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May 05, 1999

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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Lonewolf: I'm back
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Mooooooo: Howdy peoples
Lonewolf: howdy
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MsAmazin: hi ya
WonderW: hi there
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Mooooooo: Im not sure how to do this meeting
Lonewolf: I'll get ya started if you want
Mooooooo: because I'm Y2K compliant
Mooooooo: ok
Mooooooo: please
Lonewolf: log on?
Mooooooo: yep
Lonewolf: ok
Lonewolf: Meeting has begun
Lonewolf: Tonight Daniel is going to answer Y2-K questions for us
WonderW: how do you become compliant?
Lonewolf: Daniel do you want to do the ? or not
Lily: agree a lot?
WonderW: lol
Mooooooo: compliancy is up the the hardware/software manufacturers
Mooooooo: all we can do is upgrade our software if it no longer works
WonderW: ok
Lonewolf: I keep seeing things about setting your computer to 1972 what's that for?
MsAmazin: how do you find out if it's y2k?
Mooooooo: putting an earlier date on it will keep the problem from happening
Mooooooo: to check, set your clock to the year 2000
Lonewolf: should we do that?
Mooooooo: and see if it explodes
Mooooooo: :o)
Lily: lol
Lonewolf: pardon?
In: lol
MsAmazin: lol...I set mine to 2032
Mooooooo: try setting the clock forward first
MsAmazin: it was ok
Lonewolf: oh ok
MsAmazin: so, that's it?
WonderW: ok
Lonewolf: vcr's too
Mooooooo: yep
MsAmazin: okie
Mooooooo: any new vcr is compliant
Lonewolf: ours are old
Mooooooo: automobiles should have no problem
WonderW: should we do that now?
Mooooooo: after the meeting
In: it is not really going 2 hurt the pc that much is it?
Lily: is it a problem for the average PC, or has it been blown out of proportion?
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Mooooooo: no, Marilyn
Mooooooo: it has been blown way out of proportion
Mooooooo: most of it is a marketing gimmick
Lily: yes, i heard that
Lonewolf: why do they say it will effect meds, banks etc?
Mooooooo: to get companies to pay billions in fees to make sure they are compliant
WonderW: so what basis does it have in fact?
KimNchair: should i stock lima beans or green beans in my shelter?
Lily: yup, companyies making fortunes on it
Mooooooo: here is how it works....
Mooooooo: i'll explain in as simple as possible terms
Lonewolf: I have heard that Kim-that we should stock up on canned goods etc
WonderW: we have been Kim, my mom is buying her farm for this purpose
Mooooooo: computers store dates in a special way
Mooooooo: that special way is always the same size
KimNchair: but i don't like beans:(
Mooooooo: but because the number is higher, the way its stored must be larger
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Mooooooo: old programs dont understand that
Lily: eat rutabagas, kim
Mooooooo: and will crash
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Lonewolf: ok but why the meds and food scares
MsAmazin1: imposter
Mooooooo: meds will not be affected
Mooooooo: neither will foods
Lily: is it a marketing scam, moo?
Mooooooo: like turning the page of a calendar will not make you a day older
Mooooooo: for the most part, yes
Lonewolf: water electricity?
WonderW: but if no one changes dates, computers will crash, no?
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Mooooooo: my bet is that most companies have upgraded
Mooooooo: they need to
Mooooooo: they cannot afford the losses
WonderW: true
Mooooooo: government may be different
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In: my program just crashed Daniel:))))))
Mooooooo: which, Marilyn?
In: iirc
MsAmazin: we had a 'special' news program on y2k for our area
Mooooooo: when you changed the date?
In: I never changed the date
Mooooooo: then it wasnt Y2K, dear
In: it just crashed & I cannot log back on
In: hehe.......did not think it was
MsAmazin: it happened to me too In
WonderW: may just be having probs logging in, drar
In: thx Mx......not only me then
In: Ms
Lonewolf: ok
anny1: me 2
Mooooooo: what did they say,denise
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WonderW: make sure you wait adequately to see if ut connects before disconnecting amd reconnecting
Lily: brb
MsAmazin: one side said everything would be ok...the other said everything would collapse :)
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shakey73: are you people in a meeting?
Lonewolf: yes
WonderW: yep
Mooooooo: yep, you can stay
LilyBRB: yes, shakey
Lonewolf: I was in wrong room while ago
Lonewolf: sorry
Lonewolf: Y2-K questions shakey
shakey73: im confused?talk tomorrow
Lonewolf: ask away
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Lonewolf: dumb question daniel
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Lonewolf: nut is it the computer or the basic programming
Lonewolf: but
Mooooooo: the programming
Lonewolf: like win98 or the actual machine itself
Lonewolf: IC
WonderW: I changed date, is ok
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Mooooooo: be sure to change it back
WonderW: I will
Lonewolf: I changed date and nothing happened so its ok?
Kark: What changes in dates, missed that
Mooooooo: you have to try your different programs with the date changed
KimNchair: date on what??
Mooooooo: the computer clock
Lonewolf: oh ok
MsAmazin: you can also check your computers at www.macafee.com
Lonewolf: ok
MsAmazin: whooops mcafee
KimNchair: 2 f's
Mooooooo: for y2k?
MsAmazin: grrr..sorry, typing bad today
MsAmazin: yes Mooooooo
Mooooooo: cool
Lonewolf: are those internet scans safe Mooooooo
WonderW: ok
MsAmazin: we did it last week
Lonewolf: were u ok?
Kark: I know people that are taking there money out of the bank before the new year because they feel there will be troubles after
Mooooooo: if they are a reputable company, then im sure they're safe
Lonewolf: ok
Lonewolf: me too Karen
KimNchair: chane the puter clock then openm programs, if they work i'm lucky??
KimNchair: change
Lonewolf: safe not lucky
Mooooooo: change the date and run some different programs
Kark: If everyone thinks this way won't there big big troubles in banking
Mooooooo: banks have too much to lose
Mooooooo: they will be compliant
KimNchair: change the date to what?
Lonewolf: year 2000
In: I use 2 work at a bank & they r ready 4 it
Kark: So you think its all big hip Mooooooo?
Mooooooo: mostly hype
Kark: hipe
Kark: lol
Mooooooo: IRS is still having problems
Lonewolf: that's not good
WonderW: NO
anny1: lol hip
MsAmazin: social security is sposed to be ok
Lonewolf: SS is supposed to be compliant isn't it?
Lonewolf: lol
Mooooooo: government is having problems
Lonewolf: why?
Mooooooo: because they are government :o)
Lonewolf: oh
MsAmazin: hehe...Hey...<---former gov't employee
Lonewolf: that's bad though it effects all of us
In: every1 really had enough time 2 b prepared 4 it though....they knew it was coming...right
Mooooooo: yes, they've known
Mooooooo: but the people who wrote the software are old, retired, or expired
Mooooooo: and did not care
Lonewolf: IC
Lonewolf: that in itself is scarey
Kark: You would think they would have the money
Kark: to invest in agreat system
Lonewolf: yes
Mooooooo: private sector already has
In: ic what u mean then Daniel
Mooooooo: government has red tape
MsAmazin: I worked in Comptroller Dept..handled the funding...we got bottom of the barrel
Lonewolf: wonder if Canada is compliant
Lonewolf: I mean is it just our govt in US or others too
Mooooooo: probably all governments
Kark: I don't get it, government officials get big raises
In: we r having the same scare tactic here in
In: Canada
Lonewolf: hum
Kark: oooops, sorry, didn't mean to talk politics
anny1: gov. is entrenched in infinate detail
Lonewolf: see this to me is the real scare-govts not beoing compliant
anny1: our agency has a y2k coordinator
Kark: I agree Judi
Lonewolf: that's good
Lonewolf: I mean we can be all prepared and still be in dutch
Lonewolf: daniel you have ade my head swim
Lonewolf: made
Mooooooo: i think what will cause bigger problems is people pulling their money out of the banks
Lonewolf: causing a crash of our financial system?
Mooooooo: yes
Lonewolf: then wall street goes kerplunk-right?
Mooooooo: yep
Lonewolf: yikes
LilyBRB: back
Mooooooo: self perpetuation
Lonewolf: thinking retirement fund here
In: & me losing my LTD from the bank:)))
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In: sorry just had 2 type that
Kark: Boy thats a mind blower
KimNchair: so basically there's not a dang thing we can do but worry if that makes us happy?
Mooooooo: correct
Kark: all that over a possible problem
Lily: thats what i've heard, its thge panic that will be the prob.
Kark: yes Lily
Lonewolf: ya know my husbands company is increasing the retirement benefits in 2000-substantially
Lonewolf: I am starting to see why
Lily: why?
Lonewolf: all retirement benefits are kept in stock
Lily: ah, ok
anny1: i bet the ppl pulling money out of banks are relativly few
Mooooooo: i hope so
Kark: doesn't seem that way
Kark: I hear many talking about it
KimNchair: i will leave my @2.99 in the bank i promise
Lonewolf: most opinions I have heard-the people are scared
KimNchair: $
WonderW: lol
Lily: lol,kim
Mooooooo: im not scared
Lonewolf: no but most don't understand
Mooooooo: Jesus is Y2K compliant :o)
Lonewolf: true
Kark: lol
WonderW: exactly
Lily: yes, but a lot of ppl beieve readers clearing house too
anny1: i bet gates and trump and fellows like that leave theirs in
Lily: yup, anny
Lonewolf: yea
WonderW: publishers, Alison?
Lonewolf: she had surgery today
Lily: yes, you kon, youve won a million dollars
Lonewolf: publisher's clearing house
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Mooooooo: hello ray
Lily: o, small typo
WonderW: hi Tay
Lonewolf: np sis I was in wrong room while agp
Lonewolf: hi ray
Lily: as in TAY
In: hi Ray
Ray-1: Hi, all.
WonderW: lol
Lonewolf: any more questions for Daniel?
Lily: tea........
KimNchair: lima or green??
Lily: yea
Lonewolf: serious
Lily: will moday become mondak?
Mooooooo: lol
Lily: o, serious, hmmmmmmmm
Lonewolf: sis you need to take pain pill and go to bed
Lily: lol, ok
In: have 2 go all...bye, take care....thanks Daniel:))))))
Kark: Bye In
Lonewolf: bye In
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Lonewolf: No more questions?
Ray-1: Is there a topic or are we all being silly?
Lonewolf: any gen computer questions while we have mooooo pinned down here?
Mooooooo: the topic is Y2K
Lonewolf: Y2-K Ray
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Ray-1: Is it as bad as everyone says?
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Mooooooo: I dont think so
Lonewolf: how do you close an open port daniel
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Mooooooo: which?
Lily: night all
Lonewolf: the ones you told me to close-son has been too busy
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WonderW: she went on and on and on
Lonewolf: night sis
Kark: I read that the health industry might be hit hard
Lonewolf: me too which is why I asked about meds
Mooooooo: i'll check, judy
Ray-1: Realistically, Daniel, what do YOU expect will happen on 1-1-00?
KimNchair: lots of commodes stopped up from drunks?
Mooooooo: I expect to sleep in that day. other than that, all anyone can do is guess
Ray-1: lol.
Lonewolf: Ray he told us private secotrs have become compliant
Lonewolf: its gov't that is lagging
Lonewolf: also set your computer date to 2000 and see if your programs run ok
KimNchair: will that make win 95 crash?
Lonewolf: old vcr's set to 1972
Kark: My comany has millions of accounts and we made a switch to a system that is compliant but it has many glitches, we are changing again in aug
Mooooooo: i doubt that win95/98 will have much problems
Lonewolf: what co is that Karen
Mooooooo: ms-dos is screwed
Mooooooo: linux is fine
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Kark: First Card Services
Lonewolf: ms dos is about out anyway isn't it?
Ray-1: I think there will be lots of suicides in Vegas among people who paid way too much for Streisand tickets and figure the money could have been better spent.
Mooooooo: right
Lonewolf: is that a credit card?
Mooooooo: lol
Kark: Yes
Lonewolf: I didn't think about credit cards
Mooooooo: credit cards will be fine
Mooooooo: im sure of that
Lonewolf: if a system isn't compliant-like a hospital-what will happen to records etc?
WonderW: good
Lonewolf: wud we be wise to ask
Mooooooo: yes, ask your hospital
Lonewolf: or get copies of our med records?
Mooooooo: you could do that too
Ray-1: Daniel, do you know how compliant the Social Security Admin. is?
Lonewolf: think I'll start making some callsa
Mooooooo: no, i dont
Lonewolf: I'm still concerned about the stock market
KimNchair: want the ssa 800 number so you can ask?
Ray-1: No, that's okay. thanx, Kim.
KimNchair: k
Lonewolf: well is that all?
KimNchair: all for me
Lonewolf: Thanks a lot daniel
Mooooooo: thank you :o)