Created by and for people with physical disabilities.

Things A Wheelchair Is Good For

Oct 22, 1997

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

  logging is on
  okie dokie
  fine by me
  *** Joins: Deb ([email protected])
  what game says the net gimp
  hello Deb :o)
  wow, that could be a bumpy ride mimi :o)
  hi Deb
  Hi Deb
  hi deb
  This meeting is going to be sort of informal... I wasn't
  quite sure how to make an agenda for this particular topic.
  Hi MIMI!!!!!!!
  How are you -- how's the baby?
  how are ya? :o)
  *** Joins: Raven_ ([email protected])
  hello Deb
  I`m fine, thanks, and the baby`s doing well :o)
  hu Raven
  Hi Raven
  I'm just fine! Hi deedee. A BIG congratulations to you,
  oops, hi Raven
  wb Raven :o)
  But first, Mimi is paying us a little visit, so she gets
  our attention for a few more mins. until she has to leave.
  hey Mooo, does that make me a typing gimp too
  oh, jeez, put me on the spot, Carly!!
  meeting time , dhe can't go
  Go ahead and start the meeting so you can all have the benefit
  of my wisdom ;o)
  i cant give you an "official gimp" button for your homepage
  j/k :o)
  i think i still have them
  oooooh, man you`re making me jealous :o)
  Mimi, do you have any suggestions for fun wheelchair
  * Mimi grins
  bungie jumping :o)
  omg, I seen that
  Daniel, I still have them
  wheelchairs are good for getting stuck in shopping aisles,
  just tonight I got my powerchair stuck on a rack in Walmart crafts
  aisle, sent several ladies with carts flying out of the aisle.
  i like the walnut cracking aspect of it
  I keep all your artwork
  walnut cracking?
  yeah, run them over
  i took my first flying lesson with a wheel chair
  a human jungle-gym for small children :o)
  that, you have to explain
  I like to use my chair as a footrest when I lie sideways
  across my bed...
  i flew about 10 feet and landed my face
  i was pushing a friend real fast and we hit a pothole
  My kids like to do wheelies in my wheelchair!
  mine too
  * Mimi does great wheelies :o)
  my cousin taught me
  The footrest idea is good too
  hehe... I can't do wheelies, darn it.
  of course, that was after lots of practice and several near
  <---sees ppl do that, scares me
  oh yeah my Dad uses my wheelchair footrest as a headrest
  when we go somewhere and hi is sittin on the ground in front of
  carly needs a chair with hydraulics so it can bounce
  around like those lowrider cars
  i got so I could even do a wheelie while descending stairs
  Powerchairs are backheavy, have to be very careful going up
  ramps, can do great wheelies that way
  How about using a w/c as a cart to tote books, boxes, etc.?
  I like to tape spray cans to the wheels and stripe
  well only if noone is in it at the time Kit!
  yeah, but eventually the owner needs it back :o)
  have wheelie-wheels
  I'm not coordinated enough
  I have to go, guys :o(
  Bye Mimi
  bye Mimi
  kiss baby for us
  bye mimi!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs*
  I do that when I'm packing for a trip... I wheel all my
  stuff out to the living room on my chair.
  I will judi :o)
  bye mims
  * HelloKit gives Mimi a huge hug!
  i would like to see a wheelchair like in that one werewolf
  HUGS Carly :o)
  oh yeah Silver Bullet
  *** Parts: Mimi ([email protected])
  me too
  that was it!
  I would never stay home.....hehe
  Here's one...
  Great, now I'm movie disabled
  my friend Lawrence had a golf cart
  until he got pulled over
  I wedge my chair under my door handle and set the brakes
  to keep my brothers out. >o)
  *** mimi has left IRC
  I do enough damage with a chair, the world wouldn't be safe if
  I had a golf cart
  LOL judi
  there is some man who has a really cool electric cart here
  its fast
  Does anyone besides me have "steering" mishaps?
  how many people in here now use a wheelchair all the time/
  like running over lil old ladied?
  *** Joins: Hghlndr ([email protected])
  I use mine about 75% of the time
  not me. ive only had to use them after operations
  oh Judi, constantly...
  Only when cruising through a store and someone pops in
  front from out of an isle
  Keith does
  judi: When my bf and I were still a long-distance
  relationship, he came out here for Christmas - we went to the mall
  together and he ran my chair into a shelf in the book store.
  never hit anyone yet
  wow, did the throw the book at him?
  *** Joins: phoenyxx ([email protected])
  *** Joins: al2 ([email protected])
  *** Joins: SteadyEdd ([email protected])
  sorry I am late
  Doesn't that scare the heck out of you when the person darting
  out is a small kid?
  excuse me
  It's about time, Simon :o)
  I know! sorry about that
  how peoples
  howdy too
  *** Parts: Raven_ ([email protected])
  hi phoenyxx
  hehe Ive been about thrown out of my chair several times
  while X-mas shopping last year....
  usually the kids stop and watch, its the parents pushing
  the carts you have to watch for
  I have the ultimate!!!!
  I've has people run into me after I've turned or slowed
  down to avoid them
  Wheelchair bumper car games!!!
  me too
  For some reason in my town everyone walks backwards -
  makes it real interesting.
  like at the carnivals
  Sounds like fun!
  I'd be good at that!!
  I'm usually a patient person and I like going out with
  friends but at times I am more tense in public
  that would be cool!
  because of the stupid things some people do
  like what Phoenyxx
  They walk backwards and when they back into your chair
  they give you dirty looks like it's your fault.
  Amen, phoenyxx
  hehe Kit
  dont ya hate it when people stare at you and pick their
  .....I like kids but at the same time I've almost felt
  like cussing out a child for running into me even after they saw
  like we can't see
  im never going back to Kentucky again
  I like the boneheads that barge out of doorways right into
  me... especially when I run over their feet
  *** Joins: Funnyface ([email protected])
  speaking of carnivals. you can have "strong person"
  competitions wheeling up the big yellow slides
  hi funnyface!
  Wait aminute, what's wrong with KY?
  wheelchair tug-of-war
  Wheelin- you mean like some of the ramps that pass as ada
  Welcome, Funnyface :o)
  HAHAHA, forgot about those, heck, forget the slide, thats
  too easy!
  how about LAW rocket shooting games at cars of people that
  piss us off?
  We are discussing fun things to do with a wheelchair.
  i am new to irc
  Roman candles taped to the wheels make great pinwheels on
  the 4th of July...
  You seem a little hostile tonight phoenyxx, bad day?
  He's always like that, judi :o)
  how about going to the drive-in theater in a chair?
  i think it would be fun to torture my chair (revenge)
  Welcome Funnyface
  There you go, Daniel...
  judi- no, I am just so sick of all the crap that goes on
  that we're supposed to 'accept' as part of our situaitons.
  but i imagine necking in the back seat of a wheelchair is
  kinda hard
  I was once in a park, a kid looked at me and asked my
  friend "what is wrong with him?" (Like I wasn't even there)
  Richard replied "not a damn thing, he's just lazy."
  Or a drive up window and then getting steamed becuase your
  chair never sets off the little buzzer...
  Naw, too many bugs, what's wrong with KY?
  hehe Steady
  some people in public are jerks, and it's somehow my fault.
  steadyedd- I've heard that- hell, I've met some people in
  wheelchairs that say that about other people in wheelchairs.
  nothing is wrong with Kentucky, judi. Just a particular
  "woman" in Kentucky
  This kid stopped and stared at ny daughter getting my cart out
  tonight. She gave him a lecture on power chairs, so he left>
  Thanks, Moooo
  i like wheelins idea though
  Ive had some of those experiences with clerks in
  stores..asking my friends things that they should be asking me...I
  say ask me I dont bite...
  painting stipes
  deede: I know about that!
  Its like some people are afraid to speak directly to me
  that happens to me too
  Thanks to you guys, I've started speaking up instead of hiding.
  Good, judi
  cool judi!
  Actually, my confidence has gotten a lot better since I
  started doing this too.
  judi. my fav thing to tell them is to "kiss my pearly
  white butt"
  It really helps to know you are not alone
  sometimes I've been out with my family, and they're
  usually cool about things but sometimes someone cuts me off or the
  place we're going isn't accessable, and they gotten on my case for
  saying something about it.
  I'm finally learning to get mad when people pull things on
  me, instead of just taking it quietly.
  *** Quits: Hghlndr (Leaving)
  carly, I thought taking it quietly was the expected thing
  to do!
  Bah :oP',',',',
  You have a right to speak up, Phoenyxx
  no!!!! bitching is the right thing to do when you're right
  *** Quits: al2 (Leaving)
  judi- I know that now :-) but I get tired of people
  quoting chapter and verse about ada instead of seeing for
  themsleves that things sometimes still aren't accessable.
  wheelchair skydiving?
  anyone done that?
  No thanks...
  Not yet!
  I'm scared of heights
  Ill pass
  skydiving would actually work- military transport planes
  have rear doors- strap into the chair, have a chute big enough for
  both you and the chair, and
  Grabbing a bumper of a passing car tends to get you places
  quite fast...
  the doors can be open in flight- just roll out the rear
  door and do a Slim Pickens routine on the way down :-)
  Here we go... using wheelchair handles as dressing hooks.
  sounds painful to me
  Wheelin: so does sticking a Glock in the face of a van
  My cat likes to sleep in mine
  Mooooo, you've seen that movie :-)
  Dr. StrangeLove?
  yes! cool classic flick
  You guys watch too much tv
  Our pets are all afraid of my chair when it starts
  rolling... but as long as it's still they'll sleep under it.
  how about using a wheelchair as a battering ram during a
  watch too much tv? I make my own show :-) (ok, it's
  local cable :-) )
  its good for pushing doors open
  sorry, phoenyxx, I forgot
  I saw a great cartoon. it was a picture of several
  handicapped parking spots, with empty wheelchairs in them...
  I wish our animals were afraid of my chair so they would
  get the hell out of my way!
  Gimp Cops, Gimp Cops... whatcha gonna do when they roll
  over you...
  Wheelin thats funny
  where wheelin?
  now one really funny thing I did with my friends back in
  January when Star Wars was re-released
  i want it!
  I'll see if I can find it
  *** Joins: eastcoast ([email protected])
  hey easty
  hi all
  my pets run when I move, but how fast can a 13 yr old dog run?
  was when the whole crowd was rushing into the theatre to
  grap seats. I yelled out- 'Hey guys- where's the cattle prod' in
  the dark.
  hi mooooooooooooooooo
  you mean the cartoon Mooooooo?
  ...heard lots of laughing at that :-)
  judi, hopefully fast enough
  Hey eastcoast - we're discussing fun things to do with a
  my dogs like to play chicken with me :-)
  hi eastcoast
  *** Joins: CincyKid ([email protected])
  yeah, i want the cartoon :o)
  Heya John.
  hi judi
  hi john!
  hi cincykid
  hello folks!!
  Hi CincyKid!
  better late than never I guess
  yes, so far he has ran fast enough, he only weighs 5 lbs