Created by and for people with physical disabilities.

Things that go bump in the night.

Oct 29, 1997

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

Participants already present:
  Disabled ([email protected])
  ChanServ ([email protected])
  MimiAway ([email protected])
  HairBall ([email protected])
  Booooooo ([email protected])
  Mooooooo via Telnet ([email protected])
Booooooo: 6:00 :o)
HairBall: hehe... I changed my mIRC colors too, to make the screen look spooky.
* Booooooo serves drinks
Booooooo: LOL
Booooooo: and printing in all orange?
Booooooo: /:o)
Booooooo: i like it!
*** Galileo has joined #Disabled
Booooooo: howdy!
* Booooooo passes out telescopes
HairBall: Hello Galileo...
Booooooo: how are ya Galileo?
Galileo: good evening!!
Booooooo: ok, who has a spooky story?
* HairBall is still thinking.
Booooooo: i remember when I was little...
*** kel has joined #Disabled
Booooooo: our street was next to a grave yard
*** kel has left #Disabled
Booooooo: houses, alley, and then the grave yeard
Booooooo: and we used to go play in the big pile of dirt they had
Booooooo: almost every day
Booooooo: i think we all did until we were about 11 or so
Booooooo: I started imagining that the heads on the statues were turning
Booooooo: spooked the crap outta me
Booooooo: never went back in
Galileo: Graveyards were one of my favorite haunts!!
Booooooo: i remember that someone pushed my sister into an open hole
Galileo: Used to go there all the time
Booooooo: nothing was in there though
Booooooo: yep, we were too far from a park
*** Gambler21 has joined #disabled
Gambler21: Hi, everybody!
Booooooo: so the graveyard was oue park
Booooooo: Hi Ray :o)
HairBall: Scary... I hate when things look like they're moving... especially when they shouldn't be.
Booooooo: like eyes on a picture
Booooooo: they follow you
HairBall: yeah...
Gambler21: All right, how'd you know it was me, Boooo?
Booooooo: your address :o)
* HairBall turns on her desktop Halloween lights.
Booooooo: when Kimberly, my sister, was about 5 years old....
Booooooo: she was in the bedroom playing with her dolls
Booooooo: its was dark outside
Booooooo: i went up to the window, blew my face up on the glass and growled at her...
Booooooo: she totally froze and then looked like she was gonna convulse.
Booooooo: she didnt know whether to run out, or save her doll first anf run
HairBall: You are rotten!
Booooooo: she stood there ricking back and forth
Booooooo: I felt so bad
Booooooo: I ran in and held her for almost a half hour
Booooooo: ok, who is next?
Galileo: I have a doll story too
Gambler21: Not nice.
Booooooo: cool!
Booooooo: lets hear it
Galileo: Happened at the house next door
Galileo: remember the movie Chuckie... it's true
*** HellKitty has joined #Disabled
*** HairBall has left irc (Read error to HairBall]: Connection reset by peer)
HellKitty: That is if I can stay connected.
Galileo: People threw away this doll several times...
Booooooo: yep, i remember
Galileo: it kept coming back into the house...
*** HellKitty is now known as HairBall
Galileo: crawled outa the trash can...
Booooooo: ooh creepy
Galileo: back into the house....
Galileo: even hide on the stairway...
Galileo: waiting to trip mom when she came down the stairs..
Galileo: used to turn on the tv and even sit on the toilet and make it flush!!!
Galileo: when no one was around...
Galileo: Swear it's a true story
Galileo: Finallly ....
Booooooo: what will Mattel come up with next? :o)
HairBall: lol
Galileo: they smashed the doll to bits...
Galileo: to get rid of it, even threw peices into the river to make sure it was gone.
Booooooo: you realize that voids the warranty, dont you? :o)
* HairBall slaps Booooooo around a bit with a slice of
Galileo: I don't think it mattered.
*** DairyCow has joined #Disabled
* Booooooo slaps HairBall around a bit with a an extremely
Booooooo: hi cow :o)
DairyCow: howdy!
DairyCow: how are yall?
Booooooo: im great!!!!!
Booooooo: how are you?
HairBall: Welcome, DairyCow >o)
DairyCow: just fine n dandy :)
DairyCow: is this the halloween party?
Booooooo: yep :o)
HairBall: It sure is.
Booooooo: were telling scary stories
Booooooo: /:o)
* HairBall has one.
*** al2 has left irc (Leaving)
Booooooo: ok
Booooooo: tell it :o)
*** MimiAway is now known as Mummy
Galileo: Do tell, do tell
Mummy: I'm back :o)
HairBall: This actually happened to my boyfriend, Chris. One night, several years after his grandmother died, he woke up suddenly in the middle of the night...
Mummy: groping me
HairBall: He could hear someone calling his name softly, 'Christopher, Christopher...' When he looked up he saw a woman standing beside his bed in a flowing white gown... then she disappeared...
DairyCow: whoa
DairyCow: that happened to my mom
HairBall: He got up out of bed, and found that his door, which had been locked from the inside, was wide open...
HairBall: So he went into his parents' room, and they were sitting up in bed as well. He asked his mom if she had just been in his room, and she said no, that she had just woken up...
HairBall: They went downstairs, and found that his sisters had also just woken up suddenly... at the same exact moment.
Galileo: Spoooooky!!!!
Booooooo: very spooky
Booooooo: I have a story that a friend wrote last year
Galileo: Did any of them see Grandma?
Booooooo: i can paste it slowly :o)
HairBall: Chris was the only one that actually saw her.
Booooooo: anyone want to hear it?
HairBall: Oops... it was his sister and her boyfriend, not both sisters.
Galileo: Let's have it
HairBall: Sure.
Booooooo: okie
DairyCow: my dad died when I was 2..and one night while she was alone in bed she had a strange feeling that someone was watching her....
DairyCow: she turned over and there was my dad, staring at her
Booooooo: whoa
DairyCow: it completely freaked her out
Booooooo: would scare the snot outta me too!
Booooooo: Ok, this is from Brooke...
DairyCow: she told him to go away, and he disappeared
HairBall: DairyCow I have to ask... do we know you as someone else?
Galileo: On the day my Grandmother passed on, she appeared 4,000 miles away to my aunt
Booooooo: wow!
DairyCow: of course you do, carly
HairBall: Yikes!
DairyCow: :)
Booooooo: Ok, this is from Brooke and it's called ANGEL
Booooooo: Emily Smith scrambled around the alley corner and pushed her way through the afternoon crowd. Her small grubby hands found what she had been looking for. A silver dollar. Emily had spotted the shiny coin from a swing in the park down the street.
Booooooo: Snatching up the silver coin she ran to the dirty pawn shop on the corner of Red Lane Drive and Shadow Grove Way.
Booooooo: Bright blue eyes peered through a small hole of grime free glass. Emily's white sundress was now covered with the grime. Through the small clean spot on the window a china doll with life like eyes regarded the small child.
Booooooo: Blonde hair flashed as Emily disappeared into the shop. The tinkle of a small bell sounded through the mall shop as she opened the rusty door.
Booooooo: shhh :o)
Booooooo: Inside the small dirty pawn shop the light seemed afraid. Only a few rays could fight their way through the dirt and grime that covered the store. Cracked and crumbling plaster hung off the walls in clumps.
Booooooo: 'Can I help you?' a deep loud voice boomed.
Booooooo: Startled, Emily almost dropped the doll she had been examining.
Booooooo: 'Could I buy this doll?' she asked timidly.
Booooooo: Taking the doll from her the tall scruffy man limped around to the cash register.
Booooooo: 'That's a silver dollar' he grunted.
Booooooo: Handing over the silver dollar she had found Emily grabbed the doll from his hands and ran out the door causing the small bell above to jungle and buzz like an angry hornet.
Booooooo: Once outside, Emily let out a sigh of relief. On one of the dolls legs a small tag fluttered in a small breeze. The was one word on the brittle paper - ANGEL.
Booooooo: Soft curly black hair surrounded the pale face like a halo of darkness. Forest green eyes pierced the china face. She wore turn of the century old fashioned clothes in the style of the late 1600's and early 1700's. A delicate lace umbrella hung from one arm.
Booooooo: A cloud covered the sun but the evil glint in Angel's eyes didn't leave. Emily shivered and shrugged off what she had seen in those cold eyes, and headed down Shadow Grove Way.
Booooooo: The little girl hummed a tuneless song as she followed the dirt path that lead away from the houses on Shadow Grove Way.
Booooooo: All about her a small hum of bees flying from flower to flower filled the air. Clumps of long prairie grass and wild flowers swayed gently in the wind. A small forest of Poplar and Ash trees could be seen in the distance. It was to Shadow Grove which Emily was headed for.
Booooooo: Emily's mother had told her a legend about this small forest when she was a child. Emily didn't believe her mother when she heard the story about Shadow Grove. As the legend went, since the late 1600's girls of about the age of five to ten disappeared suddenly only to be found years later dead, half buried in the soft dirt and decomposing leaves. In each disappearance a small china doll was found lying beside the body of the little girl.
Booooooo: In all of the instances who sold the doll to the girls left shortly after each disappearance, and each time the doll was found, it disappeared while in the custody of the investigating authorities.
Booooooo: At the time, Emily had been five years old and the story had given her nightmares for months, but now that she was eight years old the story seemed ridiculous.
Booooooo: 'Ooooh, look out for the killer china doll!' Emily whispered in a mocking tone to the face of Angel.
Booooooo: Giggling, Emily ran the rest of the distance to Shadow Grove. Twigs and dry leaves crackled under her small sandal feet as she made her way through the forest. A quick breeze ruffled the daisy covered sundress Emily wore.
Booooooo: Finally Emily threw herself down on the leaf covered floor still laughing.
Booooooo: In her hands the small china doll writhed and twisted to face Emily. Angel's small perfect cherry lips formed into a snarl.
Booooooo: 'I wouldn't laugh quite yet little girl! You should always believe what your mother tells you.' Angel barked, her eyes going charcoal black.
Booooooo: Emily, her eyes as big as saucers, screamed and scrambled backward. Tears streamed down her chubby face as Angel came towards her.
*** betty_boo has joined #disabled
*** gordon4 has joined #disabled
Booooooo: Emily got up and ran with the doll chasing her on short legs. As Emily ran, her tears created one great green blur. One of her sandals came off as she ran. Stepping on a twig she stumbled and almost fell. She should have been out of the forest by now but she had turned the wrong way and was going deeper into Shadow Grove.
Booooooo: Emily spotted a clearing just off to her right. At the edge of the clearing her foot caught on a old log and she slid on the ground.
Booooooo: Searing pain went through her leg. Looking down at her leg Emily saw a long gash. The blood flowed down covering her foot and the grass around it.
Booooooo: Angel approached her with a think stick. Blackness came as she was knocked out.
Booooooo: * * * * * * * * * * *
Booooooo: Emily woke to find dirt being thrown on her as she lay in a small shallow ditch. Tiny black shoes came and went with the dirt.
Booooooo: Emily waited until the shoes appeared again. Then grabbing out with a hand she pulled the doll down. Tiny razor sharp teeth bit into her hand, but she didn't let go. Grabbing both feet she smashed the doll on a nearby rock.
Booooooo: Angel's glass eyes glittered with hatred and then died.
Booooooo: Emily left the broken doll lying on the ground and ran out of the forest towards home.
Booooooo: In the clearing Angel pushed herself up with her arms. Part of her face toppled to the ground. As she struggled in the direction Emily had gone Her left foot and leg came off. Angel stumbled and fell to the ground motionless at last.
Booooooo: A ray of sunlight caught Angle's glass eyes as a few leaves carried by the gentle breeze floated down and landed on top of her. Ashes to Ashes,
Booooooo: Dust to Dust.
Booooooo: -THE END-
HairBall: Okay, fill me in, cuz I'm completely lost.
HairBall: I'm thinking... but not getting any results.
DairyCow: think about it
Booooooo: Em :oD
Galileo: Man, yall giving me the willies!!!....
Booooooo: heheh
Galileo: Excuse me while I go get rid of every doll in this house!
Mummy: oooooooooooooooooooooooooh
Booooooo: lol!
betty_boo: :)
Gambler21: Great, Boooooo
HairBall: That was good!
Peacenlov: cool, man
Booooooo: I'll pass the regards to Brooke :o)
DairyCow: hi betty, hi gordon
Booooooo: gordon :o)
DairyCow: yes, do :o)
HairBall: DairyCow... Simon maybe?
DairyCow: maybe :)
Booooooo: lol
DairyCow: but simon smiles like this: :-)
Booooooo: this could be a costume party too
* HairBall grrrrrrrooooooowwwlllls!
Booooooo: LOL
DairyCow: of course he could be faking it ;)
HairBall: You could just be trying to throw me off.
Galileo: Kittys got her furrr up!
Booooooo: tell her quick, before she coughs up a hairball
HairBall: har, har
DairyCow: I did see a vision of loveliness on HBO last night
Booooooo: nooooo!!! dont say it!!! :o)
DairyCow: funner this way ;)
Booooooo: Vote No on Sandra :o)
HairBall: That's gotta be Simon.
Mummy: Simon's weirder than that, Carly
Booooooo: ok, someone else tell a story
HairBall: Too talkative to be Keith...
Mummy: what do Dairy Cow's do, Carly?
*** gordon4 has left #disabled
Booooooo: I know who it is :o)
Mummy: me too :o)
HairBall: Um... they give milk?
Mummy: yep
DairyCow: yes...
* Mummy shakes her head in dispair
*** gordon4 has joined #disabled
Booooooo: wb gordon :o)
Mummy: wb gordon
*** Lao-tzu has joined #disabled
HairBall: lol I'm hopeless I know...
Mummy: jinx
Mummy: Han!
Booooooo: Han!!!! :o)
Lao-tzu: hello everyone
Mummy: how are ya?
DairyCow: hello lao-tzu
Galileo: Don't feel bad Hairball, your not alone
Lao-tzu: scared...so many different characters
gordon4: this mouse hit the x knocking myself off
Booooooo: we're all the same Han :o)
HairBall: Please clue me in! I'm going nuts!
Mummy: you can figure most of them out if you think about it :o)
Booooooo: we're wearing our halloween nicks :o)
* Booooooo !!!!
Booooooo: /:o)
HairBall: lol
DairyCow: poor carly
* HairBall screams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Booooooo: and where is bunny?
*** Lao-tzu is now known as Rasputin
Booooooo: nice costume Han :o)
*** betty_boo has left irc (Read error to betty_boo srv2s23.saglac.qc.ca]: Connection reset by peer)
Rasputin: Real poisonous :o)
DairyCow: wow
HairBall: At least a little clue? Pretty please?
*** DopeHat has joined #disabled
Booooooo: she gave you a clue :o)
*** betty_boo has joined #disabled
Booooooo: Keith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Booooooo: Emilie!!!
DairyCow: you already had one!
Booooooo: /:o)
HairBall: The milk clue did nothing for me...
DairyCow: Keith!!
betty_boo: :)
Mummy: Keith!
Peacenlov: peace, keith, man
*** Rasputin has left irc (Killed (hub.eskimo.com (irc.eskimo.com <- services2.newnet.net] (older nick overruled))))
Mummy: awwww
Booooooo: awwwww poopies
Mummy: it was too cool not to have been taken
DopeHat: howdy
* Peacenlov hands out tie dye tee shirt party favors to
Booooooo: keith, got any spooky stories?
Galileo: No more scary stories?
Mummy: where's your costume, Keith?
* HairBall arches her back and begins to cough and gag...
DopeHat: no
Booooooo: well darn
Booooooo: lemme see if i have an extra one
DairyCow: carly...
*** DopeHat is now known as Dopey
Booooooo: how about HardHat
Booooooo: dopey :o)
HairBall: Cute, Keith...
DairyCow: going back to dairy cows...
*** Rasputin has joined #disabled
Booooooo: cat? do you have a story?
Mummy: wb han
Booooooo: Han, change to Rasputin-
Rasputin: Igor overruled me...?
Booooooo: put a dash in
Rasputin: ok
*** Rasputin is now known as Rasputin-
Dopey: i had an accident yesterday
Booooooo: there ya go :o)
Mummy: what happened?
Booooooo: what happened keith?
Dopey: i had a fall
HairBall: I'm listening, DairyCow.
Booooooo: are you okay???
Mummy: oh, no!
Booooooo: nothing broken i hope
DairyCow: what else gives milk besides a dairy cow?
Dopey: i screwed the hell out of my shoulder
Mummy: :o(
* HairBall hugs Dopey.
Mummy: how did that happen?
HairBall: Lots of things...
Booooooo: nothing torn?
Rasputin-: ...goats give milk if you treat them right
DairyCow: think hard
Gambler21: and mommies give milk.
* Booooooo whispers clue #2 (boobies)
Rasputin-: dislocated shoulder Keith?
Booooooo: is it gonna be okay Keith?
Rasputin-: I like the green colour Booooooo
Booooooo: ooh, should be grey here
Dopey: well i was gonna lay down. i have a lift to pick me up with a sling and i fell out
Booooooo: /:o(
DairyCow: put it this way...who have you recently met who drinks a lot of milk?
Mummy: oh, no!!
Gambler21: That's rough.
Mummy: how did that happen, Keith? :o(
Rasputin-: Is that a Hoyer lift?
Mummy: did the lift break?
Dopey: no
*** HairBall has left irc (Ping timeout for HairBall])
DairyCow: that sux, Keith :(
Peacenlov: keith that's the scariest story anyone's told all night. hope you are ok.
Dopey: i don't think i got the sling under me right
*** HairBall has joined #Disabled
Dopey: luckly my dad caught me sort of and slowed down the fall
*** BubbaRay has joined #Disabled
HairBall: My stupid PC locked up!
BubbaRay: hello
gordon4: goodnight all
*** gordon4 has left #disabled
Mummy: wb Carly
Booooooo: eek
Mummy: you missed all the good clues :o)
Mummy: hey bubba
Booooooo: Im glad you're ok keith
HairBall: Oh, it figures...
* Booooooo whispers clue #2 to Carly (boobies)
* HairBall laughs.
Dopey: now my shoulder hurts
Rasputin-: maybe have an xray just in case eeh?
Peacenlov: did you dislocate it? break anything?
DairyCow: put it this way...who have you recently met who drinks a lot of milk?
Dopey: i dunno
Rasputin-: my friends cat...?
Booooooo: usually takes a few weeks for it to heal
*** BubbaRay has left #Disabled
Gambler21: DairyCow-- a baby?
*** dr_bill has joined #disabled
Booooooo: Bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
betty_boo: hi dr_bill:)
Dopey: i might have torn something
DairyCow: good, gambler
HairBall: I don't know, other than Mimi's baby.
Rasputin-: Hey Bill!
dr_bill: Hi all
Mummy: DrBill!!!!!!!!!
* Booooooo whispers clue #3 to Carly (I don't know, other
dr_bill: I am glad to be back
DairyCow: ok, Carly, then what besides a Dairy Cow gives milk? :)
HairBall: Mimi!
DairyCow: lol
Booooooo: How ya doing Bill? :o)
DairyCow: bingo :o)
HairBall: So you connected twice to throw me off...
dr_bill: I am doing better. Still very sore but I'm home.
Mummy: hee hee
Mummy: eek, Alex just spit up...brb
Rasputin-: <g>
HairBall: :oP',',',',
Booooooo: eeek
Galileo: That's not fair Mummy!!
Booooooo: Will ya be on more often now? :o)
HairBall: Your nick should be rat... :oP
dr_bill: I sure hope so. Been going threw computer withdrawals bad.
Booooooo: did they stick ya back near telemetry again?
dr_bill: No i was hit in my wheelchair by a car. Hurt everywhere.
Booooooo: whoa!!!!
Booooooo: when was this?
Rasputin-: uuuf!
dr_bill: The drunk drove up onto the sidewalk to get me too.
Gambler21: That's scary, too.
dr_bill: I cann't run that fast to get out of way. hehehe
Booooooo: anything broke?
dr_bill: My shoulder is turn up pretty bad. They are doing more surgery on it next month.
dr_bill: turn=torn
Booooooo: wow
Booooooo: you and keith both
Booooooo: spooky
dr_bill: I have enough reflectors and lights on my chair you cann't help but see me and he drove over to get me.
Booooooo: im glad ya lived to tell about it :o)
Booooooo: was this at night?
Mummy: that's awful!
Rasputin-: I tried to get out of the apartment with my braces and walker and opening the door lost my balance and fell backwards and was lucky enough to have long arms and was able to absorb the shock -- no broken skin or even bruises. But I'm still scared to try the door again. Nothing like what happened to you guys, Keith and Bill, though
Booooooo: its a fact that drunk drivers are attracted to blinking lights and reflectors at night
*** dr_bill has left irc (Read error to dr_bill yak-ts1-p04.wolfenet.com]: Connection reset by peer)
*** dr_bill has joined #disabled
Booooooo: i had that happen when i had my cast on
*** HairBall has left irc (Read error to HairBall]: Connection reset by peer)
Gambler21: I gotta go. tell Brooke that was a great story, Booooo. see ya all. Have a happy Halloween
Mummy: took the words right out of my mouth Daniel
Booooooo: Bill, i was just saying that its a fact that drunk drivers are attracted to blinking lights and reflectors at night
*** Gambler21 has left #disabled
Booooooo: See ya Ray :o)
Mummy: bye Gambler!
Rasputin-: bye Gambler
dr_bill: well he sure found me.
*** HairBall has joined #Disabled
Booooooo: the plow right into stopped patrol cars pretty often
* HairBall screeeeeeeaaaaaaaammms
Rasputin-: Want attention Carly, or are you just scared?
* Booooooo gives Carly some hairball medicine
* Booooooo slaps HairBall around a bit with a
Galileo: I think Kit's got a Gremlin in her computer
dr_bill: I cann't stay very long. I just got out of the 'big house' hospital and my attendent let me get online while he fixed my dinner.
Booooooo: im glad ya came on Bill :o)
DairyCow: *me grins evilly at Carly
dr_bill: see you all later going to eat.
Mummy: bye Dr Bill!!
*** dr_bill has left irc (Leaving)
Booooooo: take care bill :o)
Mummy: sheesh, what a thing to happen to him! :o/
HairBall: Daniel, did you rewrite that whole fish.txt for Halloween?
Booooooo: been an accidental week
Booooooo: yeah
* HairBall rolls her eyes.
* Booooooo slaps HairBall around a bit with a sleeping
Mummy: you've been busy :o)
Galileo: Lol
HairBall: lol
HairBall: Mimi-rat, did you get my e-mail?
Booooooo: i thought you figured that part out :o)
* Booooooo slaps HairBall around a bit with a monster.
Mummy: yep, Carly...a little while ago :o)
HairBall: k
Galileo: So, is any one handing out any candy at this party tonite?
Mummy: I'll be glad, no honored, to provide you with all the details
* HairBall hands Galileo a handful of .LIFESAVERS.
Booooooo: woohooo
Galileo: Or do I have to put soap on everyone'ws screen
* HairBall hands Peacenlov a handful of SKITTLES
* Booooooo gives Galileo .::::::::.M&M's::::::::. enjoy my
* Peacenlov offers up a plate of 'happy' brownies ;-)
* HairBall hands Rasputin- a handful of .PEP-O-MINT .
Rasputin-: yikes, that's what you call preparation
Galileo: mmmm, Thnks !!!!!
Booooooo: offers Galileo some skittles
Booooooo: Skittles!!!!
Booooooo: Skittles!!!!
Booooooo: Skittles!!!!
Booooooo: Skittles!!!!
Booooooo: Skittles!!!!
Booooooo: Taste The Rainbow! Galileo
DairyCow: excuse me, I have to go lactate ;o)
* HairBall hands Booooooo a handful of ...TootsieRoll...
Booooooo: LOL
* HairBall hands Dopey a handful of .HERSHEY'S.
Booooooo: ouch! now my teeth hurt
*** GaMtns has joined #Disabled
* HairBall hands Mummy a handful of l<~Juicy-Fruit~>.
Booooooo: howdy GaMtns
* HairBall hands betty_boo a handful of .LIFESAVERS.
GaMtns: hi
Mummy: very apt, Carly hee hee
* HairBall hands Cat-99 a handful of SKITTLES
Booooooo: LOL!!!
HairBall: Pizza time... back in a few.