Created by and for people with physical disabilities.

Spring Cleaning

Apr 15, 1998

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

Participants already present:
  Emilie ([email protected])
  Mooooooo ([email protected])
  HelloKit ([email protected])
  jrt ([email protected])
Lily: spring cleaning what, carly?
Todd: I hire everybody to do the work I can't
rosie_: i am ready :)
jrt: the house and stuff??
phoenyxx: Cleaning Slinky Toys, Lily.
HelloKit: How many do your own house cleaning and would like to find ways to make the tasks easier?
rosie_: me!!!
jrt: I do and would love to find out how to make it easier
Mooooooo: everyone! :o)
rosie_: the worst thing is that it just gets dirty again
* Chan lives with his folks...they do the cleaning
jrt: I know one way but means you can never live in your house,lol
phoenyxx: making it easier- what's worked for me is working out a way to keep some things out that I need to get to rather than trying to always put things away.
Todd: lol jrt
phoenyxx: sounds weird but it's easier for me to do that than to constantly make a mess to clean up always looking for things.
Lily: i do that too
Mooooooo: thats my system too
jrt: yeah thried that pheonyxx, but just ended up with toys everywhere
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Mooooooo: everyone else calls it 'mess'
jrt: tried
HelloKit: I try to do that too, but no one believes me that it's what works for me: they just say I'm being lazy.
Lily: like putting cooking utensils in a crock
rosie_: but when it comes to something like dusting, its easier if you have as little as possible lyiing around
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phoenyxx: My apartment was always cluttered because I never had a place to put things. Lots of tapes lying around for example.
Emilie: hello beetle
Mooooooo: like putting dirty clothes in a hamper
Todd: Hey bbug
phoenyxx: anyone know how to vacuum in a chair?
beetlebug: howdy folks
phoenyxx: and dusting those areas you can't get to from the chair?
jrt: Sarahs room is the classic, dont put it away,lol
Lily: i have someone come in and do the heavy stuff
Todd: chair? please tell
jrt: HI beetle:)
jrt: Hi Hghlndr:)
beetlebug: hello,jrt
phoenyxx: that works for me daniel.....toss it right that moment or I'll forget and then clothes or other things pile up :-)
Mooooooo: simon, you attach a vaccum cleaner to a dog and toss buscuits in the hard to clean places
phoenyxx: Todd- wheelchair I mean
rosie_: you need one of those long handled things that you rub on the tv to make it charged and then its supposed to just attract the dust
HelloKit: lol
rosie_: and it bends around corners
phoenyxx: I like that Daniel! :-)
beetlebug: there you go!
phoenyxx: rosie- I've seen those. neat!
HelloKit: Does anyone already have any modified techniques which you use in cleaning?
Mooooooo: but there is a serious problem with that
jrt: yeah I've seen them rosie:)
rosie_: i do;nt know if they work though
Mooooooo: when the dog sniffs someones backside they get stuck
HelloKit: rofl
rosie_: lol
Lily: lol
Todd: I would like to know how you would in a chair, since that includes me. any ideas
Mooooooo: or they make a friends for life
jrt: ummmmm,making sure that nothing is too high for me to reach or trip over:)
Mooooooo: i use a mop to scrub the shower or bathtub
phoenyxx: jrt: same for me. can't have shelves too high
Lily: i don't know todd, i just don't vacuum
jrt: I have a little like box thing to stand on, so I can reach places
Todd: If you have the resources, pay to have it done
jrt: yeah would love too
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phoenyxx: if those jokers at Area 51 would just release their anitgrav technology to the public I'd be able to get to the high shelves :-)
beetlebug: hey,bob
Lily: my husband gave me a cleaning lady as a birthday gift
Todd: But i always take the easy way out
jrt: hi bob
rose: hi bob
bob: hi
Todd: Hey bob
rosie_: its hard to find good cleaning ladys/men that don;t cost too much
jrt: yeah I would feel kind of lazy then, I dont know??
Lily: hi bob
jrt: all I would really like is a well trained family,lol
rosie_: lol
Lily: this one just comes every other week, for 4 hrs
phoenyxx: at my apartment the kitchen wasn't too hard to clean but sweeping the kitchen floor and trying to vacuum the carpet was hard without help.
HelloKit: That would be cool, Simon :o)
hghlndr: me too, jrt LOL
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Todd: When you look up the word lazy; there i'am
phoenyxx: sure would be cool Carly :-)
mrsd81: hi everyone!
Todd: just a joke
Lily: hi
jrt: hi mrsd81:)
Todd: hey 81
rosie_: hi mrs
HelloKit: I have dreams all the time that I can fly... only it's more like swimming in the air.
phoenyxx: I'm not sure about other areas but here most houses and apartments are carpeted....I'd like to see more hard floors, it would be so much easier to clean.
mrsd81: How are things tonight...what's the topic?
phoenyxx: Carly: I've had dreams like that!
Lily: same here, carly!
HelloKit: Whoa...
Todd: purgo the way to go
beetlebug: lazy spelled sideways is convenunce
rosie_: i love those flying dreams... it means that you are happy :)
jrt: I saw remote control vacum cleaners on the TV not that long ago
Todd: lol bb
rosie_: oh cool jrt
Lily: really? that's nice
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mrsd81: We aren't that advanced here.
phoenyxx: if I had a robotic vacuum cleaner I'd get one that looked like a Dalek. just to freak people out :-)
rosie_: lol
rosie_: hi guest
HelloKit: 'I'm not going to vacuum until Sears makes one you can ride on.' -Rosanne
phoenyxx: mrs81: our current technology is worthless.
beetlebug: hello guest
guest: hello everyone
Lily: hi, guest
Todd: lol kit
phoenyxx: rosie: a Dr. Who fan?
mrsd81: A riding avcuum...kids would love it!
jrt: they were in the US i think??
rosie_: ummm sort of... i used to watch it when i was little... i'm only 22
rosie_: it used to scare me sometimes
jrt: Hi guest:)
phoenyxx: rosie: it ran in the US for a long time, and I got hooked on it :-)
Todd: rosie - boo
mrsd81: Dr who was toooo wierd for me.
* phoenyxx is 27 btw
phoenyxx: mrs81: never too weird! :-)
guest: guest has a teenage son, great for spring cleaning
rosie_: one episode where the plant grew and took over the house really scared me
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Diablo1: hello all
jrt: Hi Diablo:)
Emilie: hello diablo :)
Diablo1: long time no see
phoenyxx: ....actually the robot vacuum cleaner at my house would be something for the dogs to play chicken with :-)
hghlndr: my teenageson is into teenage girls
phoenyxx: rosie: where are you from?
HelloKit: Hey! :o)
beetlebug: every time i get something automatic or that makes things easy ,I hear other's say my but you have it easy,and I could tear my hair out
phoenyxx: hello Diablo!
rosie_: sydney australia
rose: hi Diablo
Diablo1: hey there's nothing wrong with that
rosie_: back to the topic!
phoenyxx: rosie: just curious :-)
jrt: I have a 9yu daughter that thinks cleaning is a dirty word
HelloKit: What are some cleaning-related tasks which you would like to find a way to adapt?
Diablo1: so what is tonight's topic
HelloKit: Except you guys have practically already answered this one... lol
Diablo1: since i don't do cleaning i wouldn't know
jrt: all of the above, sorry
Lily: now that the kids don't live at home, its dirt not mess
mrsd81: Self cleaning windows
Chan: an easier way to wash my back in the shower, maybe.
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Lily: and mirrors
rosie_: lol chan
Diablo1: all i have to do is keep my room clean and since i don't do anyhting do amke it dirty i don't have to worry about anything
Chan: ;) rosie
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jrt: self cleaning dishes and floors:)
HelloKit: how to dust higher places when you can't lift your arms at all
*** guest has left irc (guest)
Diablo1: that's a good one hello
beetlebug: how about a modified wheel chair to work with cleaning aids
*** bob has joined #Disabled
rosie_: if you can hold something then you can use that long handled thing that was talking about earlier
mrsd81: Maybe a maid like Alice on the Brady Bunch
rosie_: you don;t have to lift your arms at all
phoenyxx: Brady Bunch was an affront to our culture :-)
Diablo1: how about a wheel chair that has a pop-down broom on it so you can sweep while getting around
* HelloKit hmms.
jrt: yeah as long as I dont become Marsha,lol
HelloKit: There you go... I like that!
*** kcaj has joined #disabled
rosie_: thats a good idea
mrsd81: Hi kcaj
jrt: yeah like a street cleaner truck
rosie_: lol
phoenyxx: ....no arm problems for me but carpal tunnel syndrome flares up really bad. I've tried using my 'grabber' to hold a dustrag and that's worked sometimes.
Diablo1: wow i used my head for something else besides a hat rack
bob: i have a lhasa apso with long hair i just spray with end dust and she cleans for me
phoenyxx: Diablo: and it can also be used to chase pets :-)
Diablo1: lol
phoenyxx: bob: lol!
Diablo1: yeah
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mrsd81: How do you clean the dog Bob?
HelloKit: another one: spray cans/bottles... I don't have enough strength to spray most of them
Lily: or shake them
Diablo1: or how about for those of us with arthritis and stuff like that
bob: havent got that one yet
jrt: what about the pump up type Carly??
Diablo1: easy to hold tools
Lily: no screw top bottles
jrt: they use air pressure that is pumped into them to spray
beetlebug: I wonder if those dust ionizers really work?
HelloKit: I can do the ones with the narrow pump that sticks up high enough, like Windex. But air fresheners, Pledge, etc... forget it.
Lily: they work, jrt
jrt: I think they do bettle
mrsd81: Thjose manga-duster work okay
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beetlebug: but? not really sure
jrt: and now dont laugh, but a wrench that is used to remove oil filters works really well on some screw top lids
phoenyxx: Carly- they've got those empty spray bottles you can put anything in....perhaps putting liquid cleaners in one of those might help.
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Todd: they do bug
phoenyxx: jrt: actually a good idea on that! every now and then I can't get new jelly or peanut butter jars open.
HelloKit: Good idea, but that won't work for stuff that comes in aerosol cans.
beetlebug: how well ?
phoenyxx: Carly: no, I mean some furniture polishes and cleaners come in normal containers, you just pour them into the sprayers.
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rose: Vim is a real cleaner for hetting black marks off of walls and so on from chars
Chan: hey laura
phoenyxx: rose: get all black furniture to avoid that :-)
phoenyxx: hello Laura
Lily: hi laura
mrsd81: Hi Laura
jrt: ummm, maybe you could find a place that sells air freshners and stuff in likt bulk or something like that??
Todd: I've heard from my mother that they work bbug. me clean, never
rose: :o) i like that even better
rosie_: there must be some alternatice products that do the same jobs that don;t come in aerosols
Diablo1: my mom used to be a clean freak but she got out of that stage
beetlebug: I have a coal furnace and was wondering about the dust/
*** nadja has joined #disabled
Emilie: welcome with us nadja :)
mrsd81: Maybe a janitorial supply store?
Diablo1: beetle try an ionizer
Laura2: hi everyone....don't have much time....tutoring soon...just checking in
Laura2: hi nadja
nadja: hi
HelloKit: There are some air fresheners that come in a little decorative thing you push down against the table instead of holding it up and spraying... I just worry about my hand covering the nozzle when I spray it.
rosie_: yeh we have those carly
mrsd81: We have alot of dust here in the desert, nothing works perfectly.
Laura2: that would work for me
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HelloKit: Does anyone have any suggestions for these or any other house cleaning tasks?
Diablo1: hey we used to have these things that you could stick anywhere and they would hold arosol cans
beetlebug: mrsd81 where are you from?
Diablo1: and all you had to do to get the arosol cans to spray was to like touch the thingy
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Laura2: where do you get them?
Diablo1: not sure
Todd: Since I never clean, Everyone Have A Great Evening!!!
mrsd81: The new shoewer cleaners work, you just spray after each shower, and you don't get the build up
jrt: another good cleaning produce taht helps when you clean the bathroom is shower power, rosie would have heard of it?
jrt: you just spray or wipe it on and leave for a few mins and it cleans the shower, bath what ever
Diablo1: just know we had them
Lily: bye, todd
Diablo1: later todd
rosie_: yeh i think we have some of that but i never used it
Laura2: it works well
HelloKit: Oh, btw, the w/c-attached broom gave me an idea for vacuuming...
Diablo1: and for outside cleaning
Diablo1: that new windex stuff you attach onto you garden hose really works good to
jrt: hey I know what about stick in clips, plastic ones, you can get then in all different sizes, maybe even to fir a spray can
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jrt: in=on
Diablo1: (especially if you hook it up to a power washeer hose like mine but also works great with normal hoses
Laura2: what r they, Debbie?
HelloKit: What if you use a canister vac instead of an upright, and somehow attach the hose or attachment to your chair?
phoenyxx: now that's an idea, just remember to keep the hose from getting tangled :-)
HelloKit: That's how we play hockey at camp... hehe
Laura2: that would be great!
Lily: now, carly, what about those of us who tremble on one side and can't do any of this?
jrt: um they have like double sided tape on the back, and they are like 2 half circles
Diablo1: i'm lost on what you are talking about
Laura2: what do they do?
*** NaxMan has left #disabled
Diablo1: what are they period
rosie_: i have never heard of those jrt
jrt: they are like c's only sideways
Laura2: hold stuff?
bob: got to go cant t;ype anymore see you all tomorrow
beetlebug: sorry,guyz dotta go!
jrt: they are in the supermarkets and those cheap shops
rosie_: bye bob, beetle
jrt: cant think of there proper name
Laura2: take care
*** bob has left irc (bob)
Lily: bye bob, beetle
mrsd81: bye to those who are leaving us
rose: bye bob
beetlebug: bye rosie
jrt: bye bettle:)
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Diablo1: some of the bewst holding stuff that is easy to remove and is reusable is the stick puddy
Diablo1: puddy=putty
phoenyxx: or lots of velcro everywhere :-)
Laura2: brb
jrt: like a plastic spring clip
mrsd81: W
Laura2: back
Diablo1: i hate velcro
mrsd81: Where is everyone from?
Diablo1: west virgina
Laura2: :)
Emilie: quebec, canada
rose: nova scotia
Laura2: California
rosie_: sydney australia
phoenyxx: Diablo, velcro came out our glorious space program.
mrsd81: W V is beatiful. I miss green
phoenyxx: <----San Antonio, Texas, in the USA.
Lily: carly, what about the others of us, who have other disabilities?
Diablo1: yeah but i still hate velcro
jrt: brisbane,australia
Diablo1: like what
*** elisabeth has joined #disabled
Laura2: hemiplegia?
Diablo1: (velcro is too loud
Emilie: hello elisabeth :)
mrsd81: Hi Elizabeth
jrt: does anybody know what a spring clip looks like??
Diablo1: sorry don't really know what that is
Lily: Me, diablo?
jrt: Hi Lisa:)
Diablo1: nope
rose: hi elisabeth
Diablo1: yeah i meant you
rosie_: no jrt i don;t
Diablo1: lily
Laura2: hi lisa
Laura2: good to see u
HelloKit: I don't know Lily, be more specific and maybe we can help.
jrt: like um what you might use in an aquarium, maybe
elisabeth: hello jrt, thank you so much for the card
elisabeth: hi rose and laura
jrt: or like they use to hold tubing in place say on a car engine
Diablo1: not really sure
Laura2: no, debbie
Lily: well, i tremble on the right side, so a lot of these ideas won't work if you've only got 1 hand
Diablo1: hey on stuff likeyou are talking about jrt
*** fence has joined #disabled
mrsd81: I would like to know where to get a keyboard for someone with limited hand control.
Emilie: hi seth :)
fence: hiya Em
Diablo1: they have these little clips that have a clip on both ends
jrt: okay I will get on down the shop,scan it and send you a pic of it:)
Laura2: I am basically one-handed too
Diablo1: so you can hold stuff in place and use both hands at the same time
elisabeth: mmooo, what is everyone talking about
Lily: are you, laura?
Laura2: like the ones to close bags?
jrt: will have a pic of one for you all tommorrow:)
Diablo1: elis we are talking about stuff that will help out whilke doing chores
Laura2: Where do you live, Mrs.?
Diablo1: ok i want to seee it
Laura2: Yes, lily
jrt: kind of, like ones that say hold pens and pencils to the wall
Diablo1: by hte way as soon as i can get to a scanner i will have a pic too
elisabeth: diablo, who is whilke
jrt: only bigger
mrsd81: New Mexico. But from Georgia. Stuck here due to husbands job
Diablo1: (it's of me with my beatiful dread locks
rosie_: i know what you mean now jrt :)
Laura2: much more limited and weak on right side
elisabeth: mrs, my brother lives in nm, nice state
Diablo1: whilke=while
mrsd81: Elisabeth. Summers too hot. No green
elisabeth: thanks diablo
jrt: as soon as you see what I mean you will know them
Diablo1: np
elisabeth: mrs, i agree, no green
Lily: same here, no good to use the right hand for anything fine
rosie_: it sticks on the wall and has little claw things and when you pull the pen out the claws let go and when you want to put the pen back in, the claws close and hold it in place
Laura2: but I'm trying to increase my control on right side
Lily: rose, u still here?
rose: yes
Diablo1: what happened to moooooooo
jrt: yes rosie!!!!!!!
Lily: good:)
rosie_: can you get them any bigger ?
Laura2: cool
jrt: I think I have seen them bigger
Lily: laura, what exercises do you do for it?
rosie_: :)
mrsd81: L
jrt: thankyou someone knows what I mean:)
rosie_: heheeh
mrsd81: I had to leave for a few minutes, back now
Diablo1: sorry jrt
Diablo1: still clueless
* phoenyxx is in standby mode :-)
Laura2: where do you live, mrs.
Diablo1: but as long as you are happy i'm happy
* Diablo1 asks all in the room if they want someting to
lisiado: I don't know who jo is.
Laura2: massage, rolling ball around with it, anything to make motion more precise
jrt: I will still get one and show you:)
lisiado: Jo- was last on IRC channel #Disabled 1 hour, 26 minutes ago.
Lily: must go now, bye everyone - lovely meeting kit
mrsd81: I work with disabled. What can people do to make things easier in places like stores?
Diablo1: goo dat least she is still coming here
phoenyxx: hehehe I could say something.....
Laura2: there you go
Laura2: bye lily
Diablo1: i will have to stop in a tthe right time and visit her
rosie_: bye lily
rose: bye lily
Diablo1: later lily
phoenyxx: to make things easier in stores I take my friends, Heckler and Koch, along with me :-)
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HelloKit: Since I couldn't come up with many questions for this topic, I want to spend the rest of the meeting brainstorming for future meetings and newsletters. Are there any specific topics you'd like to see covered in a meeting?
Diablo1: nope
mrsd81: Tell me more Phoenyxx
HelloKit: Oh good, thanks Jason
HelloKit: :oP
*** Ray-1 has joined #disabled
phoenyxx: Carly: how about how to find out how people got on the mailing list who didn't sign up :-)
Diablo1: you could have the workers help with the hard to reach things
Mooooooo: how about one on dating
HelloKit: Hey Ray
jrt: I dunno, I will go along with what ever:)
HelloKit: lol
Laura2: there is a specialized computer place in California, mrs....they might be able to refer you
elisabeth: moo, that is a good one, hello:-)
phoenyxx: mrs81: well it might get me into trouble.....
rosie_: jrt... what about your cooking lesson...hehehe
Mooooooo: 'how to pick up gimps' ;o)
jrt: yeah that would be a good one daniel:)
Ray-1: Hi, carly.
Diablo1: i don't know how many times i would be in a store siting there for like 30 minutes waiting for someone to wander by so i could see something that was on the top shelf
elisabeth: :-(
Laura2: am I lagging
*** CB has joined #disabled
HelloKit: She signed up, Simon, she just didn't know that was what she doing at the time... some people just go around filling in forms and never really pay attention to what the forms are for.
jrt: yeah we could have one on cooking lessons??
mrsd81: I agree Diablo. I am 5 feet, or 1.5 meters tqall, and everything is on the top shelves. It embarrassing to ask for help.
phoenyxx: Carly: sounds like a newcomer to the net :-)
*** nadja has left #disabled
phoenyxx: mrs81: I'm 5'4', sitting only 4'5' so everything is out of reach sometimes.
*** nate has joined #disabled
jrt: ummm we could have one on how to find single females for all the single guys on here:)
Diablo1: nad the newer doors that open like byfoldoing doors are also nice
mrsd81: I know whci
* CB is building planters for my garden makes gardening
CB: Welcome to #disabled nate
Laura2: there is a specialized computer place in California, mrs.
jrt: HI CB:)
Laura2: they might refer you
Diablo1: i don't have to worry about getting hit with the door when it opens that way
phoenyxx: good idea jrt :-)
CB: hi jrt
mrsd81: I know what stores to shop at that have stuff I need in reach and shop there.
Mooooooo: well, a dart gun would be good for getting things from a top shelf
Laura2: lol mooooooooo
phoenyxx: daniel: not the type of gun I'd carry around.
mrsd81: Maybe a lasso.
phoenyxx: you need something to persuade them to make the stores accessable.
jrt: or a broom handle would do the trick as well,lol
Diablo1: no a dart gun would be good to shoot the asshol*s that work at the stores
Mooooooo: simon, you want to get the object closer, not put it through the ceiling
CB: oo buck shot?
HelloKit: Yeah, something that shoots out a suction cup, then retracts pulling the item back with it :o)
CB: lol
jrt: lol yeah carly
Laura2: but then there's picking it up....
phoenyxx: or join Psi-Corp to learn telekinesis :-)
Emilie: lol
phoenyxx: Psi-Corps
HelloKit: Nah Laura, pulls it right into your lap :o)
phoenyxx: wonder where I got that? :-)
jrt: hey what about those arm thingies they have for kids, that grab things
Laura2: yeah
rosie_: yeh jrt
CB: impact of dart knocks rest of items into next aisle lol
Diablo1: i prefer the old ram the shelf until it either falls over or what you want falls down tenique
HelloKit: They're not very strong and they don't last very long, Debbie
mrsd81: Most places are better than they use d to be.
Mooooooo: lol
Laura2: they work, but I have broken many
Laura2: so do I, diablo
*** Emilie is now known as em-brb
HelloKit: Is there anything you would like to see covered in a future edition of WheeliWeb Gazette?
mrsd81: Me too Laura, serves them right to clean uo the mess!
phoenyxx: they do make grabbers specifically for people in our situations.
Mooooooo: centerfolds
HelloKit: lol
Diablo1: the best are the ones they make shop use
Laura2: brb
rosie_: lol moo
CB: how about a jump ramp:? lol shop on the fly litterally
jrt: ping me
phoenyxx: info on where to park the truck for maximum effect......
Laura2: have to go...bye
Mooooooo: bye laura
rosie_: bye laura
rose: bye Laura
Diablo1: they are made of metal and you push a little button and a 5 pronged claw pops out and when you realease the button hte claw retracts and pulls what ever you want back
jrt: oh well just a thought:)
nate: bye laura
mrsd81: I am interested in barriers people have faced getting education.
phoenyxx: Diablo: where do you get one of those?
Diablo1: later laura
jrt: bye laura:)
rosie_: jrt PING reply]: 1min 6secs
Diablo1: not sure but my uncle has a few
HelloKit: Ooh, you missed that one, mrs... we had a meeting on that a couple months ago.
Diablo1: he uses them to set up stuff on his train set
CB: auto parts stores have em
rosie_: 4 secs now jrt
phoenyxx: mrs81: at the local community college here the biggest barrier to disabled students is the disabled student services office.
Diablo1: try a hardware store
mrsd81: Oh
phoenyxx: thanks Diablo
HelloKit: 64 secs Debbie
jrt: brb changing servers
*** jrt has left irc (Leaving)
Diablo1: jrt a seconds here
Diablo1: 22
mrsd81: I've noticed some professors not being patient if students need more time to do work.
Diablo1: not a major problem here
Diablo1: here most teachers treat me as though is retarded instread of disabled
elisabeth: mmooo?
Mooooooo: hi lisa
Diablo1: and the biggest problem here is the manuvering into and around the classrooms
Mooooooo: ya know what would be real nice?
Diablo1: but hten again i'm only in highschool
Mooooooo: if everyone typed /SERVER irc.gamesbbs.com
Mooooooo: /:o)
*** jrt has joined #disabled
HelloKit: lol
CB: Welcome to #disabled jrt
Diablo1: so what would a punk kid like me know :)
rosie_: wb jrt
phoenyxx: at the college I went to the instructors are very accomodating but the DSS is hostile to the disabled students.
jrt: hope this better??
mrsd81: Do they talk REAL LOUD so you cah hear?
* HelloKit just stays on whatever server is working well
*** BuddhaCat has joined #disabled
elisabeth: ?SERVER irc.hamesbbs.com
CB: Welcome to #disabled BuddhaCat
rosie_: i'm on your server today moo... i've had no lag problem yet :)
em-brb: chan :)))
*** BuddhaCat is now known as Chan
elisabeth: moo, i did
Ray-1: brb
Mooooooo: woohooo rosie :o)
HelloKit: 30 secs Debbie
jrt: so anything exciting happened while I wasnt here??
rosie_: jrt... use moo's server
CB: well
Mooooooo: lisa, look at what you typed
*** Ray-1 has left #disabled