too
jolene: My insurance only pays for short-term physical therapy. Do you all have similar type of insurance. If you do, how do you handle chronic, long-term problems?
Mimi: lol
jody-: Carly.... have you tried Flonase for your allergies/sinus?
HelloKit: no jody, what is that?
jody-: I'm on comp and the judge ordered the company to pay...
*** luscious^ has left #Disabled
jody-: it is a great new medicine that is only topical for the nose...
HelloKit: is it rx or otc?
jolene: jody, is it better than Vancenase?
jody-: you put 2 squirt per nostril and it alleviates allergies..
*** `Kevin has joined #disabled
haa: i am geting on long term disability and have dual coverage for private ins
jody-: it is rx.... Flonase is the name. there are no generics
*** `Kevin has left #disabled
HelloKit: i use nasacort & echinacea right now
jody-: I used echinacea but had too many sinus infections.... so I use this now to prevent them
Pei: Ok get this. My chair is 31 and a half inches long, and the lift on the bus is 30 inches.... so we had to take it in and get a new axle for it, i'm pissed, i want at least an angle, they said they can get a 4 degree angle at the most and it will make it 29 inches long.... Right now i have a loaner chair... it's weird.... :(
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HelloKit: i cant get anything rx right now - my parents ins. stopped covering anything 4 allergies a few months ago, & now i dont even know if theyll cover me since im 18
jody-: oh... it isn't very expensive because my brother doesn't have insurance and he can afford to pay for the rx
Pei: OH! AND! In the lunch line at school i went through and got my meal, then going around the other side of the railing there is part of the wall that sticks out and i can't get through, so i had to go through the kitchen at school.
jolene: HelloKit, can you have your doctor give you samples of Flonase?
*** Mimi has left irc (Leaving)
HelloKit: actually i take that back - they wont cover any of our rx's anymore. theyll only cover certain pharmacies & none of them r in our town
jody-: that's a good idea jolene.... see if you can get a sample
* Pei is pissed :(
jody-: Oh Pei.... cheer up kiddo
jolene: Pei, is the school doing anything to make the area you use more accessible?
haa: my garage is full of broken down junk which seems to go with disab
* jody- hugs and kisses Pei
jody-: hey... iwiW is that you Mims?
*** iwiW is now known as Mimi
Mimi: yup :o)
jody-: cute...
Mimi: ping me
Mimi: having problems
jody-: seems like it
HelloKit: Does anyone have any suggestions for things that others have brought up?
jody-: it took me 10 min to get on... all lines busy
Pei: well
jody-: I missed some of it.... like what
Pei: they aren't
Pei: but
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Pei: i think i'm gonna sneak in the school one night and take a hacksaw to one of the railing legs, then i could get through.
*** ChanServ has joined #Disabled
HelloKit: lol pei
jody-: :)))
* HelloKit slaps ChanServ around a bit with a large trout
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Pei: be sittin there, security comes 'Son, what are you doing?' LOL
jolene: I've thought of trying yoga to try to relieve some of my pain. Has anyone used yoga?
jody-: I have....
jolene: thanks, Moooooooo!
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HelloKit: hey mr. ircop, how come chanserv's playin w/ the topic again?
haa: insurance might be a good future topic
jody-: yes.... how to kill agents
Mooooooo: i reset it since it has been very stable
Pei: OH AND! I was at wal-mart today riding in the motor cart and some clerk came up to me and said this exactly 'Excuse me partner, i'm with the store. Is there a reason you are riding in that?' I about killed him.
Pei: Mooooooo is an IRCop
Pei: COOL!
Pei: :)
jody-: Pei.... sometimes people make mistakess...
jolene: I could go on for days about insurance. Sure you want a topic like that--everyone on the channel will have horror stories galore!
HelloKit: lol unbelievable - the only time they care who's using it, its someone legit
* Pei was gonna link his server here.... but they wanrt
jody-: I've been stopped for my handicap parking tag....
Pei: HelloKit: yeah :)
Pei: jody-: ack!
jody-: one very threatening letter to the town stopped that real quick...
haa: jody there must be a way to kick thier butt
jolene: I really resent people who look down their noses at me because my handicaps are not apparent to the naked eye.
Pei: jody-: :) :) :)
jody-: they even threw out a ticket that I DID deserve... :)))
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HelloKit: some old lady cussed out my bf 4 using the sticker & getting out of the car, when he was coming around to help me out!
Pei: jody-: Oh BTW, you PROMISED ME THOSE HEXES! :)
jody-: same here jolene
jody-: later Pei.... they can't be used in anger...
jody-: how are you doing Kiddo?
jody-: Mimi is really having problems...
jolene: Texas has decided to take away free parking for the handicapped as of Sept 1.
jody-: what???!!!! it figures....
* Pei made an enemy at school right away yesterday. And i
Mooooooo: how come?
*** Mimi has joined #disabled
jody-: Pei.... did you report it?
Pei: jody-: oh you know teachers, i did report it and my friend was a witness, they said 'We need to see it to do anything!'
jody-: hi Mimi....
Mimi: hi :o)
jody-: what about your parents?
HelloKit: moo does amc affect yer hands?
Pei: Bah, i didn't bother with that
Mooooooo: yep, sure does
jody-: hey Mimi.... did you read the letter?
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Mimi: yeah Jody, great letter :o)
HelloKit: good, well not good, but i have a q 4 u
jody-: so????? what was your impression
Pei: i pulled my armrest off and said 'you wanna make soemthing of it' i should have hit him right there, but i would have been suspended :(
Mooooooo: okay :o)
Mooooooo: not if they didnt see it
jody-: Pei.... learn to control your temper!
Pei: Mooooooo: HAHAHA LOL
Pei: jody-: i try, i really do, but when someone whacks me on the back of the head i have a hard time....
HelloKit: i get these blisters on my hands, i think i told u bout them - like sweat blisters. do u think they could be caused by the fact that my hands r closed up most of the time?
Mooooooo: i doubt it
jody-: but Pei.... you made the comment
haa: get a peper ggun jody
Pei: jody-: he made the comment, i told him to get a life
jolene: bye y'all
Lao-tzu: Jolene: Changes in blood pressure and hormonal changes could be the trigger for migraines. Other triggers could be a shift in the endocrine system associated with menstruation or taking contraceptive pills. There is also a known genetic component, which itself could be the overdevelopment of excitatory faculties of the sensory syetm. Bottom line as far as I know is acceptance of pain without an external cause in the form of tissue damage becau
haa: Carly do you soak your hands
*** Fenicia has joined #disabled
*** jolene has left irc (byebye)
Mimi: Fenicia!
jody-: be right with you Pei
Fenicia: Hi :)
HelloKit: i used 2 soak them in salt water - but it was a pain 2 stand over the sink & it didnt really do that much good
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haa: hey carly how about aa little bubble bath for your hand and then lots of vitamine e cream
Lao-tzu: Carly, what has the doctor said about it? Skin specialist?
*** Mooooooo- is now known as Mooooooo
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HelloKit: every dr. weve gone 2 has just laughed us out of the office
Lao-tzu: Even when the blisters are visible?
haa: hello moooooooo
HelloKit: they dont believe it even happens
Mooooooo: /:o)
HelloKit: they brush it off as a on-time occurence
HelloKit: one-time
Mooooooo: filled blistered or just air blisters?
HelloKit: filled, like sweat or water or something
Lao-tzu: ...hhmmmm
Mooooooo: weird
Mooooooo: no clue
HelloKit: oh well :oP
Lao-tzu: I'd try a skin specialist (again?)
Mooooooo: I would call Dr. Dean
haa: docs are wierd
jody-: I like my doctor... he's gorgeous too...
Amazin1: bye all.... :-)
HelloKit: yeah like that dr, that still tells his patients 2 drink a glass of beer at night when theyre nursing
Mooooooo: bye Denise!
HelloKit: lol jody
Lao-tzu: by Amazin1
jody-: that's an old wives tale.... they used to think it was good
*** Amazin1 has left #disabled
HelloKit: tell that 2 this guy
haa: i really believe in vitamin rich cream