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Thanksgiving Plans (fun chat)

Nov 25, 1998

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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LoneWolf: ok logging has began
kim^^: need the / ?
LoneWolf: yes
usn21: gottsago , have fun everybody. bye
LoneWolf: you can stay John
LoneWolf: Tonight is a fun chat
*** usn21 has left #disabled-rt
LoneWolf: We are going to unwind and begin our holiday with warm memories and laughs'
Woz: my g ma was a great cook
LoneWolf: Is everyone here from USA or Canada?
suze: mine could bake well
suze: usa
kim^^: usa
CindyB: that's funny, I'm running around the kitchen now lie a turkey with its head chopped off
Woz: usa
Lily: the canadian thaksgiving was in oct.
suze: my gma made great pastry puffs
LoneWolf: still counts for memories
Lily: im canadian
Woz: np
LoneWolf: Let's start with funny stories
suze: and all sorts of cookies
Woz: eat twice
suze: i have one
Woz: go
LoneWolf: Anyone have any funny Thanksgiving memories LILY
Lily: me
LoneWolf: oh sory suze go ahed
Lily: me
Lily: me
suze: i have 3 brothers and one sister, big family in a small home, growing up
LoneWolf: ok
Woz: more
anny1: i remember getting up and watching maceys parade while others cooked
suze: i remember one tksgiving when all the leftover turkey was nicely stored in the refrigerator
CindyB: Macey's Parade...big winner in my home growing up too
suze: and during the middle of the night, one by one, we each crept to the kitchen
suze: and stole some turkey for a midnight snack
suze: by morning, there was nothing left
Woz: lol
LoneWolf: lol
Lily: none??:)
kim^^: my mom ruled with aN IRON fist 14 kids so we each brought a dish one yr. she got up there was no pie left she was !#@$@, the next yr we had no potatoes but 14 pumpkin pies, mama was happy:)
suze: my mom and dad couldn't believe it, they had planned to have sandwiches the day after
suze: but nothing was left, lol
Lily: lol
suze: lol
LoneWolf: funny
Lily: well, i had just taken turkeyy from oven.............
LoneWolf: Lily
Woz: small bird big family
Lily: and while removing it from roasting pan, it slipped...........
LoneWolf: continue Lil
anny1: staying up late visiting, last to go to bed 10 pairs of shoes sitting out in living room
suze: o no
LoneWolf: rofl
LoneWolf: rofl
LoneWolf: rofl
Lily: it flew across floor, grease everywhere
suze: lol
anny1: lol
suze: noooooo
LoneWolf: drofl
CindyB: hahaha
LoneWolf: upside down gasping for air
LoneWolf: go on
Lily: so i picked it up, wiped it off, put on platter, decorated with parsley
LoneWolf: tell em what u did
CindyB: hahhahahahahaha
LoneWolf: CPR HELP
CindyB: Good one!!
suze: excellent
Lily: it looked lovely
LoneWolf: roflmao
Lily: and was beautifully done
LoneWolf: moral is: Never eat turkey at Lily's
suze: u go
suze: lol
CindyB: LOL
Lily: and dog cleaned up kitchen
Woz: when wife & 1st married neither knew how to cook turky so on t day i spent abt 2 hrs to find t tv din
LoneWolf: if it has parsly on it watch out
Lily: lol
Lily: mint, if dessert
LoneWolf: lool
LoneWolf: tv dinner turkey
suze: oh no woz
suze: that's awful, lol
Woz: is true
LoneWolf: ok truthfully
LoneWolf: how many people have forgotten to tak giblets out of turkey
Woz: looking back it funny
CindyB: ME!! Lots of times..
suze: what is a giblet??
LoneWolf: me too
CindyB: I've left paper and all in the darn thing
LoneWolf: neck liver heart gizzard
Lily: cooked with paper bag in it with neck inside once
suze: yuk
CindyB: hahha
Lily: improved flavour, i thought
LoneWolf: me too Lily
suze: i won't be able to eat tomorrow
kim^^: i can't find my raising hand key:(
Woz: in plain brown wrapper
LoneWolf: poor suze
Woz: lol
Lily: lol
LoneWolf: your turn Kim
suze: that's ok, i know my sil will do right thing
suze: i'm safe
kim^^: turn for what?
Lily: lol
LoneWolf: thought you were raising hand to talk
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LoneWolf: hi Ais
Lily: tell bird story, kim
Ais: hello :)
kim^^: nope just saying yes to cook with the innards
LoneWolf: tell ur funniest Thanksgiving story
LoneWolf: IC
CindyB: We had duck one year instead of turkey, didn't care for it to well
Lily: have funny easter story,
LoneWolf: wild?
Woz: lol
LoneWolf: ok
CindyB: yes
CindyB: Plucked the feathers from it too, very tough! YUK
Ais: ewwwww
Lily: o, i love duck
LoneWolf: tell easter story lil
kim^^: it took me 20 minutes to remember the pies i have no more stories but have cooked a wild turkey was great:)
Lily: was it gamey, kim???
LoneWolf: was it gamey tasting
kim^^: not at all
kim^^: no
LoneWolf: lol
Woz: anny
LoneWolf: well I have one
kim^^: go
anny1: yes woz
LoneWolf: doesn't match the turkey slide but
Lily: friend came for easter dinner, 15 years ago, hid tiny choc. eggs all over basement for daughter...............
LoneWolf: usually everyone brings a dish
Lily: but he never counted them.............
LoneWolf: go on Lily
suze: o nooooo
anny1: oops
Lily: other day, dog had something in his mouth..........
suze: noooooooo
Lily: was little grey egg!!!'
suze: uh oh
anny1: yuck
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Woz: rofl
Ais: lol
Lily: 15 years and were still finding them
CindyB: yuk..some very aged chocolate
Woz: well aged
Lily: yes, threw out
anny1: vintage choco
Ais: lol
suze: could kill your dog
Lily: didnt eat, though tempted
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CindyB: lol
Woz: rofl
Woz: judy next
LoneWolf: ok we usually all bring a dish
LoneWolf: my daughter has rep for her cooking talents
Lily: just a plate??
CindyB: lol
suze: lol
LoneWolf: smarty
Ais: lol
Lily: :)
anny1: lol
suze: cuts down on cleaning for hostess
*** Ray-1 has left #disabled-rt
LoneWolf: anyway we usually ask her to bring paper plates or package rolls
LoneWolf: couple of years ago she was determined to bring a dish
anny1: the social worker judi?
LoneWolf: we still don't know what it was
LoneWolf: yes
suze: lol
Woz: lol
suze: o noooooo
LoneWolf: had chips
LoneWolf: called a carrot something
suze: i thought u meant she was really a good cook
suze: i missed that
Woz: sounds like my sis in-law
Woz: lol
suze: hope she learned her lesson
LoneWolf: everyone kept passing it fast and making sure their plates were too full
suze: ask her, please don't bring a dish
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suze: roflmao
anny1: mystery dish
CindyB: hahaha
CindyB: poor Jen
LoneWolf: Cindy ate some of it
larae: hiya...
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CindyB: we gave her easy fod for tomorrow
suze: and lived?
CindyB: food
LoneWolf: hi larae
Ais: hi wren..hi larae
Wren: hi
LoneWolf: we have to monitor her every step-she substitutes
Lily: lol
suze: poor thing
Lily: my kinda cook
suze: she should just buy something from the deli
CindyB: yes, what was she substituded brown sugar fro in her baked beans? Flour or something??
LoneWolf: Cindy pulls her hair out trying to find easy stuff for her to cook
Woz: lol
suze: o m g
anny1: yes deli that's what i do
Lily: never stuff turkey with eccles cakes
LoneWolf: yes
suze: lol
suze: poor thing
Woz: rofl
LoneWolf: poor husband
CindyB: we gave her canned foods for tomorrow, heat and serve
LoneWolf: can't understand why you need to salt and pepper things
kim^^: tell her to use a pan i hope?
LoneWolf: or add margarine etc
CindyB: lol Oh me, we didn't explain that to her kim
Lily: she sounds creative
anny1: rofl
LoneWolf: dangerous
Wren: is it all females here?
Woz: rofl
LoneWolf: her Dad is allergic to pultry
Lily: ahhhhhh
Lily: lol
LoneWolf: she brought a chicken caserole to one dinner
CindyB: Well what do you expect, microwave popcorn is her idea for a good supper
Lily: pultry what??
CindyB: LOL
LoneWolf: poultry
CindyB: Poor Dad
Lily: oh
Woz: wren look to top of screen
LoneWolf: woz is max
Wren: yes?
larae: i am a newbie all....
Lily: thought pultry a regional dish, like grits
LoneWolf: ok we're just having fun tonight
LoneWolf: lost o this tuime
larae: kewl.....
Woz: t day memoties
LoneWolf: got any funny Thanksgiving memories?
Wren: what's significant about top of screen?
LoneWolf: title of meeting
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larae: no....except one year one of my cousins got drunk she fell off a chair..
Lily: oooooooooooooooooooooooo
Wren: i was just curious about m/f thing
Lily: looks like hugs
LoneWolf: ouch
Wren: yes, i know what a topic is
LoneWolf: anymore funnies?
Ais: my mother dropped her turkey on the floor for christmas dinner
Ais: taking it out of oven
LoneWolf: ok favorite Thanksgiving memories
LoneWolf: is she related to Lily?
larae: can i ask who is everyone....?? where they are and all that..
Ais: nobody ever knew :)
Lily: lol, lw
LoneWolf: parsley?
Lily: rofl
Wren: southern california
LoneWolf: sure larae
CindyB: <---Cindy, female, Indiana
LoneWolf: judi/Ky
Ais: nova scotia
Woz: max ca
LoneWolf: 47
Sue: Sue, female, TX
anny1: annette tx
Lily: alison/canada and annette
Wren: F
larae: then another tyme a ring from a cousins fiancee fell into the cavity of the turkey with the stuffing we had to have it fished out..
Wren: 49
Sue: 35
larae: i am 27...female..wa state
Lily: old
LoneWolf: oh yuck
anny1: 37
Lily: stunning
Woz: wow i have a harem
LoneWolf: I gather the ring was found
CindyB: 31
larae: lone wolf yes...
anny1: larae lol
Woz: 1 t day not to forget
Lily: o, good, larae
LoneWolf: ok-fav Thanksgivings
Lily: lol
LoneWolf: go max
CindyB: every year is always a favorite to me, gets better and better, more and more to be thankful for
Woz: im in heaven
LoneWolf: in that case hush max
Lily: brb
LoneWolf: lol
Woz: lol
larae: we had my cousin who had no idea what her fiancee was doing trying to unfish something from the turkey, you got grandma trying to stuff the byrd...and then you got everyone else yelling whens dinner..
LoneWolf: teasing dear
Woz: rofl
LoneWolf: rofl
Wren: we should have thanksgiving day food all year!
LoneWolf: did he propose that day?
Woz: il go for that
Wren: i'd be HUGE
larae: yes...after the ring was plucked out and dinner was on the table..everyone settled down hegot up and went down on one knee...
LoneWolf: awwwwwwwwww
CindyB: awe
larae: it was a sght to see..
LoneWolf: in front of everyone?
LoneWolf: everybody cry?
Woz: brave man
larae: grandma cried...
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CindyB: makes me want to cry
larae: everyone was in on it that it was gonna happen....:)
* LoneWolf asks for a hankie
* Wren opens a fresh box of kleenex
LoneWolf: My fav Thanksgiving was once when I was a teenager
* LoneWolf thanks Wren and blows nose loudly
Lily: brb, phone
LoneWolf: My grandfather was in a nurisng home
LoneWolf: My mom and I went and watched parades with him
CindyB: awe...that's sweet.
LoneWolf: last time I ever really communicated with him
LoneWolf: never forget that
RealAnna: nice memory
LoneWolf: yes he was dead before the next one
CindyB: When I was little, we always went to the Circus on Thanksgiving night
CindyB: one yr my sister couldn't go
*** Driveshaf has joined #disabled-RT
CindyB: she had to be in the hospital that day for a tonsilectomy
LoneWolf: hi Dony
larae: my grandma where we had most our thanksgivings....died earlier this year so tommorrow is a lil bittersweet for me
LoneWolf: ewww
LoneWolf: so did you get to go Cindy?
CindyB: BRB pies are ready to come out..
CindyB: Yes, I had fun! lol
Sue: tomorrow is our first TD without my mother-in-law - kinda nervous
LoneWolf: ack stopped in mid story
LoneWolf: are u cooking Sue
Sue: no i was assigned corn - not too hard
LoneWolf: sorry larae
Sue: potluck deal
Woz: lol
LoneWolf: IC
larae: i am not doing much tommorrow...3000 miles from home and lots of college work to get done..
RealAnna: larae - you know she will be there dont you?
LoneWolf: Dony-any funny or special Thanksgiving memories?
larae: real anna i know she like my mom and uncle are there...looking down and seeing me through life!
Driveshaf: no
RealAnna: you bet she is
LoneWolf: what about you RA?
larae: its just a lil hard!
LoneWolf: I'm sure larae
RealAnna: well i miss not having all the fuss at my home - going to Aunt's
RealAnna: but resigned to enjoy
LoneWolf: too much for you ?
Wren: bye all. have a nice tgiving!
RealAnna: yes to much
LoneWolf: bye ren
RealAnna: bye wren Happy Thanksgiving!
Woz: bbs wren
CindyB: By wren
LoneWolf: maybe I'll find w's in turkey tomorrow
anny1: bye wren
larae: so i got a question for you all..knowing full well this is not the topic..
RealAnna: ok shoot
LoneWolf: is ok informal tonight
Wren: go to http://www.geocities.com/soho/square/8149/fallthanks.html
*** Wren has left #disabled-rt
LoneWolf: larae?
*** Hank has joined #disabled-rt
LoneWolf: hi Hank
larae: ok....i am a college student without a disability....i work though with deaf and disabled persons....is there any info about how it is to be deaf and/or disabled in a personal type of way..like vingettes and stuff like that..i am doing a project for colle
larae: college
larae: deaf i got covered..mostly....
Sue: what's a vingette?
RealAnna: well your asking the right people - but what is your focus?
kim^^: nope no instructions that i know of
LoneWolf: larae if you e-mail me I'll forward to the mailing list
RealAnna: do you want personal comments on what our life everyday is like?
RealAnna: good idea LW
LoneWolf: my e-mail is judi
larae: my focus is ....i looked at books by a deaf dr, deaf lawyer and deaf journalist and their lives..now i am looking at disabilitys as a whole and connect the two...
LoneWolf: [email protected]
larae: real anna yes...
LoneWolf: but no is not a good time, ok?
Driveshaf: what the ??
LoneWolf: Dony?
RealAnna: agree LW - larae come back here often a talk to people
larae: lone wolf ok i can send you a note in a few days..
anny1: check out local independent living center if you have one in your area larae
Driveshaf: ya
LoneWolf: what the haat?
LoneWolf: what
CindyB: ?
LoneWolf: ok here's one more clencher
Driveshaf: i'm confused
LoneWolf: blank your mind ot
CindyB: hehe me too
CindyB: that's easy for me to do
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LoneWolf: and think of Thanksgiving and tell us the first thing that comes to mind
larae: turkey!
Woz: food
kim^^: people
Driveshaf: turkey
anny1: smell of food
RealAnna: pie
Hank: family
suze: overeating, bellyaches
Sue: corn
LoneWolf: lol
RealAnna: lots of chit chat
Driveshaf: pumkin pie
suze: leftovers!!!!!!
CindyB: hot kitchens
CindyB: crowds
larae: lone wolf when is a good tyme for me to write you to get on the mailing list..i could just tell you what my email addy is now
RealAnna: Miracle on 34th Street
suze: stupid football
larae: tgiving parade
RealAnna: yes stupid football
Driveshaf: turkey sandwich
larae: macys!
Sue: what's the mailing list ya'll are referring to?
suze: separation of the sexes
LoneWolf: send me e-mail tonight with what u ant ok?
RealAnna: lol suze
CindyB: lol
CindyB: true
RealAnna: arguments
suze: women cleaning, men lounging
larae: ok...i will open up a different window really quick..:)
RealAnna: dishes dishes dishes dishes
CindyB: kids screaming and yelling and driving u all batty
anny1: yes suze men with football girls in kitchen
suze: uh huh
Woz: food
RealAnna: card games
suze: life's great inequities
CindyB: egg nog
suze: grab bag
Driveshaf: lots of food
CindyB: alka seltzer
Woz: grab what
RealAnna: lol
suze: we do our christmas grab bag name pulls on tg night
anny1: we used to talk about my sis famous disappearing act when dishes were to be done
Driveshaf: o-yes
CindyB: anny, LOL
Sue: I have a sister like that :-)
RealAnna: anny i have two famous disappearing sisters lol
Ais: lol anny
suze: in my family, i'm that sister
Lily: back
CindyB: haha suze
*** Hank has left irc (Hank)
RealAnna: how do you do it suze - give me your secret?
Woz: more food
suze: guiltily laughing my lazy butt off
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suze: i'm slick
larae: can i have your email addy again lonewolf
anny1: shame on you suze
suze: lol
CindyB: What happen to Wolf?
RealAnna: suze is my hero
LoneWold: [email protected]
suze: o yes, i'm hanging my head in shame
suze: hehhehe
suze: u go anna
*** LoneWold is now known as LoneWolf
Ais: lol
Lily: she wold now
anny1: lol
LoneWolf: got kicked again sorry
*** Hank has joined #disabled-rt
RealAnna: my joy tomorrow will be secret agenda to get out of dishes lol
Lily: hmmm, an F problem??
CindyB: lol RA
suze: u go girl, it's easier than u imagine
Ais: lol
LoneWolf: paper plates
RealAnna: will i go to h-ll if i use foot as excuse?
Woz: girls
CindyB: hahhhaaa
LoneWolf: I miss my Dad on Thanksgiving
suze: here's a good suggestion, pretend you are busy tending to someone's child
suze: that always works
suze: lol
Ais: suze..lol
Lily: lol
suze: i have a million of them
LoneWolf: men should clean up
suze: hehehe
suze: i totally agree
Woz: girls
anny1: me ordering everything out for tomorrow only 3 at my house
Woz: food
RealAnna: agree how do men get out of all that stuff - they just show up
LoneWolf: max feeling threatened?
suze: good for you anny
Woz: not at all
LoneWolf: oh not at my house
Woz: love it
Lily: i only woman at t.giving, is lonely in kitchen
Driveshaf: menshould what?
suze: if diner was at my house, if i had a house, it would be different
LoneWolf: poor Lily
suze: o poor lily
LoneWolf: do dishes
Lily: *SOB*
RealAnna: i can see that lily -
suze: we have many women in my family
*** Hank has left irc (Hank)
Ais: lil :(
Driveshaf: ya right
RealAnna: we have too many women lol
Ais: lol
LoneWolf: Lily then you couldn't get by with sliding turkey across floor
Woz: drive eat food wink at girls
larae: lone wolf mission done!!
suze: o than u won't be missed when u slip out during clean-up
anny1: so max do you help with dishes hmmmmmm
LoneWolf: ok
LoneWolf: dony??????????
RealAnna: lol LW - picturing turkey sliding into dinning room lol
Woz: shure
suze: max, do u do anything to help???
Driveshaf: no way
Lily: i do have daughter, but never consider her female, like wrenches and stuff
LoneWolf: like a bowling ball
Woz: im the best turkey cook in whole fam
LoneWolf: lol
Ais: lol
Lily: she not domestic
suze: do u do dishes max????
LoneWolf: rule at my house-everyone helps right Cindy?
Woz: shure
suze: that's great judi
suze: as it should be
RealAnna: good rule
Lily: u have rules??
Driveshaf: i'm good at eating
LoneWolf: yup
Lily: hmmmmmmmmm'
suze: ok, max, you're welcome at my place
Woz: brb
suze: me too dri
CindyB: definantly
CindyB: for sure!
larae: to go..but i will come back again.....:)
LoneWolf: didn't raise those boys to sit on their butts and gaze at tv while women worked
Lily: i need rules, will get for xmas
CindyB: hahha
LoneWolf: bye larae
RealAnna: lol lily - i try never works
suze: do u have big gathering on christmas, lily?
Lily: by the same ppl that brought you easter
Woz: suze got kitchen aid
anny1: good for you max a model male or male model how ever you want to think of it
LoneWolf: lol
larae: bye all...please write me lone wolf...:)o
LoneWolf: I will
suze: maybe u should print list of rules and hand out as they enter
Lily: no, suze, about 8
suze: lol
larae: kewl..night all
Woz: anny thanks
Lily: bye sis:)
*** larae has left irc (larae)
CindyB: night larae
suze: 8 is still a lot
suze: make a list lily
suze: everyone must help
Lily: true
LoneWolf: ours just keeps growing
Ais: well, i'm off to bed..night all..happy thanksgiving :)
*** Ais has left #disabled-rt
LoneWolf: night Ais
suze: except if i'm there
Lily: bye ais:))
Driveshaf: nite
RealAnna: 8 is that all - we have over 20
suze: i'll have an excuse
suze: hehehe
LoneWolf: Ok plans for tomorrow
RealAnna: bb in sec
Lily: im off too, bedtime here
LoneWolf: nite Lily
Lily: night all:))
LoneWolf: wait
anny1: nite allison
Driveshaf: no plans
LoneWolf: you'll have to stop log
CindyB: there will be at least 25 at my grandmother tomorrow
LoneWolf: lost my @
Lily: o
anny1: wow 25 sounds fun
suze: not sure how many tomorrow will be alot
CindyB: very hectic and crowded
LoneWolf: I'm counting
suze: two part party two places
CindyB: grannyh is 82, she gets nervous..hehehe
Lily: sis?????
Driveshaf: I'LLBE ALONE
suze: don't u have anywhere to go
Driveshaf: NOPE
suze: check your local church
suze: many have free dinners
suze: and companionship
Driveshaf: OK